Cheers! Britain Finally Free of the EU!/ China Virus Fraud Gets Worse/ ‘Global Warming’ Debunked Again

The people of Great Britain voted in June 2016 to leave the European Union (EU). Britain finally exited the EU in February 2020 after politicians on the left sought to delay and undermine the process indefinitely. This is typical – leftists never want to listen to the will of the people when it disagrees with them.

Fortunately the exit is now complete. Britain and the European Union reached an historic trade agreement on December 23 that finalizes Brexit.

This is great news. Hail Britannia! And you just watch. Britain is going to expand economically much faster than the bedraggled European Union, with all of its burdensome regulations.

And this, friends, is precisely why the EU and leftists all over the world desperately did not want Britain to leave. They know that Britain is going to prosper and they don’t want the rest of the world – and especially the rest of Europe – to see that and get any ideas about leaving the EU themselves.

The EU is so crazy that it actually made rules about the shape of vegetables and fruits that could be sold in EU countries. Those rules brought so much criticism that they were withdrawn. The Times of London reported in 2008:

Knobbly fruit and amusingly shaped vegetables, the staple diet of local newspapers, caption competitions and That’s Life!, are set to return to the shops in a reprieve from strict European Union laws.

The regulations covering the size and shape of 26 types of fruit and vegetable are expected to be abolished today by EU agriculture officials in a move that should make food cheaper and more fun. It will reduce the waste caused by an estimated 20 per cent of farm produce – such as curvy cucumbers or crooked carrots – being rejected for not meeting EU standards and should bring prices down at a time when household budgets are under heightened pressure.

The rules will remain in place in ten cases, including apples, pears, citrus fruit, strawberries and tomatoes – items representing three quarters of all fruit and vegetables sold in the EU.

Pears, for example, will still fail to qualify as Class 1 if more than 1cm2 of their total surface area suffers a slight skin defect.

However, fruit and vegetables classified as “imperfect” are likely to be made available provided they are sold separately from their perfect peers and labelled “product intended for processing”, or with a similar wording.

These crazy laws resulted in massive waste in vegetables and fruits that had to be thrown away, and higher prices as a result of reduced supply of perfectly good food. But this is how the left operates. It destroys everything in its path in pursuit of ideological perfection that no rational person would pursue.

Trump Speaks out on Architecture

Market Watch reported:

President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Monday decreeing that only classical styles be employed in the architecture of federal buildings in the nation’s capital.

“New Federal building designs should, like America’s beloved landmark buildings, uplift and beautify public spaces, inspire the human spirit, ennoble the United States, command respect from the general public, and, as appropriate, respect the architectural heritage of a region,” the executive order entitled Promoting Beautiful Federal Civil Architecture says.

“They should also be visibly identifiable as civic buildings and should be selected with input from the local community,” it continues.

Buildings outside Washington, D.C., are not mandated to be built in classical style but must be, per the order’s language, “beautiful.”

Trump in the order blamed the General Services Administration for selecting designs from prominent architects without regard to local input or “aesthetic preferences.”

“The resulting Federal architecture sometimes impresses the architectural elite, but not the American people [whom] the buildings are meant to serve. Many of these new Federal buildings are not even visibly identifiable as civic buildings,” it says.

This is very interesting. It is another example of the president standing with “the people” instead of with the elites. And while admires great modernist architecture, most of it is lesser junk and it should not be shoved down all Americans’ throats using their taxpayer dollars.

Trump Speaks Bluntly about Internet Censorship

The Epoch Times reported:

President Donald Trump on Christmas Eve repeated his concerns over Big Tech censorship a day after he vetoed a defense-spending bill over Congress’s failure to remove liability protections for Silicon Valley’s social media companies.

“Twitter is going wild with their flags, trying hard to suppress even the truth. Just shows how dangerous they are, purposely stifling free speech. Very dangerous for our Country. Does Congress know that this is how Communism starts?” Trump said in a Twitter post on Thursday night.

This is true and this is how the president is speaking up and saying things that other people don’t have the courage to say. Four more years!

China Virus Fraud is as Bad as Election Fraud

There allegedly has been a new flare-up of the China virus in Britain in a new mutant strain. This is strange since Britain has had strict lockdowns and mask-wearing. This flare-up shows that these measures do not work. suggested when the surge was announced that it could be fake news intended to smear Britain for leaving the European Union. People on the left and in the global media would certainly do something like that. also suggested that the new mutation could be real and that it comes from illegal immigrants or other visitors entering Britain from poor Third World countries with terrible health-care systems.

And lo and behold, it was announced on December 23 that two cases of a new, more transmissible virus variant are linked to travelers entering the UK from South Africa.

Thus was correct once again, as I have been more correct about the virus than just about anyone else. I have been vastly more correct than the fraudster Dr. Fauci and I have no medical training whatsoever.

This mutant strain is why the US must maintain strict border controls and ban all flights from China indefinitely. We don’t want this virus coming back again and again in worse strains.

