Impeachment Mania/ Global Freezing/ Trump Hatred is Sick/ NY ‘Green’ Energy Fraud

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, a newly elected Republican from Georgia, announced that she will be filing articles of impeachment against Biden a day after the inauguration.

She said that she wants stand up for the 75 million Americans who are “fed up with inaction” in government.

“It’s time to take a stand,” she said. “I’m proud to be the voice of Republican voters who have been ignored.”

Greene tweeted that her impeachment filing will center on a videotape of Biden where he bragged lightheartedly about how he directed Ukrainian officials in 2015 – when he was vice president – to fire national prosecutor Viktor Shokin. At the time, Shokin was probing the Burisma natural gas company, which Hunter Biden had ties to. Joe Biden threatened to withhold American aid to Ukraine if the prosecutor was not fired.

This is blatantly illegal. And while you cannot impeach a president for something that he did before he was president, this may not apply here since Biden’s corruption came when he was vice president.

This action by Greene is a harbinger of things to come. In their ‘snap’ impeachment of president Trump, Democrats have set up a paradigm where we might see regular impeachments for any and every reason. warned about this phenomenon in a January 13 commentary.

If Republicans win majority control of the House in 2022, which expects, then we might possibly see an impeachment of Biden soon thereafter. And it won’t be for no reason. believes that Biden is going to do many illegal things in the White House, as his entire political career has been rife with corruption.

But the point may be moot. Biden may not even be in office in 2022. He is obviously debilitated and we know that Democrats really want to get rid of him and install Harris instead.

More Global Freezing in Britain reported on January 14 about the UK, which doesn’t usually have severe winters:

Cold Arctic air currently being pushed into Scandinavia and Russia from the polar vortex is forecast to make its way towards the UK over the coming days. Scotland is also bracing for heavy snow over a 16 day period from today until Friday, January 29, according to WXXCHARTS’s snow depth models.

Central areas are likely to be hit the hardest, with 22 inches (57cm) forecast on Thursday, January 28.

London snow forecast: Capital braces for snow as up to 20 INCHES to fall across UK – map

By this evening at 6pm, the same area could see 13 inches (34cm), with 16cm (42cm), settling next Saturday.

The north east could be struck with 6 inches (16cm) tomorrow.

Temperatures are expected to plunge to bitter lows of -12C on Friday, January 29 at 6am in Scotland.

What would Al Gore say?


Trump Hatred is National Sickness

The national hatred aimed at president Trump is a widespread sickness. It is being fomented by top Democrats in New York, Washington and Hollywood and other bad actors on the political left. We never saw even 1% as much hatred directed at Obama by conservatives.

The reason is simple: While liberals claim they are ‘compassionate’ and ‘tolerant’ people, they are quite the opposite. Their hatred of conservatives is bottomless. Why? Because people on the far left hate themselves and self-hatred is a prime motivating factor in most bad human behavior.

Even worse, they hate president Trump after he very quickly improved the country. This shows that liberals hate that which is good and love that which is bad. This is why so many of our cities have declined into crime and violence and riots – because they are dominated by Democrats who embrace evil.

This is why Americans have been fleeing by the tens of millions over the last 50 years from liberal states like California and New York and running at top speed to conservative states like Texas and Florida.

At the same time that this toxic hatred of president Trump is rampant on the left, these same people have uttered not a peep of criticism of China for poisoning the whole world with their virus. They have not criticized ‘black lives matter’ and ‘antifa’ for nationwide riots that did up to $2 billion in damage in 2020.

In fact these haters on the left are the real sickos in our society. Their hatred of a good man like Donald Trump is beyond the pale.

Ironically, their anger is also directed within. Democrats and leftists treat each other very badly. It’s like being in the mafia. You may think that you are getting something for free by stealing and killing, but you often end up being murdered yourself. That is why you will see rampant backstabbing, corruption, betrayal and violence in liberal America among liberals. is acquainted with several liberals. One was ripped off for thousands of dollars by a fellow liberal. Another, a Bernie Sanders supporter, has been abusive toward me my entire life. I have been ripped off for more than $10,000 by a liberal family member who did not even care that he did this to me. Meanwhile conservatives have always been good to me.

Democrats are not only immoral but they are amoral. Just look at the corruption in our cities. If you asked 1,000 people who commits the most political corruption and election fraud, 950 of them will say Democrats.

President Trump has been honest and worked hard for our country, but Democrats have treated him like a crook. At the same time, Democrats are treating a corrupt politician like Biden as if nothing is wrong.

Democrats know that Hunter Biden is one of the sleaziest people in America and they say nothing. On the other hand, president Trump’s children are well-spoken, well-behaved and they earn they way honestly. And thus Democrats hate them.

Among hundreds of other good things, president Trump improved our economy, fought for American workers with better trade deals, controlled the Mexican border, got better treatment for our veterans, and made a peace deal in the Middle East. Yet Democrats still hate him.

