Leftists, Media Lie, Ignore Texas ‘Green’ Energy Crisis

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said that the failure of coal and natural gas power plants caused the recent electrical power grid failure in the frigid and snowy Texas weather. This is absolutely false.

Power outages were initiated by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas when supply dropped too low. Millions of Texans have gone without electricity for days. The blackouts were in no way caused by coal and natural gas. They were caused by the collapse of electricity production from 5,000 frozen windmills and millions of solar panels buried in snow or not producing energy under stormy, grey skies.

Remember the Golden Rule: ‘Green’ energy is unreliable and intermittent, yet the environmentalists have been pushing us to invest increasingly in ‘green’ energy and to divest from reliable energy like nuclear, coal and natural gas. In the past decade Texas has shut down coal-fired plants while building thousands of windmills. This has all converged in the crisis there.

Ironically it is two Republican Texas governors, Rick Perry and Greg Abbott, who have allowed Texas to become overly reliant on unreliable wind and solar.

Psaki said that reports suggesting that the frozen windmills caused the power grid failure are inaccurate, and that the windmills somehow saved the day. “Numerous reports show that it was failure in coal and natural gas that contributed to the (Texas) power shortages,” Psaki said.

This is surreal since we know that thousands of windmills froze up and solar panels were not working under the snow and in cloudy, stormy weather. Coal, oil and natural gas have powered the world reliably for centuries while windmills have proven again and again in the last two decades that they are unreliable and inefficient and only exist on taxpayer subsidies. The only reason that utilities invest in windmills and solar is that the tax system has been rigged in favor of unreliable ‘green’ energy and against reliable sources.

Naturally the Fake News media are running with the narrative that coal and natural gas failed in the crisis. And while these media rarely discuss energy in such detailed terms, they simply are posting cut-and-paste talking points sent out by the wind industry and by environmentalists in order to confuse the public.

In fact the frigid weather in Texas totally contravenes another aspect of the ‘green’ energy scam – the Al Gore narrative that “global warming” is “settled science” and is burning up the planet. It is not. Global freezing is happening all over the world; we are currently in a global cooling period. The Northeastern US had the coldest, snowiest Winter in 100 years in 2018. China just had a Summer 2020 with lots of snow. The New York Post reported on January 18, 2021:

The Sahara desert has been hit by an icy blast with temperatures dipping below freezing.

Snow also blanketed parts of Saudi Arabia which saw the mercury hit 28 degrees Fahrenheit.

The area — which is close to the border with Jordan — experienced unusual weather this month.

The desert kingdom can experience highs of up to 122 degrees during the hot season, but this month temperatures fell below 32 degrees.

On January 10, locals in the mountainous region were treated to a flurry of snow.

Snow also fell near the desert town of Aïn Séfra in Algeria this week.

Sheep were seen standing on the ice-covered dunes on Wednesday as temperatures dipped to 26.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Aïn Séfra — known as “The Gateway to the Desert” — is around 3,280 feet above sea level and surrounded by the Atlas Mountains.

Saudi Arabia also experienced snow in 2018 and locals had fun with sleighs and snowballs.

Snow also fell in Lebanon, Syria and Iran — where some regions were buried under four feet.

This is global cooling. That’s why they quietly altered the name from “global warming” to “climate change”.

Here’s The Guardian in Britain reporting recently:

In scenes reminiscent of the Great Freeze of 1963, part of the River Thames froze over as temperatures in Britain plummeted to sub-zero temperatures this week.

The bitter chill from the Baltic led to the river at Teddington Lock, south-west London, partially freezing over, becoming a skating rink for local birdlife.

At this section of the Thames, on the non-tidal side, water flows more slowly, so it is more susceptible to icing over.

It did so to spectacular effect in January 1963, the coldest winter for 200 years, as blizzards covered the country in deep snow drifts. Surreal scenes included a man cycling on the Thames near Windsor Bridge. Elsewhere, people skated outside Buckingham Palace, and a milkman delivered his round on skis as snow lay on the ground for 62 consecutive days in the south of England.

