BLM at Capitol Protest/ Trump Skipping Biden Inauguration

There was a report recently that a ‘black lives matter’ activist from Utah was seen inside the Capitol protest on January 6. And now the activist reportedly has admitted to being there. Here is The Epoch Times reporting:

A Black Lives Matter activist was part of the group that entered the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday.

John Earle Sullivan, who has advocated for an armed revolution on social media, was arrested in July 2020 for making a threat of violence and criminal mischief. He organized a protest with Black Lives Matter activists and members of the far-left Antifa network. According to the Deseret News, Sullivan damaged vehicles and urged people to block roadways. Video footage captured him threatening to beat a woman.

Photographs showed Sullivan inside the Capitol in Washington on Jan. 6.

So this raises the issue: Who really instigated the break-in and protest at the US Capitol? Was it done by left-wing activists to make president Trump and his followers look bad?

We must find out. Update:

It is being reported that Sullivan has been released without charges for his role in the Capitol protest. Meanwhile we will see conservatives get the full weight of the law thrown at them.

Naturally all of the media are jumping on the president for allegedly inciting the protest. Yet Trump merely gave a speech protesting the election, which was obviously stolen. So then when a tiny group of Trump supporters did something illegal, he is being blamed. Yet that group may not even be who we think they are.

This has been a pattern with the media and the president; any time that he speaks out, the media will find a way to pin another crime on him. If the president cured cancer, the media would impugn him for putting cancer doctors out of business.

Indeed the Fake News media are in full war cry about the Capitol protest, which, by the way, did almost zero damage besides a few broken windows. After spending all Summer and Autumn claiming that the widespread riots, looting, arson and murder in our cities did not really exist or were “mostly peaceful” (wink, wink…), and that we can never blame the left for them, these media skunks have gone totally bonkers in covering the Capitol protest.

They are ignoring the fact that an unarmed white Trump-supporting patriot named Ashli Babbitt was murdered in cold blood by a Capitol policeman. There is zero outrage from the left over this ‘police brutality’. We conservatives must hold up Ashli as a martyr for our cause and demand answers.

But oh, boy, after thousands of rioters, looters and arsonists have run wild across America, causing up to $2 billon in damage, liberal judges and the Liberal Media have exonerated them and set most of them free, including those who have assaulted police officers. The FBI and Justice Department have been silent. On the other hand, we have this from Fox News about a Capitol police officer who died in the protest (we do not know the circumstances yet):

The Justice Department says it will spare no resources in investigating the death, and possible murder, of Capitol Police officer Brian D. Sicknick during the riots that took place on Wednesday at the U.S. Capitol building.

Brian Sicknick, a member of the Capitol Police First Responder’s Unit who joined the force in July 2008, was on duty Wednesday when he was injured “while physically engaging with protesters,” police said in a statement. The officer collapsed after the attack and was taken to a local hospital, where he died at 9:30 p.m. Thursday.

The Capitol Police said Thursday night that authorities from multiple agencies were investigating Sicknick’s death as a homicide, according to a statement from the Capitol Police.

During a call Friday, DOJ and FBI officials said that they were, “investigating the circumstances” of Officer Sicknick’s death jointly with their law enforcement partners and that it is, “an active investigation.”

Yessiree, they sure want to find out who did that. But when we urge our FBI to investigate thousands of assaults on police officers, and several deaths of cops in the ‘antifa’ and ‘black lives matter’ riots, we get crickets. Nothing. Zero.

It is even being reported that Sicknick might lie in honor in the Capitol Rotunda in Washington. This is generally reserved for presidents and other important political leaders. But then again Sicknick was protecting the Swamp Dweller elite and so he must be up there with George Washington and Ronald Reagan.

You can be sure that if Sicknick lies in the Capitol that we are going to see wall-to-wall coverage of the event in order to blame president Trump once again for everything that is wrong in America. The crocodile tears for Sicknick will flow like a gushing river. What a joke. These elitists like Pelosi have always looked down on law enforcement – except this one time, that is.

Perhaps Democrats can recall the protests inside the US Senate for the Kavanaugh hearings. But there was no anger about these since they were protesting president Trump and his Supreme Court nominee.

Trump Blocked from Twitter, Facebook

In another show of censorship, Twitter and Facebook have de-platformed president Trump, suggesting that he incited the protesters at the Capitol.

The president will simply move his account to other websites. This is going to spur a whole new generation of conservative sites on the internet, just as left-wing media bias led to the birth of conservative talk radio in The 1980s and 1990s.

But that is not stopping the media from whipping up Americans into a frenzy one last time over president Trump. Yet he was merely protesting a stolen election and those who entered the Capitol were a miniscule, tiny, infinitesimal sliver of his 74 million voters in the last election.

And we do not even know the whole story. After all, there is one video of Capitol police removing a barricade to allow the protesters to get up to the Capitol steps. Were the cops in on the scam? Was it really instigated by the left?

Could be, friends. It could very well be.

At the same time conservative Republican US senator Josh Hawley, who has written a book about tech censorship of conservatives, has… drum roll, please… had his book censored.

The New York publisher Simon & Schuster has canceled its contract to publish senator Hawley’s book. This only is raising Hawley’s profile as a leading presidential candidate for 2024. has said for some time now that Hawley is the one who best represents our patriotic MAGA coalition, along with Ted Cruz and a few others in Washington.

Hawley should publish the book on the internet. It will reach many more people since it will be cheaper to put out and thus could be sold at much less per copy.

In other words, this is another example of how we conservatives can simply go around the media “gatekeepers” who can censor us at every turn.

These ‘gatekeepers’ told us that president Trump is a scoundrel and that he would get millions fewer votes in 2020 as he did in 2016. But the gatekeepers were wrong, as usual. In 2016, Trump got 63 million votes. In 2020, he got 74 million.

President Trump Will Skip Biden Inauguration

Word has come out that president Trump will skip Biden’s inauguration. This is good news. has recommended from the start that Trump do nothing to legitimize the stolen Biden presidency. recommends that Trump not host Biden at the White House in any way, as tradition goes, and that Trump should leave the White House before Biden gets there and refuse to welcome him.

After all, we know that president Trump has been an outsider who was voted in to fight the Deep State monsters who are stealing America blind.

Not a single one of these Swamp Dwellers has missed a single paycheck since the China virus struck. But they are certainly allowing tens of millions of Americans to suffer.

When he gets back to Florida, the president will look back on Washington as the alien place that it is, the place that looks down on America.

Rush Limbaugh has been saying that Democrats want to get rid of, and even impeach the president, because they are deathly afraid of him. This is true. They know that the MAGA movement is one of the most potent movements in American history. They also know that Republicans are going to win back the House and Senate in 2022 and they are bracing for that eventuality.

The more that they can demonize Trump, the more chance they think that they have to hold onto the House and Senate. But believes that Biden is going to fail and that Americans will be missing Trump.

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