Here is a list from The Gateway Pundit listing 12 ways that Fauci has been wrong. And this list appeared way back on April 25, 2020 at the beginning of the virus crisis. It is three times as long today:

1.) Dr. Fauci says he warned Trump in January that the US was in real trouble but that is not what he said publicly.

In January Dr. Anthony Fauci told Newsmax TV that the United States “did not have to worry” about the coronavirus and that it was “not a major threat.”

2.) Dr. Fauci warned of an apocalyptic coronavirus pandemic — then just weeks later he compared the coronavirus to a bad flu.

3.) Dr. Fauci based all of his predictions on the garbage IHME models that were OFF BY MILLIONS and then later told reporters, “You can’t really rely on models.”

4.) On March 20th Dr. Fauci jumped in and “corrected” the president during a press briefing on hydroxychloroquine treatment for coronavirus saying, “You got to be careful when you say ‘fairly effective.’ It was never done in a clinical trial… It was given to individuals and felt that maybe it worked.”

Exactly two weeks later hydroxychloroquine was deemed the most highly rated treatment for the novel coronavirus in an international poll of more than 6,000 doctors.

5.) Dr. Fauci pushed these garbage (virus death) models every step of the way.

A month ago Dr. Fauci claimed 1 million to 2 million Americans would die from coronavirus. Then he said 100,000 to 200,000 Americans will die from the virus. Three weeks ago he agreed 81,766 Americans would die from the coronavirus. Then by that Wednesday the experts cut the number of deaths to 60,415 projected deaths.

6.) On Easter Dr. Fauci suggested President Trump should have shut down the economy in February… When the number of known cases in the US was around 100. Fauci later walked back his attacks.

7.) Dr. Fauci said cruises were OK on March 9th. That was a huge error.

8.) Dr. Fauci said malls, movies and gyms were OK on February 29th. That was another huge mistake.

9.) Dr. Fauci was wrong about the first coronavirus deaths in the country. Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx and the CDC were off by nearly a month. California officials revealed Tuesday that a patient in Santa Clara died from coronavirus on February 6th not February 29th.

10.) Dr. Fauci and the CDC missed the millions and millions of US citizens who had already contracted the coronavirus before the draconian lockdowns took place. Knowing this could have prevented the economic calamity.

11.) On April 15, 2020, Fauci endorses Tinder hookups (sex arrangements made over the internet), unbelievably.

12.) And in his worst mistake Dr. Fauci relied on corrupt World Health Organization rules to lock down the United States and destroy the US economy. Meanwhile, this delays the herd immunity that is needed to prevent a future outbreak of this deadly virus.

Fauci is a fraudster and a failure, which is why Democrats love him. Democrats love failure and they lie pathologically, like over ‘global warming’. And now Faker Fauci has dodged again. Fox New reported on December 24:

Top White House coronavirus adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci has appeared to shift his stance on what percentage of the U.S. population needs to get a COVID-19 vaccine in order for the country to reach herd immunity.

Herd immunity is when a large percentage of a specific population becomes immune to a virus; immunity can happen naturally or by way of vaccines to prevent viral infections like the flu and COVID-19.

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director told The New York Times in an interview published Thursday that between 70% and 90% of the U.S. population would need to get inoculated (or vaccinated) against COVID-19 in order for the country to reach herd immunity.

Fauci indicated that he based his shifting statements on public polling on the popularity of coronavirus vaccines.

“When polls said only about half of all Americans would take a vaccine, I was saying herd immunity would take 70 to 75 percent,” Fauci said. “Then, when newer surveys said 60 percent or more would take it, I thought, ‘I can nudge this up a bit,’ so I went to 80, 85.”

He continued: “We really don’t know what the real number is. I think the real range is somewhere between 70 to 90 percent. But, I’m not going to say 90 percent.”

So obviously Fauci is guessing and guessing and getting it wrong again and again. In short, anyone can do his job. You could pick numbers out of a hat and be more accurate than Fauci.

Meanwhile Breitbart News reported:

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Wednesday that travellers from the United Kingdom will face home visits from police officers to enforce a quarantine order against Britons.

The left-wing Mayor said that the quarantine was in response to the supposedly new mutations of the Chinese coronavirus found in the UK. Those deemed to be in violation of the order will face $1,000 fines for each day of non-compliance in New York City.

While all travellers to the city will face quarantine orders and be subjected to fines, those coming from the UK will be singled out for police spot checks from sheriff’s deputies.

“We’re going to have sheriff’s deputies go to the home or the hotel of every single traveller coming in from the UK,” de Blasio said per CBS New York.

“We don’t want to, but if you don’t follow quarantine you’re endangering everyone else in the city right as we’re fighting the second wave,” de Blasio said.

Currently, the United States has not issued a blanket travel ban on British travellers, however, after the British government announced the discovery of a mutated version of the coronavirus, around 50 countries have suspended travel from the UK.

