FBI was Warned of Capitol Protest/ ‘Greenies’ Kill Energy Independence

First here is a quick word about the economy: First-time weekly unemployment claims reported on January 13 skyrocketed to a startling 965,000, much higher than expected.

Along with huge job losses in December, this is the beginning of the Biden Depression. Business leaders who were buoyed by pro-business Trump in the White House are now terrified. They are pulling way back on their investments under coming Biden policies. Expect this to continue until Republicans are back in control in the House, Senate and White House.

FBI Knew about Capitol Protest Ahead of Time

MSN.com reported:

An internal document has revealed some of what the FBI knew before riots erupted at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, including that officials expected and warned of “violence” and had seen reports from online users that a “war” was to take place on that day.

The Washington Post has obtained the FBI documents, which includes a situational report approved for release a day before the rally supporting President Donald Trump. The rally led to a calamitous siege of the U.S. Capitol, which left five people, including a Capitol police officer, dead.

A day before rioters stormed Congress, an FBI office in Virginia issued a clear-cut warning that extremists were preparing to travel to Washington to commit violence and “war,” according to the internal document reviewed by the Post. The new findings contradict those of a senior official’s recent comments explaining that the bureau had no information to indicate the imminence of damage, injuries and death at a pro-Trump protest near the White House.

Yet even after this warning, FBI did nothing. This is very disturbing. This shows once again that the FBI is no longer on the side of law and order or the American people. It is a corrupt organization that is anti-American and very suspicious. For instance, FBI was warned repeatedly about the 9/11 attacks but did nothing.

Luckily the Capitol protest was easily put down and there was little damage. There was never any threat to Congress. It appears that few or none of the protesters were even armed. In fact here is a news story from KTLA.com about weapons. This is interesting:

Authorities also recovered two pipe bombs — one each at the Democratic National Committee and Republican National Committee headquarters.

A cooler containing a long gun and Molotov cocktails were also seized at the Capitol. And six firearms were recovered Wednesday, in addition to three the night before, according to Contee.

Notice that the pipe bombs were at both the Republican and Democrat headquarters. So what is that all about? Then the report is very sketchy about when and where these weapons were seized (the night before?). Did ‘black lives matter’ plant any of these weapons? We know for sure that BLM was all around Washington on the day of the protest and that BLM activist John Sullivan was photographed inside the Capitol building with the Trump protesters.

Update from The Epoch Times showing how BLM helped to incite the Capitol protest:

The Black Lives Matter activist who was seen storming the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 was arrested and charged, the Department of Justice said Thursday.

A newly released court filing says John Earle Sullivan, 26, told FBI agents last week that he was at the Capitol when the breach happened. He said he entered through a window that had been broken out. He also said he was present when Ashli Babbitt, an Air Force veteran, was shot dead by a U.S. Capitol Police officer as she tried to climb into the House Speaker’s Lobby through a window.

Sullivan showed agents some of the footage he captured inside the building, which he and others entered illegally.

Videos showed Sullivan and others breaking through a barricade, with the Utah man shouting: “There are so many people. Let’s go. This [Expletive] is ours! [Expletive] yeah. We accomplished this [expletive]. We did this together. [Expletive] yeah! We are all a part of this history. Let’s burn this [Expletive] down.”

He was later heard encouraging protesters to climb a wall to get to an entrance to the Capitol and was seen entering the building.

During one conversation with others while inside, Sullivan said, “We gotta get this [expletive] burned.” At other times, he said, among other things, “it’s our house [expletive]” and “we are getting this [expletive].”

So there you go. More to come. Yet it is amazing to watch the Fake News media hyperventilate about the protest. At the same time, left-wing protesters rioted across America last Summer and Fall doing up to $2 billion in damage, and Democrats claimed that it was not happening, that the protests were “mostly peaceful” and the riots were “a myth”.

These Democrats are living in a parallel universe where up is down and down is up. They are now claiming that pro-Trump militias are going to try and take over the country in 2021, that this is the biggest threat going forward.

Gee, will the anti-conservative, anti-American FBI track and entrap pro-Trumpers everywhere like they did NOT do to ‘antifa’ and ‘black lives matter’? Even though they could have easily tracked ‘antifa’ and BLM over the internet?

Yes, they will go after the conservatives with a vengeance. Because the FBI is a leftist organization that even tried to depose president Trump.

These leftists and Democrats are the same people who want us to forget that the coronavirus, launched on us by an evil nation intent on killing our economy, came from their friends in China. No, we are supposed to be terrified of something that barely exists, i.e., ‘right-wing’ militias.

