Fake Prez Biden Kills Real Jobs/ Michael Moore is Totally Wrong

Our fake president Biden, who stole the 2020 election, is showing precisely how not to run a country. President Trump never wore virus masks but Biden wears them routinely. This is intended to dispirit us and make us feel defeated by the virus.

Trump contracted the virus and got over it in two days. If Biden ever got it he would die immediately. That is why he wears the mask. Because the virus is affecting weak, old and sick people like Biden, not healthy people like Trump.

Along with his fear tactics on the virus, Biden started off his presidency by killing tens of thousands of jobs. The Gateway Pundit reported:

On his first day in office Joe Biden killed off an estimated 52,100 American jobs.

After his bizarre inaugural behind fences and 20,000 military troops, Biden hobbled to the Oval Officer were he signed several executive orders including the end of construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline and the end of construction of the Trump border wall.

Canceling the Keystone Pipeline costs over 11,000 construction jobs and 42,100 jobs throughout the US during the construction process according to the US State Department.

Canceling the Trump border wall will cost 10,000 jobs.

It is important to remember that the pipeline and the border wall would be doing great things for our country, along with creating great jobs and using American-made steel on both projects.

We know that Biden will replace the positive effects of border security and crucial oil supplies with the negatives of illegal immigration and government-subsidized ‘green’ energy. Windmills are grossly inefficient. They effectively produce no energy whatsoever.

Meanwhile Biden is slamming the economy and energy independence in another way. Bloomberg reports:

President Joe Biden is poised to suspend the sale of oil and gas leases on federal land, which accounts for about a tenth of U.S. supplies, according to four people familiar with the matter.

The moratorium, which would also freeze coal leasing, is set to be unveiled along with a raft of other climate policies next week, according to the people, who asked for anonymity to discuss plans not yet public. The moratorium is separate from a 60-day leasing and permitting pause ordered Wednesday, two people said.

The move would block the sale of new mining and drilling rights across some 700 million acres of federal land. It could also block offshore oil and gas leasing, though details are still being developed, some of the people said.

This includes the 10 billion barrel oil deposit in Northern Alaska called ANWR (pronounced AN-war). In other words, the Democrats and their ‘greenie’ friends want to ban the guaranteed energy of oil, coal and natural gas for fake energy from windmills and solar panels. This will push up energy prices through scarcity. It already is doing so.

President Trump opened up ANWR after decades of debate, but no drilling has been done yet. ANWR is important because it would use the 800-mile Alaska pipeline to get the oil to its shipping point in Southern Alaska at Valdez. The pipeline was completed in 1977 and has carried 18 billion barrels of oil since then from the Prudhoe Bay oilfield, which is largely tapped out.

The ANWR deposit is near Prudhoe Bay, and the ANWR oil will give the pipeline a new life for another 30 to 40 years. But environmentalists want to tear the pipeline down. This would be a tremendous waste of a critical piece of US infrastructure that rises just 20 feet maximum over the ground. Meanwhile ‘greenies’ want to build windmills instead and destroy our landscape with these hideous things that rise 400 feet over the land.

Michael Moore Shows What is Wrong with Lefties

Filmmaker and activist Michael Moore mocked Donald Trump on his way out of the White House, warning of possible convictions and imprisonment. Moore said:

“He has just left the White House for good. We the people have evicted him. I will go ahead & cancel the U-Haul. He now flies over the wreckage he has created, knowing we are not done with him. Trial. Conviction. Imprisonment. He must pay for his actions – a first-ever for him.”

This is totally backwards. President Trump did more for working people in America than any other president in modern history. Moore, on the other hand, claims that he, Moore, cares about working people.

He does not. Moore is a pro-union, pro-environmentalist leftist. Moore’s uncle helped to found the auto workers’ union in Michigan, where Moore lives today.

It is the aggressive unions and leftist policies like taxation, regulation and ‘greenie’ laws that have destroyed the jobs of millions of working people in America.

Moore is a wealthy filmmaker. He makes stupid films that mock America. His net worth is $50 million so he does not side with the working people, as he claims. He sides with the wealthy elites in corporate boardrooms, in Hollywood and on Wall Street who export jobs and block millions of new jobs with their restrictive ‘green’ laws.

Leftists Riot to Protest Biden

While we were warned for weeks that pro-Trumpers would riot and disrupt the Biden inauguration, the opposite has happened. Radical leftist groups caused damage to a federal immigration facility in Portland, Oregon on inauguration night. There also was unrest in Seattle.

The Portland riot at the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) building was declared after protesters started throwing rocks and eggs, and vandalizing the building, which they have been doing for months. These leftists also attacked the Democrat party headquarters in Portland, which is very funny to think about.

In Denver, Colorado, protesters burned an American flag in a demonstration that involved members of ‘black lives matter’, as well as others who chanted anti-Biden slogans.

So where was all of the violence among the pro-Trumpers? There was none. In fact this whole narrative that pro-Trumpers are violent revolutionaries comes from one incident at the US Capitol on January 6 that has been totally overblown by the media. It caused virtually no damage whatsoever except for a few broken windows.

Democrats are claiming that the protesters at the Capitol were mounting an “insurrection” against the government. This is another joke. It was a few hundred rowdy pro-Trump protesters who were incited by members of ‘antifa’ and ‘black lives matter’, four of whom have been identified among the protesters.

At the same time, the American media are totally ignoring $2 billion in damage inflicted by leftist rioters across the USA in the Summer and Autumn of 2020. This is being done to change the narrative and make the leftists seem less threatening. But it will not work. Americans’ feelings about ‘black lives matter’ has gone down the drain in the last few months, as it should.

Interestingly the Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick, who died during the protest, was a conservative, pro-Trump guy. The media have ignored this fact. They also have not released any details about how he died, or about how four other people died during the protest. Why? What are they hiding? We know that one pro-Trump protester, Ashli Barrett, who was not armed or harming anyone, was killed with a single shot at point-blank range. Where is the investigation into this murder?

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