Another Warning about Jan. 6 Protest/ Will We See Trump News Network?

An internal Capitol Police intelligence report issued three days before the storming of the US Capitol on January 6 said that “Congress itself” could be targeted by protesters gathering in Washington.

This information comes after we learned that the FBI had warned days before the riots that there could be trouble. So why were the Capitol police unprepared? Where were the National Guard to protect the Capitol? Why did the Capitol police pull aside barriers to allow the protesters near the Capitol, as one video shows?

These agencies were nowhere and this is part of a pattern. These people are incompetent and even malicious. For instance, we know that the FBI had many warnings for months and years before the 9/11 terror attacks but that they did nothing. We know that Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction hidden in Iraq, yet years of intelligence reports said that he did.

These agencies like FBI and CIA are no longer with America. They are against us. They are controlled by evil people just like we know that many urban police departments and judges sided with the rioters and protesters throughout the 2020 insurrections, looting, arson and murder.

We also know that at least two ‘black lives matter’ and ‘antifa’ activists were among the Capitol protesters. There were probably more. We need to know how many of these activists were among the protesters and how they incited, aided and abetted the Capitol riot.

At the same time, The Epoch Times reported about Florida:

Federal agents arrested a self-admitted anarchist and “hardcore leftist” on Friday on suspicion of plotting to violently disrupt planned election-related protests at the Florida state Capitol.

Prosecutors said they “averted a crisis” at the Capitol by arresting 33-year-old Daniel Baker, taking him into custody on a charge involving making a threat to kidnap or injure, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Florida announced in a news release.

OK, so again this guy planned to start trouble that then would be blamed on Trump supporters. At the same time, the Fake News media did everything in their power to distract us from months of leftist violence across America.

Meanwhile reports are saying that the Capitol break-in occurred even before president Trump started his speech. If this is true, it is further proof that Trump played zero role in instigating the protest. And we know that president Trump called for his supporters to march “peacefully and patriotically” on the Capitol.

Perhaps you have you noticed how the Capitol police are suddenly heroes to Democrats when police in general have been ‘the enemy’ for years. This is typical liberal hypocrisy. They flip-flop whenever it is convenient to do so.

Will President Trump Start a New Media Empire?

If president Trump leaves office on January 20, many conservatives have wondered: Will he start a brand new media empire like a Trump News Network? After all, he would have 74 million built-in viewers – his voters. has theorized that he might do this, but it seems unlikely since there is a better way. One alternative route is that he could consolidate a bunch of existing conservative internet, TV and radio networks and combine them under a Trump News Network umbrella.

This would do several things: It would consolidate these sites so that they are not competing against each other. It would raise the viewership of these networks big-time since they would then have the imprimatur of Trump. And it would relieve president Trump of the role of financing, building and running a totally new network.

This consolidated network could be run by loyal Trumpists or by his children and not by the president himself. President Trump does not want to be weighed down by the burdens of running a new network, or by having, for instance, a daily radio program. He wants the freedom to do what he wants when he wants, including running for president again in 2024, if he chooses to do so (which believes he will). believes that a Trump News Network would allow the president to call in to various radio programs or write commentaries or appear as a guest on TV programs under the Trump umbrella. His appearances could be well-publicized ahead of time and would garner huge audiences.

But even if he does not specifically establish a Trump News Network, he certainly will continue to be visible in many ways. He could hold his famous airport rallies, which would attract attention all over the country. He could call for Trump parades across America, say, on July 4.

He could write commentaries for conservative sites. He could make appearances on Newsmax TV and call into radio programs like Rush Limbaugh.

He could even call into local radio stations, which would be a big thrill for small stations, and would give him the opportunity to talk to local people all over the country. A 15-minute interview on a small station in Nebraska would make a lot of waves across Nebraska.

Imagine that Rush Limbaugh announces on a Wednesday that “president Trump is going to be calling in for one hour on Friday starting at 2 o’clock”. You can be sure that word about it would spread like wildfire around the internet and that he would get a huge audience.

Or imagine that he called into a local radio station in Albany, New York. He could use that call to highlight the failings of the Democrat New York governor and explain what he would do differently. This would be super-effective in getting his message out state by state, region by region.

If you think that Trump is going to retire and go away, forget it. He is an international figure. He even may make foreign appearances to support Trumpsters worldwide. believes, for instance, that the president is definitely going to stay involved in the Middle East peace process that he started since he will probably be invited by the countries involved to help the process along.

In any event, we can expect president Trump to remain in the public eye. And while we conservatives have always said that there is an unwritten rule that ex-presidents should remain in the background, Trump is not going to do that. He has been so mis-treated by the Fake News media and run out of office by a stolen election that he will not sit back. Never. And he shouldn’t. Then when he gets re-elected in 2024, the Democrats will go nuts once again.

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