Capitol Protests Expose Elite Political Classes

The protesters who entered the US Capitol in Washington on January 6 are being maligned in the media and among politicians from coast to coast.

But what were they doing there?

They were angry about a brazenly stolen election and the utter indifference of the political classes to acknowledge that fact. We should all be angry.

It appears that the protesters may have numbered a few hundred at most and they did some minor damage, leaving the Democrat political and media classes extremely upset and shaken.

Yet these are the same classes that have been absolutely silent as left-wing mobs have ravaged our cities since last Summer, doing an estimated $1 billion to $2 billion in damage in rioting, looting, arson, assault and even murder.

Friends, this is a classic double standard on the left. In Spring 2011, in Madison, Wisconsin, left-wing protesters occupied the state capitol building for weeks and did hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. Where was the national outrage over that?

There was none since the protesters came from the left. Sadly, one of the Washington protesters named Ashli Babbit of San Diego, a US military veteran, was shot dead. There is no sign that she was armed or that any of the protesters were armed even though early news reports said falsely that they were.

Why was Ashli shot? Who will be charged in the death of this unarmed white woman? What Capitol police officer will face national scrutiny?

The answer is that this death will probably go unprosecuted since it comes as the police were defending the political elites, who, according to socialist dogma, are the most important among us.

They are not. They are the least important. saw photos of the damage inside the Capitol on the Fox News website. Three photos showed just a tiny amount of damage.

Naturally president Trump is being blamed for the protest yet he had no control over the crowd. He asked them to protest the election and called for them to be peaceful. He eventually told them to leave the Capitol.

Yet we have not seen Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi or any Democrats being blamed for months of rioting and looting across America while they and their party have declined to denounce it. Pelosi said about one group of rioters, “People will do what they do…”

Meanwhile the same politicians who are outraged over a few hours of protests in Washington have done everything in their power to distract us from the world-wrecking actions of China in intentionally spreading its virus around the globe, doing tens of trillions in economic damage. You be the judge. Which is worse? Two hours of protests in Washington or the virus, which will harm the world for years?

It is obvious from tapes of the events that the Washington protesters were not out to destroy or burn the building. They appear to be just an unruly mob that got out of hand, swept up in the emotion of the moment. Big deal.

And who could blame them? This election was clearly stolen. They are angry. And they are going to continue to protest this stolen election.

Naturally the Fake News media are using this incident, which ended peacefully after just a few hours, to bash president Trump. They will ignore the fact that Donald Trump has been the most effective American leader in decades, perhaps ever.

No, they will ignore his monumental accomplishments like fixing the economy, securing better trade deals, controlling illegal immigration, getting better health care for our veterans, rebuilding the military, and dozens of other achievements. Meanwhile the useless politicians in Washington have accomplished almost nothing in their decades in office.

This is precisely why the political classes hate Trump – because he has succeeded where they have failed. He makes them look bad. Failure hates success.

If Joe Biden is sworn in on January 20, the damage to America will be infinitely worse than a few broken windows in the Capitol building. Biden, for instance, will open the Mexican border again to hordes of illegal immigrants. This will insure that new strains of the China virus will spread throughout the US and metastasize for years to come. We will never conquer it.

Meanwhile we know that Biden and his crooked family are grossly cozy with evil China. This is the greatest threat to our nation. A few hundred protesters in Washington are nothing in comparison.

Biden will ruin the economy for tens of millions of Americans with tax and regulation increases. In contrast, a few hundreds protesters in Washington are barely a ripple on the political waters.

Many of our cities are being ruined by two converging forces from the left – the China virus and the increasingly criminal nature of urban populations like ‘antifa’ and ‘black lives matter’. We also have seen thousands of criminals freed from jails under the cover of the virus. On top of that, we have a stolen election thanks to the Democrats.

Then in contrast we have a few protesters in the US Capitol in an action that ended in just a few hours. Which is worse, friends? Which is worse?

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