Meanwhile The Daily Wire reported:

On Wednesday, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) took a swipe at Texas political leaders, propounding that the suffering Texans are experiencing because of the freezing cold and concomitant power outages could have been addressed by her “Green New Deal.”

Ocasio-Cortez tweeted, “The infrastructure failures in Texas are quite literally what happens when you *don’t* pursue a Green New Deal. Weak on sweeping next-gen public infrastructure investments, little focus on equity so communities are left behind, climate deniers in leadership so they don’t long prep for disaster. We need to help people *now.* Long-term we must realize these are the consequences of inaction.”

This is an example of the environmentalists’ golden rule: When they are proven wrong, they just say it again, only louder.

And wouldn’t you know it… the environmentalists who are selling us on these useless windmills are the same ones who have forced the cancellation of the Keystone pipeline, which would carry reliable energy called oil.

Our fake president Biden ignored the Texas tragedy where 20 people have died and hundreds of thousands have had to go to warming shelters after millions lost power in their homes, knocking out oil burners and natural gas heaters that need electricity to run.

Biden did not publicly speak about the Texas tragedy, the first major natural disaster of his administration. The reason is obvious – Biden hates Texas and Texans, even though many of the victims are Texas Democrats.

Biden made no mention of the Texas crisis during a CNN town hall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on February 16. If president Trump had done this to, say, New York City, it would be a national scandal. In fact president Trump did everything possible to help New York in the early days of the China virus, including sending a Navy hospital ship, which was not even used.

Meanwhile MSN.com reported about windmills in Iowa:

MidAmerican Energy says it has idled nearly 48 electricity-generating wind turbines (in Iowa) while workers check them for safety after blades broke off of two similar turbines over the past two months.

Those blade failures follow a break earlier this year and one in 2019.

MidAmerican, a Des Moines-based subsidiary of Warren Buffett-owned Berkshire Hathaway, said Tuesday it has paused the use of 46 turbines it has identified as having blades like the ones that broke.

The blades, upwards of 175 feet long, broke somewhere along their length and not at the base, the company said.

On Thursday, MidAmerican said, a technician discovered that a turbine blade had fallen into a harvested field southeast of Paton in Greene County. The technician went to the Beaver Creek wind farm after its monitoring system detected a problem with the turbine, the company said in a statement.

OK, first MidAmerican is owned by Warren Buffett, one of the left-wing mega-billionaires. He is getting rich off of taxpayer subsidies for windmills and so he supports ‘green’ energy. Second, we are supposed to think that just 46 windmills had problems, but that is surely false. Windmills have astronomically high rates of failure and breakdown since they are subjected to severe weather conditions every day, unlike a nuclear reactor which is indoors.

Windmills are very expensive to fix. That is why you see so many of them not spinning. It is very difficult and costly for a utility company to keep up maintenance for thousands of windmills versus just 5 to 7 generators in a nuclear plant.

This happens because windmills contravene the elementary law of economics called Economies of Scale which means that big things, like a 1,000 megawatt nuclear reactor, are vastly more efficient than thousands of separate windmills. These windmills would be like offering groceries at thousands of separate convenience stores rather than at one supermarket, which is infinitely more efficient.

MidAmerican introduced wind energy in Iowa in 2004 and allegedly generates 60% of its electricity from turbines. Overall, MidAmerican claims that Iowa got 42% of its energy from wind in 2019 — more than any other state.

But these are ‘green’ figures and you should never believe them. ‘Greenies’ lie every day about everything, like about ‘global warming’. They just make up whatever numbers they want to make their case.

When a windmill was installed on a mountain near my home a few years ago, the ‘greenies’ said that it would supply enough power for 2,000 homes, which is a nice, big, round figure. But when the actual output numbers were posted online, I calculated that the windmill only produced enough power for 400 homes. This shows how environmentalists constantly lie and fake their numbers to make ‘green’ energy look good.

Nikitas3.com calculates that it would require 2,000 to 3,000 windmills to replace one single nuclear reactor, and that those windmills would require up to 2,000 times as much in labor costs to maintain in comparison to the generators in a nuclear reactor since there are so many windmills.

