Impeachment is Clown Show/ Insanity over Trump Grows/ Fla. School Murders Exonerated

The hoax impeachment and trial of president Trump proves once again how weak and desolate Democrats are. Trump is not even president and they are trying to impeach him. This is crazy stuff.

Democrats are still furious that Trump even won the presidency in 2016. That will never go away; it eats their insides out every day. They have tried every which way to get rid of president Trump, first by seeking to deny him the electors that he won in 2016. They even rioted and marched against him on inauguration day.

They accused him of colluding with Russia, which led to a 2-year witch hunt that turned up nothing. They said that his taxes were crooked until his 2005 return was leaked showing him paying a higher tax rate than just about any other person in America.

We know the story. It goes on and on. Now they want to impeach him even though he is no longer president, which is against the Constitution and everyone knows it.

This shows how weak the Democrats are. After throwing everything at this president and impeaching him not once but twice, he is still standing strong. Just think – they had 95% of the media against Trump, 99% of Big Tech, 98% of Hollywood, the Deep State, the universities and countless other forces. Yet Trump still won the election in 2016 and won 11 million more votes in 2020 than he won in 2016.

Kaboom. This came as a major shock to Democrats. They still cannot believe how unpopular, weak and fragile they are. They still can’t believe that Republicans today hold 50 seats in the US Senate (one shy of majority control), 212 seats in the House (6 seats shy of a majority) and will probably take back majority control of both the House and Senate in 2022, and that Trump will probably win the presidency back in 2024.

Compare this to 2008 when Obama won the presidency and Democrats held 60 US Senate seats and a 79-seat majority – a whopping 257 seats – in the House.

Today the Democrat/Media Industrial Complex starts a second impeachment trial which will be over in a few days and fizzle out. This clown show is so bad that chief justice John Roberts of the Supreme Court has recused himself from presiding as is his Constitutional duty. Because even a Deep Stater like Roberts knows that this impeachment is an unConstitutional sham.

Americans are not taking this nonsense seriously, but Democrats and their media cronies are. Otherwise it is being seen as a joke with most Americans rolling their eyes, which is always the worst type of insult.

But then again, the Democrat agenda is a joke. They want open borders. They want us all locked in our homes. They want windmills on every mountaintop. They want a pathetic, depressed teenager from Sweden telling us how we are ruining the environment. They want us all desperate for pathetic little payments from the government but to accept 20 million job losses at the hands of China and its virus.

These people are literally insane. Here is one more way that this is true:

The Fake Biden administration, which won the White House by stealing the 2020 election, is considering requiring virus testing for Americans who travel on airlines but is instituting open borders for illegal immigrants who certainly are carrying foreign strains of the virus into the US.

But Breitbart News reported what Americans really think about illegal immigration:

Exit polling from the 2020 presidential election revealed that 5-in-6 voters said “limiting cross-border traffic and restricting the admission of international travelers is important” to stop the coronavirus. Only 13 percent of voters said they disagreed that a closed border does not help.

Those who said they support strict border controls to stop the coronavirus include 80 percent of registered Democrats, 92 percent of registered Republicans, 76 percent of swing voters, and 80 percent of Hispanic Americans.

Likewise, as Biden packs the U.S. labor market with more foreign workers at a time of mass unemployment — where more than 17 million Americans are jobless — the overwhelming majority of voters in the 2020 election said they want less immigration overall, not more.

More than 3-in-4 voters said it is important that the U.S. “limit the admission of new immigrants and foreign guest workers as long as unemployment remains high due to the COVID-19 crisis.” Nearly 90 percent of registered Republicans said immigration should be reduced, as well as nearly 70 percent of registered Democrats and almost 67 percent of swing voters.

This shows once again that Democrats are way out of step with America on illegal immigration and on every other issue. They are truly a desperate and confused group of people. The only way that they can win is to lie, cheat and steal.

