‘Green’ Scams are Everywhere

Nikitas3.com has long said that there is a Golden Rule of Environmentalism that goes like this: Every “solution” that ‘greenies’ propose is much worse for the environment than the technologies that they want to replace.

For instance, the negative impact of windmills on the environment is vastly worse than that of existing power plants. Nikitas3.com calculates that we would need 3,000 windmills, each 400 feet tall, just to replace one single nuclear reactor, and that the amount of resources needed for the windmills (steel, copper, concrete, composite, etc.) is 500 times as much, or more, as we would need for a reactor.

Nuclear power is tens of thousands of times more efficient than windmills when you add up all of the ways that this is true.

These ‘green’ scams are everywhere. Many of us are old enough to remember solar hot water heating systems. They were installed on homes all over the country in the late 1970s under a taxpayer subsidy called PURPA. The ‘greenies’ told us how much money and energy we would save by heating water with the sun.

But they never worked. Most of these systems where Nikitas3.com lives broke down and have been removed. Some still linger on house roofs like an old junk car.

These systems are grossly inefficient. First, they are very expensive to install. Second, they damage your roof. Third, they use large amounts of electricity for pumping. Fourth, they produce the most hot water when you need it least in the Summer.

Nikitas3.com met a guy who wanted to show me his solar system, one of the few still working in my area. He said that he dumps hot water down the drain all Summer long to prevent the system from overheating. What a waste…

These solar systems then produce the least hot water when you need it most in the Winter when you are at home more, and when the days are short and the panels are often covered in snow.

All in all these solar systems are vastly less efficient and more expensive than any other system like an electric water heater or gas heater. Like all ‘green’ ideas, they end up wasting energy and money.

There was another goofy ‘green’ idea about trains that popped up more than a decade ago and that has been debunked. Freight railroads traditionally use low-power (1,500 horsepower) switcher locomotives in their sorting yards to push and pull cars short distances.

The ‘greenies’ whined that this was wasteful since they said that the locomotives did not always use their power efficiently and often ended up using all the power to pull just one car. So they dreamed up an idiotic design called the “genset” (jen-set) locomotive, which is made up of three smaller engines within the locomotive.

In theory the locomotive would use one engine when pulling just one or a few cars and the other two engines would kick in as the load increased.

Sounds great, right? Efficient, right? Well, these locomotives were all over the news for a few years and the railroad companies bought them to be ‘green’. But they have since disappeared.

This is typical. These ‘gensets’ turned out to be another environmental fiasco. They not only were underpowered (like everything ‘green’ (see light bulb story below)) but they were unreliable and worst of all, with three smaller engines, they needed… you guessed it… three times as much maintenance as one larger engine. Imagine changing the oil in your car three times instead of once. Imagine three times the repair bills. You get the idea.

These ‘gensets’ represented classic ‘greenie’ thinking. They worked great on paper when they were dreamed up – they probably were invented by a college professor who knew nothing about railroads – but failed in practice.

We all know that ‘green’ technology is a failure wherever it is applied. Look at these curly-Q light bulbs. They save energy by giving off less light. Duhhh…. And if you accidentally break one, they have hazardous chemicals inside and you are supposed to call the hazmat team to come to clean it up.

Nikitas3.com will take the old-fashioned bulbs any day but the government is doing all it can to eliminate them.

Nikitas3.com has seen one ‘greenie’ light bulb that takes more than 60 seconds to come to full power. You sit there in the dark as it “warms up”. What a hoax.

Nikitas3.com has a guaranteed plan to save the environment from excess energy consumption. It would work overnight. The plan is this: Every American who votes Democrat and supports the ‘green’ agenda should simply cut their energy consumption significantly like they want us all to do. This would be voluntary, would require no government coercion or new laws, and would be in tune with the way that ‘greenies’ think. They should welcome it.

These Democrats should live in smaller houses, drive smaller cars, avoid backpacking trips to Nepal and bird-watching in Peru. They should avoid air travel all together. They should drive less and skip their long-distance vacations in the Summertime. They should keep their smaller houses cooler in Winter and they should avoid air conditioning completely in Summer, which is not necessary for survival in the first place.

But they never will do any of those things because of Nikitas3.com’s Golden Rule #2 of Environmentalism: ‘Greenies’ consume more energy than any other Americans like the goons in Hollywood who warn us about “climate change” and then fly around on their private jets.

Or the billionaires in New York City and Silicon Valley who donate generously to the Sierra Club every year but who fly to Colorado to go skiing for a few days. Or they drive hundreds of miles to their vacation homes and back every weekend. Or they fly around the world as “jet setters”.

Another major ‘green’ scam is the electric car. To begin with, electric cars generally cost twice as much, or more, as a gasoline car of the same size. Are you ready to pay that?

Second Nikitas3.com has calculated that electric cars consume 2 to 10 times as much energy per mile as a gasoline car since electricity is a “refined” energy resource and it is a law of physics that “it consumes energy to refine energy”.

