Illegal Migrants Surge/ Faker Fauci Speaks/ Trump MAGA Party?

As we conservatives predicted, illegal immigration is surging as Biden takes over. The Epoch Times reported:

As (illegal immigrant) caravans build up in Honduras, migrants are increasing at a “concerning rate” at the United States southern border, according to Matthew Hudak, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) chief patrol agent of the Laredo sector in Texas. He warns that immigration is just a piece of the threat coupled with the pandemic health risk and other crimes along the border.

On Jan. 8, CBP Acting Commissioner Mark A. Morgan said that the Laredo Sector … has made over 30,000 arrests in this fiscal year, a 50 percent increase over the same period last year. Hudak added that similar trends are identified by other sectors on the southern border.

He told The Epoch Times that some portions of the caravan of 9,000 migrants will make their way to the southern border. Part of the group was stopped in Guatemala on Jan. 16. Depending on the pace and the means with which these migrants travel, the arrival time at the U.S.-Mexico border may be between a few days and a few weeks.

Hudak said that human smuggling is usually achieved with systems shared with drug and firearm smuggling, and the fees migrants are charged feed larger criminal organizations. Therefore, he sees a more significant threat: “We may be talking about one piece of it, which is immigration, but it’s part of a much larger criminal enterprise.”

So has a question: If America is so bad and racist, as leftists claim, why do all of the poor people in the world, including black and brown, want to come here?

Answer: Because they know that America is the best country in the world and that leftists are totally wrong.

Illegal immigration is more than just people wanting a better life. It also involves human trafficking, murder and rape, and drugs and criminals coming in too. To make matter worse, it means that new strains of the China virus are coming in.

Biden and his administration are going to allow all of this to happen and the Fake News media will ignore it. This will be aimed at doing as much damage to the US as possible, which is what Democrats want.

The people hurt most by illegal immigration are poor blacks and hispanics and other poor immigrants, legal and illegal, who live in cities where illegals generally go to live. As new illegals pour in, they steal jobs, depress wages by working for less and push up rents by increasing demand for housing in poor neighborhoods.

Biden and the Democrats don’t care about any of this. They will allow it to happen just as Democrat governors and mayors are allowing their own states and cities to be destroyed by rioters, lockdowns and growing encampments of homeless people.

Virus Magically Disappears in Some Cities

As fake president Biden has taken over after a stolen election, the virus magically seems to have disappeared in some cities. We conservatives predicted that this would happen because we have said from the start that the virus is being manipulated for political purposes.

It is being reported that several US cities and states, including Michigan and California, have announced plans to lift restrictions on indoor dining at bars and restaurants.

This is obviously intended to help the economy now that Biden is in the White House. Governors and mayors were using the virus shutdowns to harm the economy and to make president Trump look bad.

Meanwhile Dr. Fauci, the alleged virus “expert” has been popping up all over television. The media are ignoring Fauci’s horrible record in predicting and managing the virus, like the many times that he contradicted his own statements. For instance, he said that the virus was not dangerous and then that it is. Or saying that masks are not needed and then that they are necessary. These contradictions are on videotape.

At the same time here is a list of the 15 times that Fauci was wrong, from The Gateway Pundit.

Here is what Faker Fauci said back in the early 1980s about a vaccine for AIDS when he was head of the National Institutes for Health:

“Two vaccines are in phase one trials to determine safety, but it won’t be well into the 1990s, if we’re lucky enough, to have a vaccine. It won’t be at least until 1995…”

Notice that he was predicting a vaccine 10 or more years out. Trump got us a China virus vaccine in 8 months, which is what a real leader does. Fauci was simply projecting his own life as a bureaucrat, that the massive government bureaucracy would take 10 years to approve an AIDS vaccine.

Yet there is still no vaccine for AIDS. Fauci was totally wrong again as he was repeatedly wrong about AIDS. He predicted that AIDS was going to break out into the heterosexual population and kill millions, but it never happened.