Leftist Insanity Over Trump Gets Worse

There is an amazing story about a Los Angeles Times columnist named Virginia Heffernan who fled her virus-infested city for a getaway home in a conservative rural area in the mountains of California.

After a massive snowstorm struck – disproving once again the ‘global warming’ hoax that Heffernan and her ilk promote – her next-door neighbors plowed her driveway for free. And rather than thank them, she wrote in the LA Times an article called “What can you do about the Trumpites next door?”

She begins, “the Trumpites next door to our pandemic getaway… Just plowed our driveway without being asked and did a great job.”

So did she thank them? Of course not; like a good leftist skunk, she impugned them, writing: “when white people are alone, they give things to each other. For free.”

Wha..?? Then she adds, “Hezbollah, the Shiite Islamist political party in Lebanon, also gives things away for free.”

This screwball saved the Hitler reference for last saying that a French family once told her that the Nazis were polite too.

This is precisely the kind of sickness that has animated the left for decades. It is a psychotic personality type that has been around since the dawn of man.

But she was very wrong about one thing. White people don’t all give each other things for free. Conservative white people tend to be generous people who help their neighbors and even strangers. They get this from The Holy Bible of Christianity, which says, “Love your neighbor as yourself…”

Liberal white people are quite the opposite. Liberals are notorious for selfishness – except when handing out Other People’s Money. And Heffernan’s article shows that she is selfish not only in deed but in thought too. What a horrible way to live. No wonder her mind is so screwed up.

More Deception about 2018 School Murders reported:

A Florida judge has ruled that a local school district had no responsibility to warn students and faculty at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School of the danger posed by a former student who would later be accused of a mass shooting that killed 17 people.

Broward Circuit Judge Patti Englander Henning said Monday that the Broward County school district cannot be held liable for failing to predict actions that were beyond its control, the South Florida SunSentinel reported.

Nikolas Cruz awaits trial on multiple murder charges and faces the death penalty if convicted. He’s also accused of wounding 17 people with an AR-15 assault-style rifle in the attack at the Parkland school on Feb. 14, 2018.

Families of the victims have sued Cruz, who was 19 at the time, as well as the school district, the Broward Sheriff’s Office and on-duty deputies who failed to stop the massacre.

“The District had no control over Cruz,” the judge ruled. “They did not have custody over him. He was not a student in the system and had not been for over a year. In fact, he was refused access to the campus once he left school. Nor did the district have pre-knowledge of a definitive threat by Cruz.”

It is another loss for the families trying to hold officials accountable for failing to prevent the mass shooting.

The Florida Supreme Court ruled in September that for insurance purposes, the district can treat the shooting as a single incident, capping liability at a total of $300,000 to be split among all the victims who have filed suit.

And in October, Englander Henning ruled that the victims of the shooting and their families will have to turn over some records of their mental health treatment since the tragedy.

This judge is simply exonerating the local school board (i.e., Democrats) where teachers and administrators knew well about the significant threat posed by this killer Nikolas Cruz, along with local police and even the FBI.

But nobody did anything, just like there were many warnings about the 9/11 terrorists but nobody did anything about them. Many people also had been warned about the 1999 Columbine high school killers in Colorado too, including the local police, but nobody acted.

This is a result of the emasculation of our schools and our police, that nobody should “judge” anyone about their behavior or enforce the laws, which liberals deem as unfair. Democrats want to shift the blame to “the gun”, as they always do, and to all gun owners and the NRA.

These school administrators should be in jail for their negligence, along with the cowardly cops who hid outside the school while the killings were going on.

Look at that last sentence, that the judge “ruled that the victims of the shooting and their families will have to turn over some records of their mental health treatment since the tragedy.”

This is intended to inflict more pain on the victims and their families in order to shift the spotlight from the school administrators and the police, who are very left-wing in that part of Florida. But even worse, it is intended to shift the blame away from the killer himself, which is classic liberalism.

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