Trump for President in 2024? Or Will He Go Higher?/ $15 Minimum Wage Scam

Will Donald Trump run for president of the United States again in 2024? Or does he have something much higher in mind?

Obviously president Trump has not made any solid decisions about his future since he left the White House so recently, but one fact remains – he is the most famous man in the world. And he is certainly going to take advantage of that. believes that Trump could easily become more powerful outside of government than inside since he will not be restrained by his office. He used his presidency to prove that he is the most effective leader of the last 100 years. This will drive what he does in the future.

There has never been a global phenomenon like Donald Trump. He is the world’s antidote to globalism/socialism, and billion of people worldwide know that we must fight globalism and socialism with Constitutional populism. And Donald Trump remains head of that movement, which he founded. There is nobody else with even 10% of his appeal and fame.

When president Trump and first lady Melania visited India in February 2020, they addressed a rally there that looked like one of his MAGA rallies here in the US. He addressed a huge crowd in a stadium, and they loved him. And you can rest assured that he could draw such a crowd in any country in the world and that he is the only person in the world who could do that.

Is Donald Trump effectively president of the world today? Like no other person in history?

Indeed you could say that. There has never been an American president with the self-made connection to American voters like Donald Trump. The only thing comparable was fellow conservative Ronald Reagan. Meanwhile the fabricated passion for Democrat president John F. Kennedy was all fueled by the media. Kennedy never could have done it on his own. Ditto Obama.

The American Fake News media have made president Trump out to be an ogre who is universally despised. They have done this for a reason – because they fear his power and his appeal. They did everything that they could to make it seem that Trump is just a temporary American phenomenon who soon will be forgotten. But they could not be more wrong.

President Trump is certainly taking some time for himself after leaving Washington. He knows that he must plan for the future and that he has plenty of time to do so. He seems to be in great health so there are many years ahead. He is probably relaxing and playing some golf and enjoying life around his Mar-a-Lago mansion in Florida, talking to people and making plans.

If you think that he is having martinis as 3 o’clock you don’t know Donald Trump (actually he does not drink any alcohol at all). He is working every minute of every day. His future is as bright as the sun.

President Trump is like the Energizer Bunny. He is always working, always thinking. He is certainly getting back into some of his business dealings, which he was not allowed to do as president. And he is surely juggling many other projects at the same time.

He may run for president in 2024 or he may simply take on a bigger role… as president of the world, perhaps?

He will certainly be invited to attend more of the meetings of the Arab nations in their evolving peace deal with Israel, which he instigated. We may even see these leaders meeting at Mar-a-Lago, and even staying there. It could become a hub of international activity. Leaders from all over the world could come to to regard Mar-a-Lago as the international home for freedom lovers everywhere.

There will always be foreign leaders and dignitaries and populists from across the globe who would give anything for a meeting with Donald Trump. He is a global celebrity. He will become even more revered as time passes.

He will probably come back into the American limelight soon by commenting regularly on the terrible policies of Biden. He could call into radio programs like Rush Limbaugh to get a wide audience.

Just today, for instance, former secretary of state Mike Pompeo called for Biden to acknowledge that China had given us the virus. This is the type of activist role that we should be hearing out of Trumpsters.

$15 Minimum Wage Will Kill the Economy

The Fake Biden administration, which stole the 2020 election, is going to aggressively promote a $15 federal minimum wage. At a time of sky-high unemployment, this is really bad news.

Fortunately Republicans will probably be able to block it. But it is important to understand the theory and fallacy behind this minimum wage fantasy.

First, $15 a hour ($30,000 per year) for unskilled, uneducated workers would be a great wage in New York City but a fantastic wage in rural Vermont, where living costs are much lower. Thus there is no way that it should be applied all over the country equally. It makes no sense.

Second, if imposing a $15 minimum wage actually worked and created prosperity for all, then governments could always create prosperity through their policies. But we know that the opposite happens – when government controls the economy, it falters and fails.

Third, the labor market should dictate wages. For instance, if a dishwasher in a small town in Wisconsin earning $10 an hour tells his boss that he wants $12 an hour, and if the boss does not believe that that the job or the worker is worth $12 an hour – or if the boss does not have $4,000 more to pay out every year (a $2 an hour increase equals $4,000 total per year) – then the boss should advertise the job. If he finds workers willing to take the job for $10 an hour, then the market is providing the labor at $10 an hour and he should continue to pay $10 an hour for a dishwasher.

On the other hand, under a thriving economy, the Trump administration did not interfere in the labor market with wage mandates. It simply made policies that led to economic growth that pushed up wages naturally. visited a small Vermont town in Autumn 2018 where the local convenience store, one of the only businesses in town, was offering $11.50 an hour to start. This would give a totally unskilled, uneducated person $23,000 a year to start, and some benefits too. This was a good deal for a small town where living costs are low.

The reason that $11.50 was offered is that the strong Trump economy was providing more jobs than workers could be found for. Remember that? When employers could not even find workers and unemployment was at historic lows? So this pushed up wages naturally as employers competed for workers with higher and higher wages.

That is all gone now and will never come back under Biden. It is even being reported that the Biden plan might even demand that tipped workers like waiters make a $15 minimum wage. Are you kidding? This would bankrupt every restaurant in America. The current minimum wage for tipped workers is usually around $2 to $3 and hour. They then make their “wages” through tips and their wages can go through the roof, maybe up to $20 or $30 an hour or more.

Several things are known to happen when the minimum wage goes too high. First, jobs are lost since many employers can’t afford to pay all of their workers $15. So a higher minimum wage will actually hurt lower-level or entry-level workers who make less than $15, often eliminating their jobs.

Second, benefits might get cut. A small manufacturing company that offered its workers free health insurance might eliminate that benefit if they have to pay higher minimum wages. This has happened all over where minimum wages go too high. In another case, a restaurant in Seattle that allowed its workers to eat for free ended that practice when the minimum wage went up.

Third, companies will move to automation. McDonald’s, for instance, has been installing touch-screen ordering systems for several years as minimum wages have risen higher, making human order takers too expensive compared to computers. This increasing automation kills millions of jobs.

Fourth, companies will not locate new businesses in places where the minimum wage is too high. If the national wage goes up to $15, some companies simply will not open new facilities anywhere.

Fifth, a business can raise its prices to cover the higher wages. But this simply represents a transfer of wealth from customers to workers. It does not solve the problem of wages. offers this solution to workers needing jobs. If an employer is forced to pay $15 an hour – or even $12 and hour under some state laws – workers could compete for jobs by offering to rebate the employer back $2 or $3 an hour or more out of every week’s check, in order to get the job. This would be a private transaction between workers and employers that the government could not control.

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