Donald Trump: America’s Greatest President

It is a travesty and a great loss for our nation that president Trump is leaving office after just one term. We all know that the election was stolen. That came as a result of relentless assaults on this good man’s character over the years since he declared his candidacy in June 2015.

Yet even after having 95% of the American media vociferously against him, along with all of the tech giants, Hollywood, the universities and every other left-wing group, Trump really won the election, and Republicans almost took over the US House and have a 50-50 tie in the US Senate.

In other words, there is no Democrat mandate for radical change. It is really a mandate for four more years of Trumpism. Unfortunately we will not get it. On January 21, 2021 we will see a massively corrupt man inaugurated as president. There is so much evidence of the corruption among Biden and his family, Democrats and the Deep Staters that we need not go over it here. It is explained in Peter Schweizer’s book Secret Empires.

Donald Trump showed us what it means to lead rather than to just be president. Trump is the most effective president in US history. He showed us how to get things done precisely because he is not a political creature but comes out of the world of business.

Now we have lost him, but Trump will never go away. He has awakened a spirit in us that will never die. It is the yearning for freedom and prosperity.

The filthy Swamp Dwellers in Washington, DC do not want freedom, peace or prosperity. They have given us decades of restriction on our liberties, war and a sinking economy. Because this is all that they know how to produce and it is in their interest to keep us down.

Joe Biden represents this perfectly well. In 47 years in Washington, DC he is best known only for running for president three times. He accomplished nothing otherwise.

But that, friends, is what Washington does best – nothing – because that is what Washington is designed for. It it designed to support an endless parade of cocktail parties and media appearances and self-congratulations among the political elites. Washington does not care about America; it cares about itself.

President Trump cares about us ‘regular folks’ out here in the hinterlands and he will continue to care. The MAGA movement will never die. Because it is in our nature to want things to be better, not to stagnate and get worse, which is what we have gotten over the last 50 years with a few exceptions, like Ronald Reagan.

Washington politicians have taken the greatest country in the world in the greatest period of prosperity ever and flushed it all down the drain. It is sick. Fraudsters on both sides of aisle have done this to us.

The horrible things that these do-nothing animals have done to president Trump are beyond words. Trump is the most effective leader that America has ever had. And this is precisely why they hate him so passionately.

It is basic psychology. Failure hates success and the failed, lazy actors of Washington, DC were deeply angry and disturbed at the successes of president Trump. They also are envious of his wealth and his ability to win the presidency as an outsider on his first attempt.

These failed skunks are like the failed artists or writers or businessmen who hate the successful ones. If you want a classic example, consider the failed presidency of George W. Bush who gave us 9/11; the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and the economic collapse of 2008.

No wonder he hates Trump, who gave us peace and prosperity. How about the lunatic Hillary Clinton who believed that she should be president only because she believed that it was owed to her.

Fortunately, believes that Biden is not going to get anywhere near as much done as we Trumpsters had feared. The reason is simple: Americans are in no mood for his extremist agenda. And we will hopefully have in Donald Trump an ex-president who is going to be vocal about criticizing Biden. Trump is not going to sit passively by while Biden lets the country slide.

We Trump supporters look forward to the next few years as we make our MAGA movement bigger and better. Hopefully we will have a candidate Trump in 2024. This is likely because the Swamp Dwellers don’t determine who is nominated for president – the people do. And they cannot keep a good man like Donald Trump down if he decides to run again.

President Trump has never conceded the election and did not host Biden at the White House nor attend the inauguration. That all would be the type of cheap Washington ceremony that is clearly beneath him. Trump should give a farewell address calling Biden a corrupt oligarch who will sell out the country to China. Because that is exactly what Biden is going to do and Trump speaks the truth.

We can be happy that Donald Trump served us once and changed America forever. He has shown what can be done when a man is not obsessed with his own mediocrity like Biden, Obama and Bush have been, and like all of the other losers in Washington are.

I pray for president Trump and his family every night. We all should. The Trump family will be with us forever because Americans are going to realize as time passes how much this man really did for us. The Trumps are good people, including our fantastic First Lady Melania. May God bless them all…

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