ALERT: Biden Agenda Won’t Pass/ Fauci Sinks to New Low

There is a legislative procedure in the US Senate called the filibuster. Without getting into details, it means that Democrats cannot pass the Biden agenda with the current makeup of the Senate unless some Republicans jump ship, which is not anticipated.

Democrats want to eliminate the filibuster but can’t. Even Biden himself has opposed ending it as a US senator and as vice president. This is great news for us conservatives. It means that Biden cannot pass the extremist agenda that we had so feared. The Daily Caller reported:

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell put the idea of abolishing the filibuster to rest, for now, mentioning the fact two Democrats confirmed that they would not vote to change the Senate rules.

“Today two Democratic Senators publicly confirmed they will not vote to end the legislative filibuster. They agree with President Biden’s and my view that no Senate majority should destroy the right of future minorities of both parties to help shape legislation,” McConnell said in a statement.

“The legislative filibuster was a key part of the foundation beneath the Senate’s last 50-50 power-sharing agreement in 2001. With these assurances, I look forward to moving ahead with a power-sharing agreement modeled on that precedent,” he continued.

Democratic Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema will not support eliminating the filibuster and her mind “cannot be changed,” her spokesperson said Monday.

Since Democrats now control the House, Senate and White House, there has been discussion about possibly voting to eliminate the filibuster. Abolishing the filibuster would allow any legislation to pass with a simple majority. With Sinema coming out against abolishing the filibuster, it makes it highly unlikely it could happen, as Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin has also said he will not vote to do so.

“Kyrsten is against eliminating the filibuster, and she is not open to changing her mind about eliminating the filibuster,” a spokesperson for Sinema told the Washington Post on Monday.

Meanwhile the other non-radical Democrat senator, Joe Manchin, said, “I do not support doing away with the filibuster under any condition. It’s not who I am.”

This means that the Democrats cannot pass the Green New Deal, statehood for Puerto Rico and Washington, DC, packing the Supreme Court, endless spending and other extremist measures. This means that we conservatives can breathe a sigh of relief. Thank God…

Thus we must look forward to 2022 when Republicans will make a major comeback in Senate and House elections and finally put Biden out of business in preparation for Trump’s return in 2024.

There is more good news. Biden’s commerce secretary nominee, Gina Raimondo, who is the Democrat governor of Rhode Island, vowed to take aggressive measures to combat Chinese trade practices that she believes hurt American workers.

At her confirmation hearing before the Senate Commerce Committee, Raimondo addressed the issue of China in her opening remarks, saying:

“We need to invest in innovation and technology in our (US) manufacturing sector and take aggressive trade enforcement actions to combat unfair trade practices from China and other nations that undercut American manufacturing.” She also said that China’s practice of dumping cheap materials into the market ultimately harms American workers.

This comes straight out of the Trump playbook and is a sign that perhaps Biden/Raimondo won’t allow China to rip us off endlessly, as we conservatives had feared. Of course, we don’t know if Raimondo is serious, so only time will tell.

We also need to look at one other crucial issue – whether Biden will lift the Trump travel ban on Chinese coming into the US. Trump imposed it on January 31, 2020 in order to protect us against the virus. Biden has not lifted it yet. If he keeps the ban in place, that will be more good news and another sign that the Trump agenda worked like a charm.

Of course, not everything is going our way. Illegal immigrants are flocking to the Mexican border in huge numbers and the Biden administration has told agents to stop shipping them back to Mexico. This is going to encourage a flood of illegals who will bring new strains of the virus with them. This is very bad news.

Biden also has ordered a halt to construction of the Mexican border wall, which we could have expected. If Biden starts to actually tear down the wall, it will be a serious sign of open borders that is going to anger Americans by the tens of millions. It will be interesting to see if Biden goes that far. believes that Biden is very sensitive to public opinion and does not want to anger Americans too much right off the bat. The fiasco over the National Guard troops being ordered to stay in a cold parking garage was a disaster for our fake president. He does not want to see more of that right away.

Will Biden Re-do Air Force One Paint Job?

President Trump ordered that the new Air Force One, to be delivered in 2024, be painted in a bold red, white and blue paint scheme. You can see the new Trump proposal and the old design here.

The old sky-blue design came from famed industrial designer Raymond Loewy. Trump thought it was too soft and feminine and wanted something more commanding. And as usual Trump was right.

We shall see if the plane comes in 2024 with the old design or the new Trump paint job. Biden will probably use the old one since it came in during the hallowed Kennedy years, and since it is feminine in nature, like Democrats all are.

Lunatic Fauci Sinks to New Low

Dr. Fauci, who is now Biden’s chief medical adviser on the China virus, has sunk to a new low. He said that two face masks are more effective than one mask against the virus, saying: “If you have a physical covering with one layer, you put another layer on it just makes common sense that it likely would be more effective…”

OK, folks this is pure insanity. Fauci is exposing what a tyrant he is. We should be looking forward to getting over this virus, not backward into double masking.

But then again, this is a classic example of the bureaucracy at work. Fauci is the ultimate loser Washington bureaucrat. He has been in Washington since 1968. He has been wrong over and over about the China virus. He was dead wrong in many serious ways about AIDS back in the 1980s. Yet here he is telling us that maybe we need to wear two masks.

Still he is at the top of the bureaucracy in Washington, demonstrating the Golden Rule of Washington socialism: It rewards failure and punishes success. This is true of socialism everywhere.

Fauci knows that he has been wrong for most of his career. He knows that he has made a fool of himself over the China virus by being constantly wrong and even contradicting himself. Therefore, like the typical dumb guy who must act like he is smart, Fauci seeks to impose his will on America to try and compensate for his stupidity.

If Fauci were a decent man he would have resigned along ago. But that is not what these bureaucrats do. They just hang on and on and on and seek to advance themselves. Because that is all that they know how to do.

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