Electric cars use heavy batteries whose manufacture is very bad for the environment. And if the batteries wear out – which batteries are famous for – it is very expensive to replace them.

If you want to see a disturbing video about what it is like to actually drive an electric car, go here.

It comes from a guy named Shmee who is a YouTube star in Britain. He collects and reports on exotic European sports cars. He recently bought an electric Porsche and the video shows what he has to go through to keep it charged up on a trip. This is Shmee’s second video on the subject and he tries his best to put a good face on his electric car. But it’s pretty hard to do.

Here is a summary of the video: He starts out his drive with a 3% charge. If he loses his charge on the road, there is no way to charge up the car. It would have to be towed.

He goes to a ‘super charging’ station along the highway that is supposed to be fast. It then takes him 71 minutes to charge up the car. At full charge he gets 198 miles and then he has to stop for another 71 minutes.

If all of the chargers are occupied when he gets to the station, he would have to wait for another customer to finish his charge. You could potentially waste two hours or more getting charged up. Are you ready for that?

And this is a ‘super charger’ station. If you charge it at home, it takes 8 hours. And this Porsche is a small, two-person sports car. If you have a big heavy pickup truck or family SUV, the charging time will be longer.

Batteries can lose half of their power in fright weather. Are you ready for that? To wake up on a frigid morning with no power in your car? You would have to wait hours for the car to charge. And you would have lost all the money you paid for the electricity in the first place. Poof. Gone.

Nikitas3.com recently saw Tesla electric charging stations at a grocery store parking lot. I have seen this many times; car owners charging up every time they stop just to make sure that they don’t run out of juice. This is ridiculous.

Imagine that you live in a city and that you don’t have a driveway and a garage and you have to park your electric car in front of your house or down the street or around the corner from your house or two blocks away. Are you going to run an electric cable all that distance? I don’t think so.

And then remember that these cars are all heavily subsidized by YOU the taxpayer. This is another rip-off by the ‘greenies’.

Electric car owners do not pay to maintain the roads that they use like everyone else does. Since the upkeep of roads is financed by taxes on gasoline, electric car owners pay nothing since they don’t buy gasoline. This is another free ride for the greenies. They might save thousands of dollars over 10 years. It is another subsidy for the electric car.

Gasoline-powered cars are very efficient. They work perfectly well. It is a proven technology. It takes less than 5 minutes to fuel up for 400 or 600 miles not 71 minutes for 198 miles. We should continue to use gasoline cars. Obviously.

Update from Breitbart News:

A Tesla Model S owner in Dallas alleges that his vehicle began erupting flames after he heard a number of metallic bangs from the vehicle while pulling off a suburban thoroughfare.

The Washington Post reports that a Tesla Model S owner named Usmaan Ahmad heard metallic bangs coming from his vehicle as he pulled off a suburban Dallas thoroughfare last month. Ahmad pulled over and moments later his five-year-old vehicle began shooting flames.

Ahmad, 41, stated that the sound he heard was like “if you were to drop an axle of a normal car,” but the vehicle was fully intact. As Ahmad stood on the side of the road watching his vehicle, the car burst into flames concentrated around the front passenger-side wheel. “This was shooting out like a flamethrower,” said Ahmad who works in strategy and business development for a health-care system.

Ahmad is far from the first person to face this issue with Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles. Experts believe that the issue is related to the battery which raises questions about the safety and durability of electric vehicles as they age.

These stories are not uncommon even though Teslas are a tiny minority of US cars. And these Teslas are not using advanced technology. They are very straightforward – battery and electric motors. If they can’t be relied on today, what will happen later as they get older? And replacing that battery is a huge cost.

Here is one more story about crappy ‘greenie’ technology:

We all have seen these cheap solar yard lights. They cost around $7 each for the plastic ones. But they wear out and burn out in a year or two and you are out the $60 or $75 that you paid for them.

But they don’t get a bad reputation in the media because they are solar and so they are not criticized in the pro-‘green’ media. Thus millions of people waste their money on them every year. But here are three reviews that Nikitas3.com found online. They pretty much tell the story:

most do have replaceable batteries, but they still go bad with other problems! The electrical connections can rust and/or break and need to be replaced. Myself, I have bought a lot of solar lights and 2 years is about all I’ve got out of them. Especially if made of plastic after 2 years it’s pretty much had it and ready to be thrown away from fading and cracking if nothing else! I’ve gotten to the point where I’m just not going to buy any more of them! Not worth the hassle or cost in my opinion! If I ever put in any more lights I’ll be putting in 120 volt lights built to hold up in the weather more long term!

Install low voltage lights if you can. The cheap solar only last a year or two. There is no way to fix them.

I find solar lights to be a total waste of time and energy. I honestly have no idea how so many people make these great projects out of them. In a few weeks mine end up in the garbage..broken, not working, cracked…not worth my time

These lights are more junk from the ‘greenies’. This stuff never works. If you want yard lights, pay an electrician to do them permanently. It will be cheaper in the long run, and infinitely more reliable.

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