Merry Christmas to All…/ Oil Train Sabotage?/ Liberal NY State Loses Population

Merry Christmas to all of my faithful readers. Please enjoy Christmas with your friends and family and do not live in fear of the virus.

And please remember what Christmas means. It celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ who has given us everything. America is the greatest nation in history because of our Christian founding.

Was Oil Train Sabotaged?

It was reported on December 22 that five tank cars of a train derailed in the town of Custer, Washington, north of Seattle on the BNSF Railway tracks. The train carried crude oil and the oil caught fire. Interstate 5 was closed in both directions and evacuations were ordered around the derailment site.

So what? you may say. Why is reporting this?

Well, follows these incidents closely and this derailment may very well have been caused by eco-sabotage. We know that ‘greenies’ will do anything in their power to make the oil industry look bad, and they may have derailed this train to do exactly that.

‘Greenies’ have been trying for years to stop these shipments from oil fields in North Dakota to refineries in Washington state (there are five refineries in the state). Thus ‘greenies’ would certainly consider sabotage because some ‘greenies’ are terrorists.

Nobody is mentioning sabotage in the Custer derailment anywhere in the media. But that is to be expected. The media will never report on the dark side of the ‘green’ movement.

There was a suspicious derailment of another oil train in 2016 at Mosier, Oregon, in the Columbia River Gorge, one of the most scenic areas in the nation. The ensuing fire made national news with its big black cloud of smoke. In the months after that derailment, oil train shipments were repeatedly derided in the Fake News media with the Mosier accident cited as a reason why we should halt them.

The Mosier derailment happened on a sunny June afternoon on a straight stretch of well-maintained, mainline track when the train was running just 26 miles per hour on track where trains can run much faster. It happened behind a screen of trees that prevented anyone from seeing the tracks in an area where the tracks are generally visible from the nearby interstate.

Did a ‘greenie’ sabotage the train? Could be. We know that ‘greenies’ follow these shipments closely. It is interesting that out of 1,000 trains a month on that track that the oil train was the only one that derailed, and at a low speed that was even lower than the speed limit for such a train at that point.

Union Pacific, which owns the tracks, has said that the accident was caused by a loose track connector plate. But who loosened it? Was it an intentional act of sabotage?

It is also interesting that the train derailed in one of the most scenic areas of the US where it would gat maximum publicity, near Oregon’s largest city and media capital of Portland. This happened out of a 1,200 mile journey. If it had derailed out on the Montana prairie, it never would have gotten so much attention.

It is also interesting that these derailments happened close to the radical cities of Seattle and Portland. And you never know what is going to come out of these militant places. Sabotage? Maybe.

So don’t ever count out these sleazy ‘greenies’ for their tactics. Another suspicious tragedy was the 2016 forest fire in Canada that was the most expensive fire in Canada’s history at $10 billion. It burned 1.5 million acres of forest and consumed 2,400 homes in the remote city of Fort McMurray, Alberta.

Fort McMurray is noteworthy since it is the headquarters city of the Canadian oil sands industry, where oil is separated from surface sands under the massive pine forests from a huge deposit called the Athabasca Oil Sands.

Environmentalists hate the oil sands industry with a passion. believes that an eco-terrorist started the fire to try and destroy Fort McMurray entirely and the industry along with it. Fortunately it did neither, but the loss of 2,400 homes was an indescribable tragedy.

The fire started just four miles west of Fort McMurray in an area where the winds blow from west to east. That’s interesting. Out of 3.8 million square miles of Canada, it started right near Fort McMurray. Hmmmm…

The fire was not caused by lightning; there was no lightning at the time. The fire has been declared to have been human-caused.

Yet has read the final report on the fire and it does not even mention the origin of the fire at all. That sounds very strange. But then again there are lots of people in the Canadian government and media and ‘greenie’ movement who would not want anyone to know or even suspect that the fire was eco-terrorism. followed the story when the fire happened, but nobody mentioned the possibility of terrorism.

There was a major train derailment on a bridge in Tempe, Arizona on July 29, 2020. A huge fire ensued. It happened one day after a ‘black lives matter’ protest in Tempe. Hmmmm… Did BLM do the dirty deed?

Here is USA Today covering up for that possibility on August 15 even though official investigations take much longer than a few weeks:

Fact check: No evidence that BLM protest, Arizona train derailment are related

The claim: Black Lives Matter caused Tempe, Ariz., bridge train derailment.

At the end of July, a freight train derailed over Tempe Town Lake in Arizona, resulting in a large fire and the partial destruction of the city’s iconic 100-year-old bridge.