Nikitas3.com has been studying windmills for 40 years. I decided 40 years ago that they do not work and I was correct back then. Windmills often break down but they are often left standing as ugly testaments to the failure of ‘green’ energy.

Next time you pass by windmills, you may notice that some of them or all of them are not spinning. It may be a lack of wind or some may be spinning and some not because of mechanical failure. I have seen it many times. One set of windmills that I have passed in the last few years has never been spinning. Never. They are obviously defunct but they are still standing there, ugly as can be, on the mountaintop. It is hard to say if they ever will be taken down. They look like they may be yet another example of environmentalists trashing the environment with their ideas.

The PowerLine blog reported in 2019:


(Our reporter) has written a number of times about Germany’s experience with wind power, which illustrates the futility of thinking that renewables can ever replace reliable energy sources like coal, nuclear and natural gas. The latest news from Germany offers an original twist:

The expansion of wind power in the first half of this year collapsed to its lowest level since the introduction of the Renewable Energy Act (EEG) in 2000. All in all, just 35 wind turbines were build with an output of 231 megawatts. “This corresponds to a decline of 82 percent compared to the already weak period of the previous year”, according to the German Wind Energy Association (BWE) in Berlin.

“This makes one nearly speechless,” said Matthias Zelinger at the presentation of the data. The managing director of the Power Systems division of the German Engineering Federation (VDMA) spoke of a “blow to the guts of the energy turnaround”. This actual development doesn’t match “at all to the current climate protection debate”.

No. In fact, “when in 2021 thousands of wind turbines come to the end of the 20-year subsidy period of the Renewable Energy Act, more wind turbines will be demolished on balance than new ones will be added, the wind industry fears.” It couldn’t happen to a more deserving industry.

So even Germany is cutting back on its windmills. Germany has seen its electricity rates skyrocket under ‘green’ energy to three times US rates. Germans know that wind power is a boondoggle just like Texans now do.

At the same time Germany shut down its 18 nuclear reactors but the Germans now are coming to realize that nuclear is the answer and that windmills are mirages. Nikitas3.com calls windmills “decoy devices” that are used to funnel large amounts of taxpayer money to environmentalist investors while producing small amounts of unreliable power.

For instance windmills produce much of their electricity at night, when power is not needed. There is no set pattern for wind power production. It is totally random. This can never serve the American economy which needs reliable power, yet Biden wants to put up millions of windmills in the next 10 years.

One final note about windmills: They cause ‘climate change’ by interrupting the winds. This is not a theory. This is a fact that you can measure directly.

At the same time, here is another hoax from the environmentalists. They want Biden to finance a high-speed train between Boston and New York. Bloomberg.com reported:

It is an audacious vision for high-speed rail in the Northeast: new tunnels out of New York City and under the Long Island Sound, routing trains up through Hartford, Providence and Boston. With electric locomotives that top 200 miles per hour, travel time between New York and Boston would be slashed to 100 minutes — two hours quicker than current Acela service, the fastest train that Amtrak now runs. Construction would consume 20 years and require building the largest underwater tunnel in North America. The price tag: $105 billion.

Conceived more than a decade ago and launched as a private initiative in 2017, the North Atlantic Rail project looks a lot like the high-speed rail networks that other parts of the world, such as Japan and France, have had for decades. Its backers hope it’s the kind of U.S. megaproject that the federal government is finally ready to pursue.

Don’t be fooled by the $105 billion figure. It would cost much more, you can rest assured. This train would traverse one of the most heavily populated regions in the US. Tens of thousands of homes would need to be knocked down to build the track corridor. And all just to save two hours travel time.

It ain’t gonna happen…

This is being proposed in a region that is declining in economic power, along with New York City, which is declining as well. There is no good reason to build this train line. The existing Amtrak line, bus service, air service and car travel between the cities all work perfectly well. There is no need to add a fifth, and enormously costly, mode of travel.

These ‘green’ goons are basing this train on a fantasy of a European-type railroad, but we should look at Spain as an example. Its high-speed AVE system is grossly expensive and has the lowest ridership rate in Europe. It is a first-degree boondoggle, yet they are continuing to expand it. Nikitas3.com has seen many videos of European high-speed trains with few or no passengers.


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