When these militias do $2 billion in damage, let me know. So far they have broken two windows at the US Capitol while an unarmed female Trump supporter named Ashli Babbitt was murdered in cold blood by a Capitol police officer. May she rest in peace and always be remembered.

‘Greenies’ are Killing Energy Independence

In the Obama years, gasoline and heating oil went up to $4 a gallon and more. Remember? Then around 2014 ‘fracking’ in the North Dakota oil fields began producing huge amounts of oil and the price came down to $2 a gallon and even less. Remember? Meanwhile ‘fracking’ in the Pennsylvania and Ohio natural gas fields has given us abundant and cheap gas for heating and cooking. Here is Fox News in 2014:

Drivers paying less at the pump due to free-falling oil prices can thank the U.S. energy boom for generating shale oil – and weakening OPEC’s ability to keep the cost of a gallon of gas high.

In just a matter of months, the price of a barrel of oil has dropped from more than $100 to about $70, and gas is now cheaper than it has been in years. But a recent report conducted for the American Petroleum Institute claimed oil would cost twice as much as it does now if it weren’t for America’s fracking boom, which wrings oil and natural gas out of shale miles underground.

National and state policies are crucial in keeping energy affordable. And the best thing for federal and state governments to do is to keep their noses out of the energy industry.

Under president Trump and ‘fracking’ we have had low energy prices and even started exporting more oil than we were importing for the first time in decades.

And wouldn’t you know it, Democrats and “greenies” want to ban ‘fracking’ which is a simple, time-tested, safe system for getting large amounts of oil and natural gas out of the ground. They claim that ‘fracking’ is going to pollute the groundwater when in fact ‘fracking’ happens thousands of feet below any groundwater sources.

A filmmaker named Phelim McAleer made a film about ‘fracking’. He exposed as fraudsters a Pennsylvania couple who claimed that their well water was being polluted by ‘fracking’. They disappeared from their town after being exposed.

If Democrats have their way, we are going to see sky-high energy prices again. They will do this by obstructing supply by blocking oil and gas pipelines, banning ‘fracking’, making oil drilling increasingly expensive through regulation, taxing oil and natural gas heavily, etc.

Democrats think that that is a good thing since it means that we will use less energy. This is shocking. It only is going to harm us, particularly low-income Americans who will pay more and more to drive and heat their homes. It is also going to suck hundreds of billions of dollars out of the economy, bringing it down.

Their fearmongering is based on a debunked theory called ‘global warming’, which claims that the earth is heating up since we allegedly are burning so much oil and natural gas and putting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. But the earth is not burning up. We have had record cold all over the globe over the last 50 years while global temperatures have gone up and down like a yo-yo naturally for thousands of years.

On January 14, ‘greenies’ came out with one of their regular scare stories that 2020 was “the hottest year on record”. Who says this is true? I’ll tell you who said it – environmentalists themselves told us. But we should never believe anything that they say. They have been wrong about everything and have been caught lying about everything from running out of oil to disappearing Arctic ice.

‘Greenies’ claimed decades ago that Arctic ice would disappear by 2020, but the Arctic currently has 1.5 million square miles of ice.

James Delingpole at Breitbart News reported in September 2019 about these bizarre ‘climate’ expeditions:

Yet another greenie expedition to the Arctic to raise awareness of ‘global warming’ has been scuppered by unexpected large quantities of ice. This brings to a total of six the number of Ship of Fools expeditions where weather reality has made a mockery of climate theory.

According to Maritime Bulletin:

Arctic tours ship MS MALMO with 16 passengers on board got stuck in ice on Sep 3 off Longyearbyen, Svalbard Archipelago, halfway between Norway and North Pole. The ship is on Arctic tour with Climate Change documentary film team, and tourists, concerned with Climate Change and melting Arctic ice. All 16 Climate Change warriors were evacuated by helicopter in challenging conditions, all are safe. 7 crew remains on board, waiting for Coast Guard ship assistance.

Here is the Ship of Fools list of shame

Ship of Fools 1 Australian climate researcher Chris Turkey and a crew of climate alarmists on a mission to demonstrate just how much Antarctic ice has been affected by global warming get stuck in unexpectedly thick ice and have to be rescued by helicopter.

Ship of Fools II Arctic expedition led by veteran explorer David Hempleman-Adams to raise awareness of “permanent irreversible change in the sea ice landscape of the Arctic” caused by global warming is ruined by unexpectedly large quantities of ice.

