China Virus is Worst Terror Attack Ever, FBI Yawns

The China virus has been the worst terror attack in the history of the world, yet there seems to be little interest in finding out about it. The entire American media establishment, Democrats, the CIA, the FBI, international intelligence agencies and the Deep State in Washington are doing everything they can to blame the virus on president Trump while doing their best to get us to forget that China gave it to us intentionally.

If this virus had come out of Israel or a country called Trumplandia we would be assigning blame every second of every day. Instead we hear only crickets.

There is a far-left columnist at the far-left newspaper in’s hometown. He claims that he once was an FBI agent, and that would not surprise me one bit. The FBI is another arm of this Deep State globalist cabal. It no longer is interested in enforcing American law; it is interested in advocating a far-left agenda and undermining us.

Friends, the whole world should be enraged at China for this virus. Every nation should be taking drastic action to punish China yet there is no such action being discussed because the globalist/communist world media are on the side of China and the virus. They all want the world economy ruined so that China can take over.

Here is another question: Who was the Nashville Christmas Day bomber Anthony Quinn Warner? What was his target? That story already is fading from the national news. USA Today reported:

The Tennessean (newspaper) obtained the 2019 police report Tuesday evening through a public records request.

Asked why police or the FBI didn’t alert the public once they realized there was a 2019 report on Warner, Drake said his agency wanted to review and gather more information to better understand what happened in 2019. That review is ongoing, Drake said.

He defended the department in how it handled the August 2019 tip about Anthony Quinn Warner building bombs in an RV parked outside his home.

Drake said officers in 2019 attempted to reach Warner several times to discuss claims he was making bombs, which were reported by his girlfriend.

But after they failed to make contact with Warner and once the FBI said there were no alerts for him in their database, Nashville police ended their queries. Officers didn’t try obtain a search warrant for the home or RV.

OK, so the cops and the FBI knew about Warner, but did nothing, just like the FBI did nothing to stop 9/11 after being warned repeatedly about the terrorists.

No, the FBI was too busy investigating a fake “noose” hanging in half-black NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace’s garage.

That ‘noose’ turned out to be a pull handle for the rope to pull down the garage-style door. You see them everywhere. spotted one in a 1999 documentary about Mennonites in Canada. But that didn’t stop the FBI from assigning FIFTEEN agents to the case, who came up with nothing. Zero. USA Today reported:

Following an investigation, the FBI concluded that the noose found in Bubba Wallace’s No. 43 Richard Petty Motorsports garage stall at Talladega Superspeedway on Sunday was not a federal crime, the U.S. attorney and FBI announced Tuesday afternoon.

“On Monday, fifteen FBI special agents conducted numerous interviews regarding the situation at Talladega Superspeedway,” the joint statement from U.S. Attorney Jay E. Town and FBI Special Agent in Charge Johnnie Sharp, Jr. “After a thorough review of the facts and evidence surrounding this event, we have concluded that no federal crime was committed.

So why were 15 agents not assigned to investigate Anthony Quinn Warner? Or to probe the 9/11 terrorists? Warner made a massive bomb and detonated it; this was a professional job and it certainly involved other people. The bomb took out a vital AT&T communications center in Nashville, which was the obvious target of this obvious terrorist attack.

But the FBI did not care because the FBI no longer is with America; it is against us. It is an arm of China and the globalists. The FBI must be dismantled and rebuilt under a new name.

Friends, Western civilization – and the United States specifically – is under attack because we are the only bulwark against globalism/communism. For instance there has been no final report about the Notre Dame fire in Paris on April 15, 2019; it has only been blamed on a ‘short circuit’ or “an accident”. Why not? believes that it was a muslim terror attack and that the French government, security services and the globalist elite do not want anyone to know.

We had a two-year investigation into president Trump that turned up nothing. The FBI should be investigating Hunter Biden for his known and documented corruption involving China, Ukraine and Russia. But they never will. Because the elites in America are on China’s side and so is the Biden family. believes that there will be no investigation into Democrat congressman Eric Swalwell of California, who was known to be commiserating with a Chinese spy. And oh yes, Swalwell is on the House Intelligence Committee.

Why is there no special federal investigation of the ‘black lives matter’ conspirators and the ‘antifa’ thugs for murder, rioting, arson and looting during 2020? Answer: Because the globalist elite and the Deep State in Washington and the Democrat party want this violence to continue.

Why is the global elite obsessed with a debunked theory called ‘global warming’ but totally unconcerned with the destructive reality of mass immigration?

Why does the final report on the 2016 Fort McMurray wildfire in Canada – which came close to wiping out the crucial oil sands industry in the province of Alberta – make no mention of how the fire started? believes that it was an act of eco-terrorism designed to destroy the industry in order to thwart our energy supply and weaken the North American economy.

Meanwhile reported about a December 24, 2020 event:

The natural gas pipeline rupture in a field near Lyons, Nebraska, on Thursday appears to have been caused by a third party working in the area, according to a statement Saturday by Northern Natural Gas.

The rupture — which led to an explosion large enough to be seen by satellite — has been repaired and the pipeline is back in service.

No injuries were reported. Northern Natural Gas crews worked “around the clock” to repair damage. The company said service was interrupted temporarily for three customers.

Gee, it happened way out in the middle of nowhere. That sounds suspicious. You would think that they would know more about it by now, 10 days later, but there is no update on the internet. Was it eco-terrorism? Let’s find out.

Why has the 2017 mass killing of 60 attendees at a country music concert in Las Vegas, with 411 people injured, never been fully investigated or solved? If the victims had been black and attending a rap concert, we would have tried, convicted and executed the perpetrator by now.

The killer in Las Vegas managed to smuggle 23 rifles and 5,000 rounds of ammunition up to his room in the high-rise Mandalay Bay hotel where he did the shooting from. How did this happen without setting off alarm bells?

Answer: Because many people certainly knew about and approved the plan, including law enforcement. After all this lunatic killed and injured conservatives, who predominantly make up a country music concert audience. And this would be appropriate for the anti-white, anti-Western, anti-conservative, anti-American globalist elite. And don’t forget – Las Vegas is a left-wing city controlled by casinos and their radical labor unions.

Why did the leftist American media and Democrats foment months of riots, looting and arson over the death of serial criminal and drug dealer/addict George Floyd, who had a lethal dose of fentanyl in his system when he died? Answer: Because the American media and Democrat party want this destruction.

How has the discredited ‘green’ movement, with its fake theory alleging “global warming”, become an obsessive pall over every aspect of our lives, telling us every minute of every day that we should fear the end of the world?

Answer: Because that is what the globalist elite wants in order to control us through fear.

And lastly – even though there are 100 more questions to ask – why are most Americans, including many Republicans, sitting by as the 2020 presidential election is stolen for Biden?

Answer: Because the Deep State and the globalist elites, including Iran, Venezuela and communist China, want Biden as president.

This all began back in the 1960s when the movement was set into motion by the communist left in our universities to overthrow our American way of life. It has now come to dominate us every day. They want to destroy us, and they are doing so. We must respond.

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