The social poison being spread across our land by the left is doing enormous damage to our country. It is pitting family members against other family members, friends against friends, workers against co-workers. It is shameful, but this is how liberals dominate us. They divide and conquer. Their only goal is political power.

CNN Airport Network is Finished

There is always good news in America, and here it is: CNN’s airport network, where it dominated airport TV screens, is closing.

This is great. After all, nobody was watching it. CNN’s ratings have plummeted in the Trump era, and now this. Hooray!

Cuomo’s ‘Green’ Energy Scam

The New York Post reported:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo may not be tilting at windmills, but he is leaning on them.

During his … 2021 State of the State presentation this week, the governor proposed a $26 billion public- and private-sector green energy program that would dramatically increase solar- and wind-power projects to boost New York’s post-COVID-19 pandemic economy.

He mentioned the development of two massive wind farms off Long Island — located more than 20 miles off Jones Beach and 60 miles off Montauk.

“Don’t worry,” Cuomo said, “neither will be visible from the shore. They will provide about 2,500 megawatts. This is the largest production of renewable energy by any state in the United States history.”

The transmission line for the wind turbines off Jones Beach will connect on land at Oceanside, Long Island, and for the turbines off Montauk, the transmission line will travel 200 miles under the Long Island Sound to Astoria in Queens.

The plan includes building the nation’s first offshore wind tower manufacturing facility (in the state capital of Albany), which Cuomo promised would create 500 construction jobs and employ 300 full-time workers.

Cuomo claimed the offshore wind and land-based renewable projects will reduce carbon emissions by almost 16 million metric tons per year, attract nearly $26 billion in direct investment and create over 17,000 good-paying jobs.

The Cuomo plan includes 100 projects, 68 of them already in the works. These include 52 solar projects, and 13 on-shore and three offshore wind projects.

Cuomo announced dozens more renewable projects, including a 20-megawatt solar project in Washington County, a 200-megawatt solar project in Orleans, a 250-megawatt solar project in Montgomery, and a 90-megawatt solar project in Franklin County.

“These projects will not only create power but bring needed economic opportunity to the struggling parts of our state. They will be accelerated by a new siting process and create nearly 11,000 jobs in upstate New York alone,” Cuomo said.

OK, so what is wrong with this story?

Well, everything…

First, windmills and solar panels do not work. Oh, sure, if you pick up a cable from a windmill while the wind is blowing you will get a shock. But in fact windmills and solar panels are grossly inefficient. They produce small amounts of power for large investments. This is why electricity costs in Germany are three times as high as the US – because Germany has lots of solar energy.

On the other hand, nuclear power plants, which ‘greenies’ have been fighting against for decades, are the most efficient energy production system ever. This is why ‘greenies’ don’t want them. They want to replace efficiency with inefficient solar panels and windmills since inefficiency makes environmentalists wealthy.

Second, wind and solar only exist because of 100% taxpayer subsidies. They are subsidized in many obvious ways and in ways that are not even apparent. Thus when someone like Cuomo says he wants to build all of these solar and wind projects, and that they are going to add to the state’s economy, he is talking nonsense. They will not. He might as well skip the windmills and just pay the workers direct government checks.

Third, windmills and solar panels cause ‘climate change’ and ‘global warming’. Windmills disrupt the natural flow of the winds. Black solar panels, when placed in rural meadows as they are all over America, absorb and reflect massive amounts of heat back into the air in the Summer months.

Fourth, ‘green’ energy is ugly. Windmills desecrate the mountaintops and these black solar arrays placed in grassy meadows destroy the beauty of the meadows. Notice that Cuomo is reassuring New Yorkers that the ocean windmills will not be visible from shore. This is because windmills are ugly and everyone knows it.

Ocean windmills also are twice as expensive as land-based windmills. They wear out faster because they are subject to extremes of wind and to constant corrosion from salt in the air.

Notice that the windmills will require hundreds of miles of cables to connect to the power grid. The mining for aluminum (the cables are made of aluminum) and the manufacture of these cables consumes lots of energy and resources that are not necessary for a nuclear plant located on land. All of this aluminum production is harmful to the environment. calculates that we would need 3,000 windmills to produce the same amount of power as one nuclear reactor. has estimated that windmills require 500 times as much in resources (steel, concrete, copper, composite material for the blades, etc.) than a nuclear plant does for the same amount of energy. This is all very bad for the environment.

Then there is the cost. The state of New York, which is in a deep budget hole for a variety of reasons, is going to spend tens of billions of dollars on this ‘green’ nonsense. Historically private companies have built power plants at no cost to the taxpayer. But with ‘green’ energy that is out the window; the taxpayers of New York are going to be on the hook for decades if this disaster goes through.

This drain on the state’s finances will crowd out any other kind of development and jobs, leading to high unemployment and poverty, which already is plaguing this very liberal state.

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