Cuomo is Going Down/ High-Speed Passenger Train Hoax

Andrew Cuomo, the far-left Democrat governor of New York state, is one of the most scheming and oppressive political leaders in America. He is notoriously arrogant and narcissistic. He also has been caught up in a major scandal involving 13,000 nursing home deaths in the China virus crisis.

He acts like he is Mr. Nice Guy and knowledgeable about everything, but quite the opposite is true. He has used the virus crisis to lock down his state, undermine its already hobbled economy and dispirit its people. This comes after Cuomo has ruled since 2011 over the significant decline in the New York state economy, once one of the richest places in the world.

Cuomo recently said that he was going to open up the state a little more and that arenas for sports and entertainment could re-open. Great, right? Then he added that these venues could only operate with 10% capacity.

This is preposterous. A representative for the industry said that there is obviously no way that a 10% audience could cover the cost of opening. But Cuomo knows this. Cuomo is simply strangling the economy bit by bit, and intentionally so, and with a smile on his face. This is the Democrat/globalist plan.

This is all part of what is called The Great Reset under which the people of the world have seen their economies ruined by the China virus, they get used to a “new normal” of poverty and unemployment, and then accept rule by a socialist/communist elite which offers them pittance government payments to sustain them at a mere existence level.

Under The Great Reset, as under communism, there is no happiness or prosperity or hope for the future like there was when the economy was singing under president Trump. Under The Great Reset, the people are crushed and the mega-billionaire elites like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos get richer and richer.

There is a notorious psychology at work here that has existed since the beginning of civilization. These mega-wealthy leftists like Gates have all the money in the world, yet psychologically they always want more and they don’t want anyone else to have anything. This is like the sports star who wants to be #1 and goes crazy if it ever is suggested that anyone else is #1.

Breitbart News reported about Bezos’ Amazon trying to kill small businesses while appearing to be on the side of the workers:

Amazon has made a “thinly veiled attempt to kill its small business competitors,” the Job Creators Network Foundation says. Now the pro-small business organization is launching what it called “a multi-faceted campaign to unmask Amazon’s” plan to decimate small businesses.

“Amazon has been running op-eds and advertisements urging lawmakers to more than double the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour,” Job Creators Network said in press release. “After nearly a year of pandemic-related shutdowns, a $15 minimum wage could be a deathblow to the thousands of small businesses already hanging on by a thread. The campaign is housed on and also includes a full-page advertisement in The Wall Street Journal …”

The effort from JCN to expose Amazon comes just days after the Congressional Budget Office released a report that made it clear that raising minimum wage — via the Raise the Wage Act being pushed by President Joe Biden and Democratic lawmakers — to $15 by 2025 would increase the federal budget deficit by $54 billion between 2021 and 2031, spike the price of goods and services, and cost as many as 1.4 million jobs.

“Amazon executives may be fooling the mainstream media into believing their push for a higher minimum wage is to help workers, but small businesses aren’t falling for their tricks,” said Elaine Parker, President of the Job Creators Network Foundation. Parker has published an op-ed, in the Los Angeles Daily News, in which she shines a spotlight on Amazon for their $15 minimum wage advocacy.

“Although Main Street may not be the intended target of Amazon’s minimum wage hoodwink, it’s certainly an added benefit. More than doubling the federal minimum wage will crush small business competitors across the country and could eliminate 2.7 million jobs,” Parker said. “This campaign is just one of many ways the Job Creators Network Foundation is following through on its mission to educate Americans about the real world impact bad government policies have on businesses, their employees and the economy.”

This week, independent theater owners are speaking out and sounding the alarming on the Democrats and the Biden White House’s $15 minimum wage hike plan. “That would kill us,” Byron Berkley, owner of Foothills Entertainment in Kilgore, Texas, told Variety. “We couldn’t justify raising our admission prices and concession prices to compensate for that kind of increase and still expect people to patronize the business. It would be disastrous.”

This is typical. This is how Bezos wants to eliminate all competition. He just wants to get richer and richer. It never ends. On the other hand, president Trump sacrificed much of his wealth to become president and to help all Americans have better lives. That is the difference between right and left.

