GOP House Majority in 2022/ More Dominion Election Fraud

The party in power in the White House, i.e., Democrats today under fake president Biden, generally loses Senate and House seats in the first mid-term election after a presidential election, i.e., in 2022.

In 2010, two years after Obama was first elected, Democrats lost a whopping 63 House seats and six Senate seats. In 1994, two years after Bill Clinton was first elected, Democrats lost 54 House seats and 8 Senate seats. Thus expects Democrats to lose big in both the House and Senate in 2022.

This outcome is highly likely since the Senate is evenly split today at 50-50 while the Democrats have a super-slim majority in the House at 222 to 213. These numbers make a Republican takeover of both bodies easy to do. And when Biden pursues a radical agenda, it will be a done deal.

This comes on top of a great Republican showing in 2020 when Democrats and the Fake News media were predicting that Republicans would lose 15 House seats, but they ended up winning 14.

Republicans lost 43 seats in the House in November 2018 for two reasons – first, because a whopping 55 sitting Republican House members retired from Congress that year rather than staying and backing president Trump. Normally there are retirements every election cycle, but this was a big RINO exodus that essentially handed the House to the Democrats. And second because the fake Russia collusion story was still alive.

Meanwhile Republicans actually picked up two US Senate seats in 2018 because president Trump actively campaigned for them. So there.

Jack Phillips at The Epoch Times reported:

House Republicans Targeting 47 ‘Vulnerable’ Democrats to Retake House Majority in 2022

House Republicans released a plan to retake the House majority in 2022 by targeting 47 districts with vulnerable Democrats.

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) noted in a memo that the Republican Party is just five seats away from holding a majority in the House of Representatives, saying that the GOP can be competitive in 48 districts.

The list includes 29 districts that either didn’t support President Joe Biden or supported the (Democrat) House incumbent by 5 points or less. The GOP also identified 10 Democrats who might have redistricting issues next year—as well as eight Democratic lawmakers who won by fewer than 10 points and also underperformed Biden.

This is good news considering that Republicans only need five seats to get to the majority. Here’s more from Fox News about Republican efforts to unseat Democrats:

An outside group that backs Republican causes is (highlighting) the combustible issue of school reopenings amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The American Action Network (AAN) on Thursday is unveiling a new issue advocacy campaign that urges congressional lawmakers to support the safe reopening of the nation’s schools. The ads, shared first with Fox News, will be seen in House districts with Democrats who are potentially vulnerable in next year’s midterm elections and who voted in recent weeks against the Reopen Schools Act.

One AAN billboard ad features a photo of a Democrat congresswoman with the caption that she took more than $21,000 in teacher union contributions to her campaign and then voted to keep schools closed. This is going to be a very effective issue for Republicans as parents, and many others, grow increasingly angry about closed schools.

More Apparent Dominion Ballot Fraud Exposed

The Gateway Pundit reported (with photos of the ballot count ledgers) about the suspicious Dominion vote tabulating machines:

Hand Recount Finds Dominion Owned Voting Machines Shorted EVERY REPUBLICAN Candidate in Windham, New Hampshire, 300 Votes!

Here we go.

More proof of election fraud by Dominion Voting Machines.

A recent hand recount in the Rockingham District 7 NH House Race in Windham, New Hampshire, found that the Dominion voting machines shorted EVERY REPUBLICAN by roughly 300 votes.

The Dominion machine counted results were wrong for all 4 Republicans by almost exactly 300 votes.

Granite Grok reported:

The Town of Windham used Dominion machines to count paper ballots and upon a believable hand recount, it was confirmed each Republican was machine-cheated out of roughly 300 votes.

You would think this would have been solved by the Dominion machine company, the Secretary of State, the Elections Unit of the AG’s Office, or the laughable Ballot Law Commission. (Kathy Sullivan, d (Term expires July 1, 2024)


Just like every other state that used machines that alter ballot counts in favor of one political party over another – here we are.

Dominion Voting Systems owns the intellectual property of the AccuVote machines used in New Hampshire. reported:

In New Hampshire, he noted, the AccuVote optical scanners used in all communities that have voting machines are an “older technology” and each moderator uses the device’s results tape, at the end of the night, to reveal the results, on a paper “Return of Votes” form. AccuVote devices have been used for more than a quarter of a century in the state and are the only devices approved by the Ballot Law Commission.

“The device was originally manufactured by Unisys, then by Global Elections Systems Inc., which are no longer in business,” Yen said. “The device used in New Hampshire is no longer being manufactured. Dominion (Voting Systems) owns the intellectual property of the AccuVote and its related election management system but does not manufacture the device.”

This is why we need a national audit of these Dominion machines. It all started on election day in pro-Trump Antrim Country in rural Michigan where 6,000 votes were flipped from Trump to Biden by the Dominion machines. The problem was quickly acknowledged and “fixed” but there has been no follow-up as to why it happened in the first place.

We have no idea how many places this happened, but if you extrapolate the Michigan data nationwide to the 30 states where Dominion machines were used, it could mean that 12 million votes were flipped from Trump to Biden.

It is important to remember that three Democrat US senators wrote a letter to Dominion saying that their machines were unreliable and prone to fraud. The state of Texas rejected Dominion machines three separate times.

Let’s audit them NOW…

Cancel Culture Backfires on Democrats

Morgan Wallen is a white country music star who reportedly was caught on video using a racial slur. The slur was not even aimed at anyone black. It was Wallen drunkenly complaining about a white friend of his at his home after a party.

