GOP is Trump’s Party so Get Over It, RINOs

After president Trump allegedly lost the 2020 election, we could expect there to be a civil war within the Republican party blaming Trump for the loss.

That war is now evolving, but believes that we Trumpsters are winning it easily. After all, Donald Trump got 63 millions votes in 2016 and 74 million in 2020. That is a huge leap and shows wide support for Trump and his ideas after we were told that America hates Trump.

No other president in American history had so much enthusiasm among his supporters leading up to an election as president Trump did in Autumn 2020. Democrat presidents John F. Kennedy and Obama allegedly were popular, but that was all ginned up by the media. Trump, on the other hand, generated his own excitement with the media totally against him.

So now we have this conflict going on among Republicans about who will control the party. The Establishment Republicans hate Trump just like they hated Ronald Reagan. Yet the 12 combined Reagan-Trump years were the 12 most successful presidential years in the last century.

And in case you think that Franklin D. Roosevelt was a successful president, his own Treasury secretary Henry Morgenthau declared Roosevelt’s New Deal of the 1930s a failure, saying in 1941:

“We are spending more money than we have ever spent before, and it does not work. I want to see this country prosperous. I want to see people get a job. I want to see people get enough to eat. We have never made good on our promises. I say after eight years of this administration, we have just as much unemployment as when we started and an enormous debt, to boot.”

(Note: Roosevelt’s family fortune came from his maternal grandfather Warren Delano who made it shipping opium into China. This is a typical liberal, like the Kennedy fortune coming from bootlegging and Wall Street fraud.)

On the other hand, one of the leading anti-Trump Republicans is former president George W. Bush, who had a failed presidency. Under Bush we had the 9/11 attacks, the disastrous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and finally, at the end of Bush’s second term, the economic collapse of 2008.

So why is Bush attacking Trump? Four reasons:

*Bush knows that the media will expose his tattered legacy if he does not curry favor with them. So he has become anti-Trump.

*Bush hates Trump for knocking Jeb Bush out of the 2016 primaries and destroying any hope for a Bush family dynasty.

*Bush, or someone allied with him, is hoping to take back control of the party from Trump.

*Bush’s daughter Jenna has a plum host job with a prominent NBC morning TV show. This was a favor from the media to Bush for attacking Trump.

It is now being reported that dozens of Bush-era officials are leaving the Republican party because of Trump. Good. They are losers, just like George W. Bush is a loser. We winners want the party run by a winner like Donald Trump.

Republican congresswoman Liz Cheney of Wyoming voted to impeach Trump because she is the daughter of Bush-era vice president Dick Cheney. She knows that her father and Bush failed. So she attacks Trump to divert our attention from that failure.

Other anti-Trump Establishment Republicans are striking out against the president, and for good reason. They know that that the party will shift permanently away from the Establishment if Trump continues to have high favorability among Republicans at large.

Trump is without debate the most powerful Republican in America. If Trump called for nationwide rallies for, say, border security, hundreds of thousands would turn out on any given day, perhaps millions. No other Republican could do that. Bush? No. Romney? No.

Mitt Romney, for instance, is another lifelong loser who hates Trump. Why should we believe Romney? He ran for president twice and lost both times when he could have won in 2012 if he had had a spine like Trump does.

Ditto John McCain, another two-time loser. Jeb Bush. Loser. John Kasich. Loser. These losers all are manically envious of Trump’s success both in politics and in the world of business. Business Insider reported about another anti-Trump Republican:

GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger (of Illinois) has launched a new political action committee to push back against Republicans who embrace former President Donald Trump.

“The Republican Party has lost its way. If we are to lead again, we need to muster the courage to remember who we are,” Kinzinger said in a video posted to the new Country First PAC website.

The PAC is intended to put money behind candidates who oppose Trump’s influence over the party.

“We need to remember what we believe and why we believe it,” Kinzinger said. “Looking in the mirror can be hard, but the time has come to choose what kind of party we will be, and what kind of future we’ll fight to bring about.”

Kinzinger was one of 10 Republicans who voted to impeach Trump.

Yet we don’t even know what Kinzinger believes. If he believes in economic success, then he believes in Trump. If he believes in border security, then he believes in Trump. If he believes in bringing back manufacturing jobs, then he believes in Trump. If he believes in peace in the Middle East, then he believes in Trump. If he believes in energy independence, then he believes in Trump. If he believes in better treatment for our veterans, then he believes in Trump. If he believes in better trade deals, then he believes in Trump.

So what does Kinzinger really believe in? Answer: He believes in the tattered legacies of the Republican and Democrat establishments. These Establishment politicians ignore America and believe only in what is good for themselves. They concentrate power in Washington. They think that they are smarter than all of us.

This is what Republicans opposed from the founding of the party in 1854 in Ripon, Wisconsin. Republicans sided with “the people” and not the government.

But starting with the rise of the modern Fake News media mob in the 1960s, Republicans lost their way. They wanted more to curry favor with the media than with us regular folks out in the hinterlands. They started to enjoy the perks of Washington, DC, not the perks back home of serving their constituents.

They favored government by cocktail party, not by conscience. They have said that we all must get along with Democrats while Democrats never say that they want to get along with Republicans. They only want to destroy them.

Democrats have used their friendship with the media to strong-arm Republicans into thinking that their way is better. When Reagan-appointed Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy voted in 2015 in favor of homosexual marriage, he was eyeing his legacy. He knows that he will always be fondly remembered by the media as “the Republican who voted with us for gay rights”. On the other hand, he will be remembered as a sell-out by conservatives.

Donald Trump came to Washington to fight against the Deep State. He promised to ‘drain the swamp’ and not swim in it. He kept his promises, but the swamp of Washington came back and stole the 2020 election away from him.

We Trumpsters are not going to go quietly into the night. We are fired up for a man who honestly and faithfully represented ‘we the people’ in Washington. He guided the economy to new highs. He avoided war. He gave us energy independence and independence from the strangling rules of the Washington bureaucracy.

There will never, ever be another Donald Trump. Nowhere, nohow at any time in history. He is a unique global character that has struck a global chord with freedom-loving people everywhere. He is solidly the leader of the Republican party. And he may lead it from the White House starting again in 2025.

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