Cops Rush to Conclusion on Bomb/ Virus Surge in Illegal-heavy LA

Jack Phillips at The Epoch Times reported 48 hours after the Nashville bombing:

Anthony Quinn Warner, the person of interest in the Nashville Christmas Day bombing, died at the scene, and his DNA was found at the site of the explosion, according to a U.S. attorney and an FBI official.

U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Tennessee Don Cochran said on Sunday in a press conference that Warner, 63, parked a (camper) vehicle on a street in downtown Nashville on Dec. 25 before allegedly broadcasting a warning before the explosion.

Cochran stated that Warner “is the bomber,” and “he was present when the bomb went off,” adding that he “perished in the bombing.”

FBI spokesman Douglas Korneski said Sunday that there is no indication that anyone else was involved in the explosion. Hours of surveillance footage was reviewed by officials, which was used in making the determination that Warner was the lone individual involved, he said.

Korneski said that DNA examinations of tissue samples found at the blast were consistent with those of Warner. However, he called on anyone who may have known Warner to reach out to them about a possible motive.

When asked about a motive, Cochran did not say whether one was established by law enforcement. Cochran said officials are continuing to investigate.

This story is very disturbing and it involves something that has become more and more common – the police claiming just 48 hours after the event that they knew that Warner was the bomber, that Warner blew himself up, and that nobody else was involved.

This sounds very much like the cops are rushing to a conclusion. The police should not be announcing any of this until they have completed a full investigation, which can take weeks or months. This type of hurried judgment feeds into a media frenzy and makes suspicious of this bombing since we know that we can no longer trust many of our law enforcement officials, including the FBI.

There is a guy who writes far-left columns for the far-left newspaper where lives. He claims that he was once an FBI agent. This is one of the reasons that I no longer trust the FBI.

How can the police be so sure about the Nashville bombing? DNA tests are reported to take 24 to 72 hours to complete. The cops did not even know until more than 24 hours after the bombing who the suspect was. Where did they get a DNA sample? How did they process it within 24 hours, the minimum time necessary for such a test, and then announce immediately who the bomber was and that he had died at the blast? This all sounds very suspicious.

Gee, it took eighteen Trump-hating lawyers two years to determine the obvious – that president Trump had not colluded with Russia.

How did law enforcement in Nashville know for sure that Warner was the bomber? Criminal cases often take weeks, months or years to solve. Maybe Warner was killed elsewhere and his body was left in the camper to get blown up and confuse the police.

Worst of all, the report says that “Warner blew himself up and that nobody else was involved”. Yet there is no way that the police can say this at this time. This bombing may have been a conspiracy that involved many people who have not yet been tracked down.

This reporting makes very suspicious. And I have noted cases like this in the past. For instance, within hours of the April 15, 2019 fire that destroyed the roof of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, news reports were saying that “officials” believed it was an accident.

This was impossible to know at that time. To this day, can find no final report on the fire, but Wikipedia did report:

As of September, five months after the fire, investigators thought the cause of the fire was more likely an electrical fault than a cigarette. Determining the exact place in which the fire started was expected to take a great deal more time and work. By 15 April 2020, investigators believed “the fire to have been started by either a cigarette or a short circuit in the electrical system”.

Yet the work on the cathedral roof that was underway at the time of the fire was very scrupulously monitored, as all such work on historic buildings is in Europe. No short circuits or cigarettes are likely to have started the fire.

There is no possible way to trace the origin of the fire; all of the evidence was destroyed. Yet the police and the international media have announced since Day One that it was an accident. believes that the Notre Dame fire was a terror attack. After all Notre Dame has been a known target of islamists for many years. So we have a motive – hatred of Christianity – and an opportunity – the repairs on the roof when many workers would be in that highly flammable part of the cathedral with 800-year-old wooden beams.

The attackers could have had a worker/accomplice place an incendiary device on the site and ignite it by cell phone after all of the workers went home, which is when the fire started.

But no news reports that has seen about Notre Dame mention terrorism. Zero. This could very well be part of an effort by the left in Europe and their islamist allies to cover up the origins of the fire.

Now we must wonder what the motive was behind the Nashville bombing. Since it took out a wide swath of communications service when it damaged an AT&T building in Nashville, that looks like a good place to start the investigation. Fox News then reported this interesting fact:

The suspect wanted in the Christmas Day RV bombing in downtown Nashville allegedly transferred two properties to a Los Angeles entertainment executive within the last two years, according to reports.

