Illegal Immigrant Virus/ Cruz Exposes China Threat/ Another Republican House Win

Our Fake President Joe Biden, who won a rigged election, has re-implemented an Obama-era border policy called “catch and release”. This means that illegal immigrants who come over the Mexican border will be released inside the US after they are caught. This is happening currently in Texas, but we can assume that it will soon be expanded across the southern border.

This raises a huge red flag. It is encouraging a flood of illegals and many of them will not be tested for the virus; they will simply enter the US and jump on a bus to a city, before or after they are caught. Thus they may very well be spreading the virus. And they may be bringing new strains of the virus from Central America and other places around the globe. Eleven Iranian migrants recently were apprehended crossing the Mexican border.

The city manager of McAllen, Texas, a border town, Roy Rodriguez said, “Federal officers are not doing any COVID testing for immigrants coming across. So we actually reached out to the state of Texas, to the governor’s office. And they quickly sent us thousands of test kits so that we could supply the charity taking these people in.”

“There’s probably thousands of immigrants still waiting to come across right here, six miles from me,” said Rodriquez. “Cities like Matamoros have been dealing with that since the policy was to send them back to Mexico (under Trump). So there may be a new policy moving forward and we’ve got to deal with whatever that is.”

There was a recent news report that the virus is spreading like wildfire in hispanic communities in Los Angeles. This is no surprise. It will be interesting to see if these foreign strains are spreading among newly-arrived illegals.

This all means that Biden and his Democrat friends are going to spread a permanent virus on America with their border policy. And when conservatives like expose this fact the Fake News media will ignore it.

This is an intentional Democrat policy so that Democrats can continue to lock us down indefinitely, disrupting our economy, harming our emotional well-being, and damaging our children’s and grandchildren’s mental and physical health. They are using this chaos to exert more and more power over us.

Meanwhile Biden is offering a dangerous policy in the Middle East. Fox News reported:

The Biden administration said Friday that it is removing the terrorist designation for the Iranian-backed Houthi militia in Yemen — reversing a move made in the final days of the Trump administration and the latest sign of a different approach to the war-torn Middle East.

The U.S. has given support to the Saudis in the conflict and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo imposed sanctions on the Houthis and designated them a “foreign terrorist organization” (FTO). That move was part of the administration’s efforts to isolate Iran and also support the Saudis in the region.

Houthis seized territory, including the capital of Sanaa, in 2014. In response, a Saudi-led coalition launched a military intervention in 2015. The conflict has led to the deaths of 112,000 people and has obliterated the country’s infrastructure. United Nations estimates say 13.5 million Yemenis face food insecurity.

A recent U.N. report said there was a “growing body” of evidence showing that the Iranian regime is sending weapons and weapons components to the Houthis — including anti-tank guided missiles, sniper rifles and RPB launchers all with markings consistent with those made in Iran.

Notice that it says that “The Biden administration said Friday that it is removing the terrorist designation for the Iranian-backed Houthi militia in Yemen..”

This is very bad news. It means that Biden, like all Democrats and socialists/communists worldwide, is taking the side of Iran. Democrats and leftists want Iran and the radical muslims to take over the whole Middle East. President Trump worked toward the opposite outcome.

The oil-rich Gulf nations are terrified of this possibility. That is why they are joining a peace deal with Israel, because they know that Iran threatens them 100 times more than Israel does.

Obama conducted a pro-Iran foreign policy, making a nuclear deal with the mullahs and never criticizing them. believes that Obama is a muslim; after all he was raised as a muslim. believes that Obama reads the muslim holy book in private.

Senator Cruz Warns about China

Republican US senator Ted Cruz of Texas is warning about China. Here are some excerpts from The Epoch Times about that:

The Biden administration is rushing to embrace the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)—a policy strategy Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) called “dangerous” in a video he posted that seeks to bring attention to comments made by the president’s cabinet nominees.

The warm relationship—which has already emerged in the beginning weeks of the administration—threatens to undo years of efforts to counter the CCP. Under the Trump administration, the United States began responding to Beijing’s “unrestricted warfare” strategy by ratcheting up its war of words and escalating its countermeasures.

Cruz told The Epoch Times via email that China “poses the single greatest geopolitical threat to the United States over the next century.”

“We need serious, clear-eyed policymakers to confront that threat,” he added. “One of the really disturbing patterns we’ve seen with Biden nominee after Biden nominee is their rush to embrace the worst elements of the Chinese Communist Party. I will continue working with my colleagues to protect our national security.”