Ship of Fools III Global warming research study in Canada cancelled because of ice. “It became clear to me very quickly that these weren’t just heavy ice conditions, these were unprecedented ice conditions” claims the lead scientist, blaming it on “climate change fully in action” and calling it “a wake up call for all of us in this country.”

Ship of Fools IV Arctic Mission sailing expedition to North Pole to raise awareness of global warming has to turn back after yachts find their passage blocked by large quantities of unexpected frozen white substance.

Ship of Fools V Scientists, students, filmmakers from University of Rhode Island’s Inner Space Center on a mission to “document climate change effects” in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago have to be rescued after the ship is damaged after grounding on unexpected hard, bluey-white substance floating on the sea.

Do you think someone up there is trying to tell these people something?

Hottest year on record? I don’t think so.

Now Fox News has reported that our days of energy independence under president Trump are coming to an end. Here are excerpts from Fox with a Nikitas3.com comment after each excerpt:

Fox News reports: The war to gain our energy independence was fought with blood, treasure and American ingenuity, but that doesn’t mean we get to keep it.

Earlier this week, the Energy Information Agency (EIA) reported that the U.S. will now return to importing more crude oil and petroleum products than it will export for 2021 and 2022. That is big news considering the agency reported just a week ago that the U.S. didn’t import any Saudi Arabia crude last week for the first time in 35 years.

Nikitas3.com comment: So there you go. As soon as anything is good, liberals try to destroy it. This is their pattern. When families are happy, they try to disrupt them. When the economy is going well, they tax it and regulate it and ruin it. When Trump gives us the best economy ever, they run him out of office. When energy independence becomes a reality, they end it.

Fox News reports: American energy independence was thought to be an impossible dream but with the emergence of the shale oil and gas revolution (‘fracking’), it became a reality.

In fact, because of the demand hit from the COVID-19 pandemic and the promise of more regulations from the Biden administration, the country seems willing to relinquish our energy dominance. U.S. shale oil and gas producers are in retreat and OPEC’s sway on the price of oil has pushed prices for West Texas Intermediate crude to the $53-per-barrel level.

With Biden promising more regulations and a transition off of oil, our days of energy independence may be already behind us. This is a major blow considering what it took to achieve the independence that now too many people are taking for granted.

In the 1970s, the Arab oil embargo made us realize how our economy could be held hostage by foreign oil producers that did not have our best interests at heart. The rise of the OPEC cartel was a national security threat and the U.S. had to change its ways or was destined to be put in economic slavery and be subject to the whims of foreign oil producers.

President Nixon launched “Project Independence” to get off foreign oil and that goal was finally realized just a few years ago. The U.S. became a net petroleum exporter in September 2019 and that allowed the US economy to thrive as low energy prices helped put more money in the pockets of consumers and allowed business to thrive.

Nikitas3.com comment: Sure thing. We were just at the cusp of energy independence and Democrats are doing everything in their power to stop it.

Fox News reports: The rise of the U.S. energy producer took away a lot of power from OPEC, which could no longer just cut production to manipulate prices higher because if it did, the U.S. producer would rise and fill the production void, costing the cartel market share in the global oil market.

Today, the OPEC cartel has less to fear from the U.S. producers as the Biden administration pledges to restrict the U.S. energy producer’s ability to frack for oil and gas. This will be a major change from the Trump years when President Trump would tweet and threaten OPEC and its leader, Saudi Arabia, causing it to reverse course in cutting production. Saudi Arabia feared the tweet, and OPEC and the oil market responded.

Nikitas3.com comment: There you go, no ‘fracking’ and higher prices.

More Cuomo Liberal Insanity

WABC.com in New York City reported:

(Democrat New York state) governor Andrew Cuomo outlined an ambitious vision for public sector redevelopment – including major renovations of Penn Station and the Port Authority Bus Terminal – during day four of his State of the State address.

Citing New York’s long history of spearheading major public works projects, Cuomo announced an ambitious $306 billion infrastructure improvement program, which he called the largest ever undertaken by any state in the nation.

“Building new projects, enhancing public life, lifts people’s spirits,” Cuomo said, adding that only the public sector can build the common foundation for a region’s economic growth.

At the center of the planned projects is a massive, $51 billion Manhattan Midtown West development, to be created on 140 acres.

So a state like New York, which has a massive budget deficit today, is going to increase that deficit 20-fold in pursuit of economic growth.

This will never work. It never does. If it did work then any government could give its people prosperity through spending. But they never can and don’t. They only produce more debt. It recently was reported that New York state has had the biggest population outflow in America. This is no surprise. Cuomo has been governor since 2011. Since then the state has gone steadily downhill.

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