Why China Virus is Still With Us

As China virus cases surge across America, New York state’s Democrat governor Andrew Cuomo said, “We simply cannot stay closed until the vaccine hits critical mass. The cost is too high. We will have nothing left to open. We must reopen the economy, but we must do it smartly and safely…”

So suddenly Cuomo wants to open up a state that he himself has severely locked down since the virus first took root in New York City last March. But perhaps he does not want the economy to reopen, and he is just talking. This guy is totally devious.

Or perhaps he finally realizes that the state is reaching a critical situation, where the economy is never going to recover and his historic legacy will be one of failure.

But that failed legacy is already well entrenched. Even during the booming Trump years, New York state was stagnating and losing population and jobs, and it was all due to decades of restrictive liberal policies and severe mismanagement by people like Cuomo.

Under Cuomo, who first took office in January 2011, the state has steadily declined. Even before the virus hit and during the Trump boom of 2017 to 2020, there was a growing exodus from New York state among wealthier, younger, educated, healthy and skilled residents.

One recent survey showed New York state with the most significant population outflow in America. Even president Trump, who made his fortune headquartered in New York City, moved his official residence to Florida to escape New York’s crushing tax burden on upper-income people and its increasingly hostile policies toward business.

Cuomo was cavalier about the exodus of wealthy people. He even said how happy he was that Rush Limbaugh had moved his residence out of New York City to Florida. And Trump too. But today he is singing a different tune.

Cuomo is facing a massive budget deficit from the China virus and from the exodus of wealthy taxpayers. Since he has lost so many rich taxpayers who were contributing so heavily to the state’s coffers, he should solve the budget crisis by cutting spending, but he will never do that. He will never cut New York’s grossly bloated welfare state and government bureaucracy, both of which keep him in power. So he complains and wrings his hands and wishes he could turn back the clock.

New York state now is considering legalizing sports betting and marijuana to get more tax revenue. This shows the hoax of liberalism. Sports betting and marijuana are both bad behaviors – legal marijuana is pure evil – that only shift money around from one New Yorker to another. So like a good Democrat, Cuomo want to tax it as it moves. But this will only produce small amounts of revenue for the state.

At the same time Cuomo and his ‘greenie’ friends have vehemently opposed a massive economic bonanza for the state in ‘fracking’ for natural gas which underlies the so-called Southern Tier of the rural Upstate region, along the Pennsylvania border. This natural gas could bring in billions of tax revenue every year and employ tens of thousands of people in high-paying jobs in a depressed farming region. But that is of no interest to Cuomo. After all, these people are overwhelmingly white and generally vote Republican.

The virus has taken a huge swipe out of an already suffering New York state economy. When the virus first hit in March 2020, we were told that we would need to quarantine for “two weeks to flatten the curve”. This turned out to be nonsense. Ten months later there are severe lockdowns all over America and the world.

The vaccine is supposed to save us, but it is going out slowly and we don’t know if it is going to work fully. The best way for us to have conquered this virus in the first place would have been to let it run its course. We should have protected the elderly and the sick and let the rest of America and New York state go about its business since healthy people under age 65 are generally showing little or no symptoms of the virus when they have it.

This approach would have allowed the virus to fade out while preserving the economy. The devastating effects of the economic shutdowns has been poison for tens of millions of Americans, in both economic losses and social isolation.

This approach would have allowed “herd immunity” to develop – in other words, enough people would have contracted the virus (and thus not be susceptible to a second infection), would have shown little or no effect, and then the virus would not have had tens of millions of new targets to infect. It eventually would fade away.

In the 1950s, mothers brought their kids to so-called “chicken pox parties” where children would be exposed to the virus. They would catch it, recover fully and then be immune. This was considered a good thing since chicken pox and measles are much more harmful to adults. These parties created ‘herd immunity’ among children before they even became adults.

By locking down many states, we have only prolonged the virus. And these lockdowns have little to do with health. These lockdowns are intended primarily to do two things – to make governors look like they are doing something; and to brutalize millions of small business owners, mostly white and conservative, but certainly not all of them. They are being imposed by far-left governors like Cuomo in order to kill the entrepreneurial spirit of America. It has been one of the great evils of our time.

Cuomo is whining that his state is facing a dire fiscal situation due to reduced tax revenues from the virus shutdowns. But he could expect nothing else. New York has had a bloated, out-of-control budget for decades because it has been a very liberal state. Even the Republicans in New York state are liberal.

Typically Cuomo has shut down the whole state equally harshly even though the rural Upstate part, which is most of New York state area-wise, has had much lower to almost no virus cases.

Ironically, Cuomo and the left-wing New York City mayor have done enormous damage to the City in their lockdowns. The liberal City is the electoral base for Democrats. Most of the City’s business owners being ruined by the lockdowns are liberal Democrats while millions of liberal city dwellers are suffering jobs losses and severe mental problems in the lockdown isolation.

Amazing. Today it is only early January, which is prime season for the virus. It indeed did fade out last Summer. But that did not stop the Fake News media from reporting hysterically about every single case last Summer in conservative states like Florida and Texas.

Yet today, in Florida and New York state, with similar populations (Florida has 2 million more people), we are seeing more cases in locked-down New York than in Florida, whose governor Ron De Santis has had one of the most open policies in America. This shows that lockdowns don’t work.

And this does not even account for the fact that millions of virus “cases”, (i.e., positive tests) are certainly ‘false positives’ that are never re-tested. The electric car guru Elon Musk recently took four virus tests in a row. Two came back positive and two came back negative. The singer Erykah Badu came back with one nostril testing positive and the other negative.

An Austrian parliamentarian put Coca Cola on his virus tester in front of the whole parliament and it came back positive. The video is here. It starts at :34 of the video. Unfortunately it is in German.

We are being fed massive amounts of misinformation and disinformation about this virus from the Democrats. They want us all living in fear because that is how they control us. It is downright evil.

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