County records obtained by Deadline show that Michelle Swing, an artist development director at AEG Presents, was given two houses by Anthony Quinn Warner, the man believed to be responsible for the bombing.

Warner gave Swing two homes via a quit claim: one worth $160,000 in January 2019 and another worth $250,000 last month, Deadline reported. Both homes are located in the Antioch, about 12 miles from downtown Nashville, where the bombing occurred.

So there you go. This is very interesting. Who is Michelle Swing? What is her past? Police should be investigating this connection and others like it rather than dismissing the bombing as a single person with nobody else involved.

Virus Surges in Illegal-heavy Los Angeles

Fox News reported:

Scientists in Los Angeles are trying to figure out if the fast-spreading strain of the coronavirus fueling a huge surge in cases in the United Kingdom is behind a similar rise in California.

The mutation is up to 70 percent more contagious, but it doesn’t appear to be any more deadly.

COVID-19 is out of control in Los Angeles County and other parts of California despite lockdowns and other efforts to stem the spread, with the state passing 2 million cases on Christmas Eve.

Officials have blamed the surge on holiday gatherings and travel but are also pointing to more mundane activities like shopping as potential causes for the continued spread.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is among those wondering if the new variant of the virus could be behind the huge numbers.

Naturally, the Fake News media are doing everything they can to blame law-abiding Americans for the virus spread. But perhaps the recent surge in California has to do with the fact that millions of illegal aliens live in Southern California and have brought a more virulent strain of the virus to the US.

When a new strain was announced in Britain, immediately theorized that it probably came from a Third World country. And lo and behold, it has been traced to visitors from South Africa.

At the same time, The Gateway Pundit reported:

330,000 Americans Die ‘With’ China Coronavirus – CDC says Number Who Died “From” Coronavirus Is Much Less, Around 6 Percent

How many Americans really died FROM the China coronavirus?

On Christmas Day the government’s television channel, PBS, reported on the the China coronavirus first thing. This is all they talk about but they never mention China, they label the pandemic COVID-19:

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made the announcement last night to help prevent the spread of new highly contagious COVID variants in Britain. That comes as the U.S. death toll surpassed 330,000. And hospitalizations nationwide hit a new record high yesterday, more than 120,000.

But this reporting is questionable. We reported in August that the CDC admits that only 6% of all deaths in the US classified as Coronavirus deaths actually died from the China Coronavirus alone.

Yes, this was from the CDC’s own reporting. So today it looks like less than 20,000 deaths in the US (330,000 x 6% = 19,800) over the past year have actually been due to the coronavirus only. The remainder of the deaths reported by the CDC include accidents, overdoses, suicides and those presumed to have had the coronavirus upon their death. predicted at the beginning of the virus crisis that the real death toll of healthy people who died from the virus and nothing else would be less than 20,000. was correct again. It is probably less than 10,000 and many of them, unfortunately, are health-care workers.

Trump Crackdown on Illegals Continues

Breitbart News reported this good news:

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency deported more than 185,000 illegal aliens in Fiscal Year 2020 including more than 4,200 gang members, despite operational disruption caused by the Chinese coronavirus crisis.

Between October 1, 2019 and September 30, 2020, ICE agents deported 185,884 illegal aliens from the United States. About 64 percent of those deported, 118,949 illegal aliens, had criminal convictions or pending criminal charges against them. Nearly 14,500 illegal aliens deported were family units while a little more than 4,000 were Unaccompanied Alien Children (UACs).

The overwhelming majority, 92 percent, of illegal aliens deported from the interior of the U.S. had criminal convictions or pending criminal charges against them at the time of their deportation.

As suspected due to the coronavirus, deportations this year dropped by more than 30 percent compared to Fiscal Year 2019 deportations and more than 27 percent compared to Fiscal Year 2018 deportations.

Of the illegal aliens deported this year, 4,276 were known or suspected gang members and 31 were known or suspected terrorists. This year, ICE’s air travel deportation operation coordinated a record 76 charters to high-risk countries including Jordan, Albania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Romania, Mongolia.

There was a 160 percent increase in total deportations via ICE’s high-risk air travel deportations compared to last year. Likewise, ICE agents deported more than 350 high-profile illegal aliens including Bosnian national Saudin Agani, convicted of aiding a terrorist organization.

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