Capitol Protest vs. BLM Riots/ Amazing China Virus Stat

Here’s the truth about the US Capitol protest of January 6:

*President Trump told the crowd before they marched to the Capitol: “I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”

*President Trump obviously would not have wanted these protesters to break into the Capitol and would not have incited them to do so.

*There is no way in the world that these protesters could have taken over the Capitol or caused an “insurrection” or “coup”, as the Fake News media are reporting. They were mostly rag-tag pro-Trumpers with flags.

*The protest was over within five hours.

*Capitol police totally botched their duty to protect the building. If they had done their jobs, it never would have happened.

*Capitol police were seen on video moving barricades and allowing the protesters to come right up to the Capitol entrance. Why? Shouldn’t they have been doing their best to keep the protesters away?

*Only 100 protesters took part. Five weapons were seized with no description available of the weapons.

*The white, pro-Trump US military veteran killed in the protest, Ashli Babbitt, was shot point-blank by a Capitol police officer despite the fact that she was threatening nobody.

*One ‘black lives matter’ activist named John Sullivan was photographed inside the Capitol. What was he doing there? Answer: He was helping to incite the break-in. What other leftist agitators were there?

*The total damage done to the Capitol was two broken windows.

*The Fake News media and Democrats are in full hysteria about the Capitol protest.

OK, now here are a few statistics about six months of 2020 riots by ‘black lives matter’ and ‘antifa’, which are groups on the political left:

*$2 billion in damages, or more, over 27 states.

*2,000 police officers injured, 150 in Minneapolis alone.

*26 people killed.

*92 police cars torched. Several police precincts burned.

*457 riots declared.

*The internet was used extensively to organize riots, vandalism, arson and looting.

*FBI did not investigate.

*Fake News media insisted over and over that the protests were “mostly peaceful”.

*Historical monuments were torn down in cities across America.

*Democrats uttered hardly a peep of protest and said in many different ways that violence is acceptable. Nancy Pelosi only said that, “People will do what they will do…”, i.e., there is nothing to be concerned about.

So which was more damaging to the country? The Capitol protest, which was over in a matter of a few hours, or the six months of riots across America?

An Interesting China Virus Statistic

Here is an interesting statistic about the China virus:

On January 9, New York state ­reported 17,839 new cases. Florida, with about 2 million more people than New York, had 15,445.

Florida has largely avoided the lockdowns, while New York state has been heavily locked down and lorded over by Democrat governor Cuomo.

In other words, lockdowns don’t work. Here is the proof. It is simple math.

Twitter Stock Sinks after Trump Ban

Twitter stock fell by as much as 12% on Monday morning, with $5 billion wiped from the company’s market capitalization, after the company banned president Trump from its platform.

Rush Limbaugh also has fled Twitter, although he hardly used his account.

The more people who flee Twitter, the better. We should all stick together to bring that company down.

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