ALERT: Update on Cuomo from Fox News:

A top aide to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo told leading state Democratic lawmakers that the administration had withheld data on COVID-19 deaths at nursing homes to avoid federal scrutiny, according to a bombshell new report.

The revelation prompted condemnations and even talk of impeachment in Albany, the state’s capital. Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y., wants the Department of Justice to open an obstruction of justice investigation.

“The families of thousands of dead New York seniors deserve accountability and justice for the true consequences of Governor Cuomo’s fatally flawed nursing home policy and the continued attempts to cover it up. It’s clear what’s happening here is criminal,” he said.

The New York Post first reported that Melissa DeRosa, secretary to the governor, told leading Empire State Democrats that the administration feared the data could “be used against us” by the Justice Department during a video conference call.

There are growing calls for Cuomo to resign or be removed from office. Great.

High-Speed Passenger Trains are Another Leftist Illusion has studied railroads for 50 years and I came to the conclusion decades ago that high-speed passenger trains are a very costly illusion.

Passenger trains are a 19th century technology that has been surpassed by highways and cars and buses, and air travel. Passenger trains are generally the least efficient mode of transport, while ‘greenies’ tell us that they are the most efficient. This is the parallel universe that environmentalists live in.

These high-speed trains are very expensive to build, they carry few passengers in relation to their costs, are often vastly less energy-efficient than flying or driving, and use a huge amount of energy per passenger since higher speed equals higher energy consumption.

This situation is so out of control that the poor country of Morocco, whose Gross Domestic Product is just $110 billion (compared to $22 trillion for the US) just spent the equivalent of $450 billion US dollars to build a 201 mile high-speed passenger train line between the cities of Tangier and Casablanca. And this train is only going to save a few hours of travel time.

This leaves us wondering why leftists around the world embrace these boondoggles. And the answer is simple – because they are boondoggles that benefit leftists. They are almost always funded, built and operated by governments; they rarely make a profit and rely on permanent taxpayer subsidies; they are glamorous projects that people on the left (politicians, environmentalists, media skunks, etc.) love to be associated with; and they employ bloated unionized workforces that are really just government workers.

Amtrak in America, which is notoriously low speed, is one of the most inefficient train systems in the world. It only carried 85,000 passengers per day (pre pandemic) and it consumed a $50 taxpayer subsidy for every single passenger that stepped on board. Amtrak has a famously bad on-time record and operational record. Amtrak riders are frequently subjected to lousy service. Amtrak also has a high accident rate and high injury rate among its employees.

What is worst about Amtrak is that it almost always runs on the tracks of American freight railroads, which are the backbone of our economy. When Amtrak trains tie up the freight system, it costs us all in higher shipping costs and thus higher prices for goods. This contributes to a weakened economy.

Many countries have spent heavily on their high-speed systems and have few riders, like on the AVE system in Spain which has very low ridership numbers. has watched many videos of high-speed European trains that often run with very small passenger loads, sometimes almost empty or empty.

This is precisely why they rely on government funding. Meanwhile airlines, including in Europe, make profits without subsidies. Europeans love their airlines and their cars for travel. It is a myth that they rely on and cherish the European rail system.

If you want to read a commentary that wrote in 2016 about these expensive and inefficient systems in Europe, Japan and the US, go here.

Now PJ Media is reporting about the Biden administration:

One of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s top priorities will be to make America the world leader in high-speed rail. It’s a familiar goal since his boss’ former boss, Barack Obama, also wanted to lead the world in high-speed rail.

It’s been the dream of urban planners, greens, and giant construction companies to build a massively expensive high-speed rail system that would unite the nation in a green utopia. How expensive? California’s current project is constructing a high-speed rail system from the Los Angeles basin to San Francisco that would make the trip in about 2 1/2 hours — if all goes according to plan and the trains can travel the 200 MPH between stops. That’s a big “if” and it’s uncertain if California voters will continue to approve the cost overruns.

It was originally pegged to cost $34 billion and be done by this year. The projected cost has risen to $80 billion and won’t be completed until 2029.