Following the incident, half a dozen local, state and federal agencies — including the National Transportation Safety Board — began conducting investigations into what caused the derailment. Union Pacific also has been part of the investigations.

The investigations have reached no conclusions yet, but that hasn’t stopped people from taking to social media to speculate.

Crews work the site of a train derailment and bridge collapse at the Salt River Union Pacific Bridge at Tempe Town Lake on July 30, 2020, in Tempe.

The train derailed causing a fire and the bridge’s collapse on July 29.
One Facebook post, which has been shared more than 1,000 times, claimed an unidentified cleanup crew member blamed the Black Lives Matter movement for causing the derailment.

The post reads: “For those that think BLM is a peaceful movement … it’s not, it’s a terrorist group. I’ve been involved in the derailment clean up and the place has been crawling with federal agents. Someone laid propane tanks on the rail tracks on the Tempe bridge the night of the BLM protest. This caused them to explode when the train hit them and dragging them on fire igniting the rail road ties. Bet you won’t hear this from the media.”

Notice that it says that “The investigations have reached no conclusions yet” but then USA Today rushes to the conclusion that it could not have been ‘black lives matter’ who did it. But they have no basis whatsoever to come to that conclusion. None. Zero. They have not investigated the derailment for one second. So they lie.

Always beware of environmentalists and their allies, including in the media. Many of them are far-left radicals. Some of them are terrorists and communists who hate our country and use the ‘green’ movement as an excuse to undermine our economy.

New York State Shows Biggest Population Drop

In case you have not noticed, the major population movement in America over the last 50 years has been out of very liberal states like New York, California, Illinois and Massachusetts and into conservative states like Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, New Hampshire and Montana. This is happening for a simple reason – liberalism makes states and cities unlivable. The proof is in the voluntary movement of people.

Fox News recently reported:

More residents escaped from New York over the last year than from any other state, according to estimates released by the U.S. Census Bureau on Tuesday.

Some 126,355 people high-tailed it out of the Empire State between July 2019 and July 2020, a dip of 0.65 percent, the preliminary figures show.

New York has been losing locals since 2016, but the most recent drop was significantly larger than in years past.

It was also the state with the nation’s biggest population decline, followed by Illinois with a 0.63 percent dip; Hawaii with 0.61 percent and West Virginia with 0.58 percent.

OK, we know the deal. New York state was one of the richest places in the world for 200 years, but has been declining over the last 50 years as it has become more and more liberal.

It is important to remember how socialism works. It feeds off of wealth, prosperity and success and sucks it dry. New York state now has one of the most bloated welfare states and bureaucrat states in the world.

Under far-left Democrat governor Andrew Cuomo, who has been in office since 2011, New York has gotten much worse. He has consistently raised taxes and regulations and allowed his ‘greenie’ friends to stop economic development all over the state. For instance, Cuomo and the Democrats have banned ‘fracking’ for natural gas in New York state that could bring billions in revenue and revitalize rural areas.

Cuomo’s disastrous handling of the China virus has made things much worse. Tens of thousands of people are fleeing New York City alone as a result of the virus lockdowns in the city. Most are leaving the state.

The other states with the biggest population declines noted in the Fox article are Illinois and Hawaii, which are heavily Democrat. No surprise there.

West Virginia has suffered population losses as environmentalists have shut down large swaths of its coal industry.

Thus there is a very simple rule that you should always remember – humans are repelled by liberalism and environmentalism. Period. End of sentence.

Virus ‘Expert’ Caught Breaking Own Rules, Will Retire

White House coronavirus response coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx said that she will retire soon after getting caught breaking her own quarantine rules.

On the day after Thanksgiving, Birx visited with her family at a home in rural Delaware after warning us all not to get together with family over Thanksgiving and Christmas out of fear of the virus.

So she got caught and then says that she will retire. This is appalling and hypocritical. She is just another incompetent government bureaucrat who tells us all to do one thing but then she does the opposite. This proves once again that the virus is being manipulated for political purposes.

Birx is despicable, just like all of the other alarmist Democrats who warn us ominously about the virus but then attend parties, dinners and hair salons, like California governor Gavin Newsom and House speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Birx is your classic government bureaucrat. She has her retirement all paid for by taxpayers and so will retire without a care while tens of millions of Americans have been economically decimated by the rules that she and Dr. Faker Fauci have laid down.

Another example: A county official in North Carolina told residents that they should stay home for Christmas only to admit that she had no plans to do so herself.

During a virtual press conference, Mecklenburg County manager Dena Diorio said that she would be “traveling by car to Durham, North Carolina to see some close family, small group” despite saying that people should “stay home and only be around those who you live with.”

So…. another hypocrite…

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