On his first day full day on the job, Secretary of State Antony Blinken—who has a decades-old relationship with Biden—told reporters the U.S.-China relationship was “arguably the most important relationship that we have in the world.”

Blinken said he favored cooperation with China on climate change and other issues of shared concern, while also endorsing the determination that the previous administration made that China is committing genocide against Muslims in Xinjiang.

Meanwhile, Governor Gina Raimondo, Biden’s nominee to be Secretary of the Department of Commerce, has refused to commit to keeping Huawei Technologies on the Commerce Department’s Entity List, which would stop it from acquiring American technology.

China’s Huawei has received bipartisan scrutiny over security concerns, Beijing notably requires its companies to share its information with the Chinese Communist Party’s intelligence sector. Washington has repeatedly stated that Huawei—founded in 1987 by a former People’s Liberation Army engineer—is an extension of the regime.

Another nominee, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, is Biden’s nominee for Ambassador to the United Nations. She received criticism over her 2019 remarks at an event sponsored by the CCP-backed Confucius Institutes. Cruz recently joined three of his colleagues on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to vote against advancing Linda Thomas-Greenfield’s nomination to the full Senate floor.

At the 2019 event, Greenfield spoke positively about China, telling the audience that the country has invested in Africa in a number of ways, including railway projects and other infrastructure development. Africa would not benefit from competition between the United States and China, she added, saying the United States could “learn from China and its recent success on the continent.”

Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Jim Risch (R-Idaho) said the biggest issue with her speech “was the lack of acknowledgment of the malign activities of China.” Greenfield defended herself, telling senators that she has a long track record of acknowledging those activities, and expressed regret for accepting the invitation to speak at the Savannah State University Confucius Institute.

Alejandro Mayorkas, the recently confirmed Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security “allegedly abused his power to provide special government favors to benefit well-connected Democrats, which resulted in a high-level official at Huawei obtaining an EB-5 visa,” according to a press release from Cruz’ office. Cruz opposed the nomination of Mayorkas.

In 2013, Mayorkas, then a nominee under the Biden administration, was under investigation based on allegations he personally intervened to win an approval for Gulf Coast Funds Management, a financing company that was headed by the late Anthony Rodham, the brother of former secretary of state Hillary Clinton. Emails obtained by the office of Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) show that “after winning approval to participate in the foreign visa program, at least one of the visas sought by Rodham’s firm was for a vice president of Huawei Technologies.”

Aside from the comments by some of Biden’s nominees, the president’s administration is also carrying out a number of actions that would be beneficial to the CCP.

Under Biden’s hand, the United States is rejoining the Paris Climate accord. China is the world’s largest financier and builder of both fossil fuel and renewable infrastructure worldwide, according to the Climate Action Tracker. It is the largest emitter of CO2 emissions in the world.

The United States is also now rejoining the World Health Organization. Former President Donald Trump accused the WHO of refusing to act on reforms recommended by the United States, including providing proof of its independence from the CCP. Since the pandemic first broke out in Wuhan, China, WHO repeated the Chinese regime’s talking points. It initially parroted the Chinese regime’s official statements that there was little or no risk of human-to-human transmission of the virus.

The new administration is also delaying a Chinese military-related investment ban. In China, certain companies have names similar, but not identical to, communist Chinese military companies. Under Biden, the U.S. Treasury Department is temporarily allowing American investment into those companies.

Robert Gates, the defense secretary under the Obama administration, told CBS in an interview last year he believes Biden has “been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.” will follow this story as it develops.

Another Republican Woman Wins US House Seat

Republican Claudia Tenney has been declared the winner in the 22nd congressional district in rural Upstate New York with a 123 vote lead after long delays in counting the November 3 ballots. Around 316,000 votes were cast.

Tenney retakes a seat that she first won in 2016 but lost in 2018.

This is the 13th House seat ‘flip’ from Democrat to Republican in the 2020 election after Democrats and the Fake News media told us that Republicans were going to lose 15 seats.

House Republicans won all 27 toss-up races as judged by the Cook Political Report. These were seats that the “experts” said could go either way. And the “experts” were wrong again.

Republicans also picked up seven of the 36 seats that Cook reported as “likely Democrat” or “lean Democrat.” This shows how phony the Cook report is. It is just another hack Washington media outlet that is biased to the Democrats.

The House is still controlled by Democrats but by the slimmest margin in 100 years – 221 Democrats to 212 Republicans with 2 vacancies. This means that Republicans can easily win back the House majority in 2022. It also means that legislation can be blocked at the present time if just a few conservative Democrats join Republicans, although there are very few conservative Democrats to begin with.

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