Now, Buttigieg wants to ignore the massive expense and construction problems experienced in California and try the same trick in building other high-speed rail lines, especially on the east coast where the most traveled rail lines are in operation.

CNN Business:

Biden will need to invest far more to meet Buttigieg’s talk of leading the world. A plan from Democratic Congressman Seth Moulton to build a national high-speed rail network called for $205 billion over five years. (For context, the US spends roughly $50 billion a year on highways.)

Obama’s talk of faster trains wasn’t well-received in Republican-led states. Governors in Wisconsin, Ohio and Florida turned down billions in federal funding, scuttling high-speed rail projects in those states.

Cost estimates for high-speed rail are silly. They bear no relationship whatsoever to reality. They are worse than wishful thinking because they are made to deceive, not enlighten. GOP governors know this and feared a white elephant in their states.

OK, we know the deal. For instance, these train fanatics want to build a high-speed passenger line between Dallas and Houston, which is only 239 miles. It is projected to cost $20 billion, but we know it will cost much more.

This corridor is already served by car, bus and air connections. Most people will drive since it is so short and they need their car when they get to the other end. Thus it would be folly to dump tens of billions into a new train line. Its ticket prices would have to be sky-high to cover its costs and so the state of Texas would end up subsidizing them. This is why state governments often shun these trains.

This corridor also would be greatly disruptive to the environment. Building these high-speed lines is like blasting a new interstate highway corridor across the land, although narrower. They consume lots of land. The trains are extremely noisy and noise is a form of pollution. European high-speed trains often have walls along their tracks to dampen the shrieking noise of the trains. And they consume high amounts of energy per passenger when they travel at high speeds. But the ‘greenies’ ignore all of this bad news. They want these trains no matter what.

California’s high-speed project to connect Los Angeles to San Francisco has turned out to be an historic boondoggle. It has essentially been canceled after its costs rose through the roof. Landowners along the route also have opposed the taking of their property.

But as they always do, advocates for the train put out phony predictions that the train would make the trip in 2.5 hours, but it really would take 7 or 8 hours, has calculated.

‘Global Warming’ Debunked Again

Here’s more bad news for the ‘global warming’ alarmists. Fox News reported:

There are some big weather stories happening over the next few days with some of the coldest air in years arriving across the South and more ice and snow for many regions.

An ongoing ice storm continues Thursday along a stationary front draped across the Mississippi, Tennessee and Ohio River valleys with accumulating ice on the roads, power lines and trees. Dangerous travel, power outages and tree damage will be possible.

The Lexington Police Department in Kentucky said Thursday that “crews have been busy throughout the night and early morning responding to numerous calls of icy limbs and power lines that have fallen on vehicles and roadways.” This image shows where a vehicle struck a pole, police say.

The Lexington Police Department in Kentucky said Thursday that “crews have been busy throughout the night and early morning responding to numerous calls of icy limbs and power lines that have fallen on vehicles and roadways.” This image shows where a vehicle struck a pole, police say.

Ice storm warnings remain in effect from Arkansas to Kentucky. North of the frontal boundary, snow will be possible while south of that line, rain and thunderstorms will be possible.

The Pacific Northwest is also very busy with rounds of heavy rain and mountain snow.

It will be cold enough for measurable snow for the cities of Portland and Seattle, as well as freezing rain and or sleet. Yet another system will move in this weekend.

There also was a major pileup on the freeway in Fort Worth, Texas due to a rare icing. How can all of this be happening under ‘global warming’? It can’t, because there is no ‘global warming’.

Update: Here’s more ‘warming’ from in Britain:

For the first time since 1963, parts of the River Thames were frozen over as witnesses spotted seagulls perching on the icy surface in Teddington. The River Great Ouse in Cambridgeshire was also frozen over leaving boats stuck.

It comes as temperatures dropped to below 0C in parts of England.

In Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, temperatures plummeted to -15.3C last night as the UK braced for up to four inches of snow and 50mph gales today.

In Newcastle, families woke up to the city blanketed by snow with the wintry weather also hitting parts of northeast Scotland as well as coastal regions in northeast England.

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