De Blasio is doing this as part of a concerted global effort to control people through an extremist virus agenda. He also wants to shift blame for the virus away from China and onto countries like Britain.

Thanksgiving Virus ‘Surge’ Never Happened has a Golden Rule for the Fake News media: We should start out by never believing anything that they say. Nothing. And then we must find ways to either verify or debunk them (usually the latter). Even if they say that the sun is shining, we must look out the window to see if it is true. Because it may very well be raining.

Fauci and the virus alarmists all warned that family gatherings at Thanksgiving were going to produce a huge surge in virus cases. But it never happened. The only surge that we have seen has apparently been seasonal and we do not even know if it is real or just more media hysteria. Front Page Magazine reported:

A new set of headlines marched in black and white across the country’s (newspapers). The (virus) surge that was to have surged had shown no signs of surging. It was an ex-surge.

“Thanksgiving COVID-19 surge unrealized, Wisconsin could be ‘moving in the right direction’”, “Evidence suggests Ohio’s feared post-Thanksgiving spike of coronavirus cases has not occurred, instead cases leveled off”, “Data suggests Minnesota did not see Thanksgiving COVID surge”, “Colorado Appears To Have, So Far, Dodged A Post-Thanksgiving Coronavirus Surge”, and my favorite, “Michigan may have missed COVID Thanksgiving surge sweeping nation.”

“What’s really exciting is we didn’t experience the surge we were all predicting after Thanksgiving,” Utah epidemiologist Dr. Angela Dunn explained. “It shows people were adhering to social distancing and mask-wearing during Thanksgiving.”

But public health experts hadn’t been praising the public for performing splendidly after Thanksgiving. Instead, there was widespread bemoaning about the record travel numbers. So many people had broken the rules, they insisted, that a surge was inevitably going to happen.

“We know people may have made mistakes over the Thanksgiving time period,” Dr. Birx scolded the nation on Face The Nation. “If you’re young and you gathered, you need to be tested about five to 10 days later. But you need to assume that you’re infected.”

Birx is the same creep who met with her family at a vacation house after Thanksgiving. Meanwhile ABC 7 in New York reported:

Experts say it’s a fact that traveling raises your risk of catching and spreading the coronavirus, and that’s why millions of Americans are choosing to stay home this (Christmas) weekend.

Millions more, however, appear to be ignoring government warnings.

On Wednesday, December 23, the TSA screened 1,191,123 people at airport checkpoints nationwide. It’s the highest checkpoint volume since March 16, when 1,257,823 people were screened.

Despite warnings from the CDC and other agencies against traveling for the holidays, officials say more than 6 million travelers have been screened since Friday, December 18.

This shows that Americans are sick and tired of these “experts” telling us what to do when they have been so wrong almost every time. Then when we see these “experts” breaking the rules themselves, like Birx did after Thanksgiving, Americans get doubly angry and fed up.

Good. We should be angry as hell. This virus is a fraud. Remember when we were told that we needed “two weeks to flatten the curve”. It is now 9 months later and the ‘experts’ can’t explain anything that is going on.

Meanwhile The Gateway Pundit reported:

MSNBC rolled out a doom and gloom doc Thursday morning who warned Americans not to get overly optimistic about a Covid vaccine because we are in for a “decades-long battle.”

Dr. William Haseltine promoted his books on Covid as he fear-mongered.

Dr. Haseltine doesn’t want Americans to forget about Covid and go on with their lives because he has books to sell.

“We need to follow the rules and we are not following the rules,” the doctor said as he warned people against “vaccine euphoria.”

“I think in the next few weeks that we have our own homegrown strains, and we have to start thinking about adjusting the vaccines. So this is probably going to be much more like a decades-long battle that we have with the flu than a once and done battle that we’ve had with polio,” he said.

Oh, sure, “decades-long battle”… These leftists want us wearing masks and shutting down businesses until the American economy dies, which is what the left really desires. These people on the left are fearmongers and haters. They want to control us through fear and intimidation.

Unfortunately for them, the people living in the most fear are their fellow liberals. Just look at the disastrous conditions in cities like New York from the virus lockdowns. It is being ruined beyond repair. Good. Let them suffer.

And here’s one final word about another aspect of the Fake New media. They have lectured us about ‘global warming’ for 25 years just like they are lecturing us every day about the virus. Yet Miami’s National Weather Service (NWS) issued an unofficial warning recently to look out for falling iguanas (reptiles) on Christmas Day thanks to cold weather.

“Iguanas are cold-blooded creatures, meaning they become stunned in cold conditions and sometimes appear dead,” Fox 13 reported Thursday.

When temperatures drop into the 40s, the green creatures become immobile and sometimes drop out of trees.

“Low temperatures in the 30s/40s and falling iguanas are possible. Keep up with forecast changes and stay warm!” the NWS wrote.

Yep, so there’s your ‘warming’ for you. But we all know that it does not exist, just like the virus is vastly less dangerous than the left wants us to know. They are using the virus just like they use ‘warming’- to frighten and control us.

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