He even failed to warn in the early years of AIDS that tainted blood donations from homosexuals could kill non-gay people in transfusions. They ended up killing thousands. Fauci is directly responsible for those deaths. He should have been fired back then, but then again, remember The Golden Rule: Socialism rewards failure and punishes success.

Fauci then told Ted Koppel on CBS about the China virus:

“We’ve had a complete distortion and throwing aside of scientific facts and evidence. And a certain part of the country believed the hoax aspect, the fake news aspect.”

“… The reasons for that, Ted, I don’t think I can articulate all of them, but some of them stand out to me because I’ve lived through them. You can’t have mixed messaging. You cannot have the politicization of public health messages. I mean, the idea that wearing a mask or not became a political statement? That makes it beyond difficult to implement a good public health measure.”

Mixed messaging? Yet we have video of Fauci offering mixed messaging over and over. Faker Fauci continued:

“Right now things are getting better; but they’re gonna get much better because President Biden has made it very clear this is his top priority. You know the goal that’s been set, which I believe is entirely achievable, is to have 100 million people vaccinated in the first 100 days … primary and boost.”

“But I think maybe we have to keep showing by example that being united is much, much better than being divisive. Because divisiveness has really failed. I mean, it has failed us in every single way.”

We cannot believe anything that Fauci says. First, he says, “Right now things are getting better…” Yet according to the government’s own numbers, virus infections and deaths are skyrocketing. So how can he make such a statement? Answer: Because this guy is literally insane. No rational person would say such a thing.

Meanwhile we have no idea what the real numbers are. We probably have millions of ‘positive’ tests that are not even positive. The electric car guy Elon Musk took four tests in a row and two came back positive and two came back negative. A politician in Austria put Coca Cola on his virus test strip and it came back positive.

Fauci will never admit that any of this is true just like Al Gore will never admit that the climate has been heating up and cooling down naturally for thousands of years. These people only say what is convenient for them to say at any given moment to serve their personal political ends. has been much more correct about the virus than Fauci has.

Update: Fauci has worked for the federal government since 1968 and earns $417,000 salary today at age 80. He is the highest paid federal employee in America. Yet he has been wrong, wrong, wrong. It’s disgusting.

Will Trump Start MAGA Party?

It is being reported that president Trump may start a whole new political party, maybe a MAGA Party or Patriot Party.

This idea has been talked about for a long time and Trump has the power to do it. This is why Democrats want to continue to smear president Trump – because they are deathly afraid of him. And now Republicans are too. believes that the president will hold enormous power over American politics for the rest of his life. He could end up being just as potent out of office as in office.

There have been concerns expressed that a Trump party could ruin the Republican party. That could happen, but it seems more likely that a Trump faction would have a beneficial effect of weeding out RINO Republicans and pushing the Republican party away from the Democrats, which it seems to have merged with in recent years.

Meanwhile Mitt Romney expressed support for the upcoming impeachment trial of private citizen Trump saying that a trial is needed to achieve “truth and justice.” Yet you cannot legally impeach a private citizen; it is a crazy idea. This shows how wacky Romney is, just like Fauci and Al Gore and all the rest of them are demented.

This is why Romney is going to be voted out of his US Senate seat from Utah in a 2024 Republican primary when he is up for re-election.

Romney is a many-time loser and is going to lose again for being such a jackass about Trump. Romney’s father George ran for president in 1968 and was run out of the campaign for saying that the US military had given him “a brainwashing” over the Vietnam War. Mitt has been seeking to avenge his father’s humiliation since then.

Mitt moved to Massachusetts and ran for US Senate against Ted Kennedy in 1994 and lost. He was elected governor of Massachusetts in 2002 and quit in 2006 to run for US president in 2008. He lost the 2008 primary to John McCain. Mitt then ran for president in 2012 and lost to Obama when he could have won. And believes that Mitt is going to cap off his losing political career by getting booted from his US Senate seat in 2024.

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