The ‘cancel culture’ jumped on Wallen and had him dumped by his record label and various internet sites. But lo and behold, Forbes magazine reported:

Morgan Wallen’s Digital Sales Soar After Being Dropped By Label, Country Radio

After TMZ published video of Morgan Wallen saying a racial slur outside his Nashville home Tuesday evening (Feb. 2) the country singer’s swift ascent changed overnight. Wallen was at the height of his career spending his third consecutive week at No. 1 atop Billboard’s 200 Albums chart for his sophomore album Dangerous: The Double Album, which continues to break streaming records.

By Wednesday morning his record label, Big Loud, announced they were suspending Wallen’s contract “indefinitely.” Wallen’s booking agent, WME, also dropped him. Country radio’s biggest companies including iHeartMedia IHRT +2.5%, Cumulus Media CMLS -2%, Entercom and Beasley Media Group all pulled Wallen’s music from their stations’ playlists on Wednesday.

Morgan Wallen’s ‘Dangerous: The Double Album’ Makes More Streaming History As It Reigns Atop Billboard 200

All the while, Wallen’s streaming numbers soared.

Billboard reports that while the singer’s radio play fell by over 70% on Feb. 3, sales of his music increased by 339%. According to preliminary reports by MRC data, Billboard says Wallen’s “catalog of albums and songs sold a combined 22,500 copies in the U.S. on Feb. 3 — an increase of 339% compared to sales on Feb. 2 (5,000).”

According to Billboard, Wallen’s albums sold over 8,000 copies Feb. 3, up 593% from 1,000 on Feb. 2. His songs sold 14,000 downloads Feb. 3, up 261% from 4,000 on Feb. 2, the day TMZ posted the video of him saying the N-word.

Meanwhile, Rolling Stone reports that Alpha Data, the data analytics provider that powers the Rolling Stone charts, shows a digital song sales increase by 327% for Wallen with album sales jumping to 1,221% from Tuesday to Wednesday. Despite being removed from Apple Music and Spotify playlists, his streams did not lessen. “Wallen’s on-demand audio streams were up 6 percent, while his programmed streams increased 16 percent compared to Tuesday,” Rolling Stone observes.

So the ‘cancel culture’ has backfired again. Here’s more about the ‘cancel culture’ aimed at MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell from The Epoch Times:

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell said Tuesday that sales of the company’s signature product remain strong after several retailers recently stopped stocking the pillows.

“We’ve actually increased in sales. We’re actually up in sales. Our shipping’s behind,” he told The Epoch Times.

Wayfair and Bed Bath & Beyond, among other retailers, stopped selling MyPillow last month. The companies faced pressure from activists who dislike Lindell’s involvement in pursuing election fraud claims (by president Trump).

This is another backfire. This follows after leftists tried to ‘cancel’ Goya Foods after its CEO Robert Unanue expressed support for president Trump. But Goya’s sales skyrocketed. always buys Goya stuff when I never did before.

Meanwhile Fox News reported about America’s Biggest Jerk Rock Musician Bruce Springsteen, a vocal anti-Trumper who is a drunk and a manic depressive:

” Jeep has removed its Super Bowl LV commercial staring Bruce Springsteen from YouTube and other social media following the revelation on Wednesday that the music superstar had been charged with DWI and reckless driving in his home state of N.J. in November.

The ad, which was titled “The Middle,” featured a poem read by Trump critic Springsteen calling for Americans to come together and find common ground.

The ad was a slobbering appeal by Springsteen saying that we should all unite behind Biden. Yet Springsteen was driving rampant division against president Trump.

What a phony… Springsteen could have easily killed somebody, but you will never hear about that from the Democrats.

WHO Finds Nothing Wrong in its China Virus Scrutiny

Breitbart News reported:

Nothing to See Here: W.H.O. Stands with Beijing, Absolves Wuhan Lab of Coronavirus Leak

It is “extremely unlikely” the coronavirus leaked from a lab in Wuhan, China, and is more likely to have jumped to humans from an animal, World Health Organization (W.H.O.) investigators said Tuesday as they wrapped up their visit to the country’s central Hubei province.

Peter Embarek, leader of the W.H.O. team, told a media conference instead of investigating laboratories in the country, frozen meats sold at the wet market in Wuhan where the first cluster of cases was detected should instead be pursued as a line of inquiry.

Winnian said while transmissions from animals to humans via bats remains the likeliest origin of coronavirus, the original host “has not been identified.”

No surprise there. We all know that the WHO is a globalist/communist organization allied with China that will never tell us the truth. Meanwhile The Daily Caller reported about one political leader who is willing to stand up for America:

Republican Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas spoke with the Daily Caller News Foundation’s Samantha Renck about the World Health Organization’s latest announcement on COVID-19…

Cotton criticized the World Health Organization, saying that they have been a “Chinese Communist stooge from the very beginning.” He called for an “independent team of western scientists” to investigate everything that happened in Wuhan from the Fall of 2019, “to include the Wuhan Institute of Virology.”

Cotton has questioned the origin of the coronavirus outbreak early in the pandemic, saying, “The reason I have raised these questions from the very beginning is because of China’s statements and their actions,” Cotton told the DCNF. “After concealing the virus for many weeks in December and then minimizing its severity for most of January, they then peddle an origin story about the food market in Wuhan.”

“The mainstream media are largely apologists for Chinese communists and they will accept Chinese communist propaganda,” Cotton said. “They immediately try to accuse anyone who raises these reasonable questions as conspiracy theorists that are accusing China of creating a biological weapon.”

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