Liz Cheney Exposed/ How Biden Undermines America

Anti-Trump Republican congresswoman Liz Cheney is massively unpopular among Republicans in her own home state of Wyoming after voting to impeach president Trump. It is reported that her approval rating is just 13% compared to president Trump’s 91%.

Cheney is finished. She will be primaried out of office in 2022 and thus will never be the US senator from Wyoming that she had planned to be.

After she loses, she will probably take a job in Washington with the Republican Establishment or with a think tank, and make lots of money and go to lots of cocktail parties, even with Democrats.

But who is Liz Cheney? You would think that she would be a good conservative since she is the daughter of Republican former vice president Dick Cheney, who served 8 years (2001 – 2009) as vice president under president George W. Bush.

But Dick Cheney and Bush are not conservatives. They are globalists. They were asleep at the wheel when the 9/11 attacks happened. They got us involved in the disastrous Iraq and Afghanistan wars. The US economy collapsed after 8 years of the Bush presidency. None of this would have happened under a Trump presidency.

Don’t be fooled by the Cheneys. They are not conservatives. President Donald Trump is a true pro-American conservative – a “nationalist” – and that is why he will be re-elected in 2024 after Biden screws up the whole country, which he already is doing. Here are the ways that Biden is doing so:

*Biden is undermining the economy every day. He already has thrown tens of thousands of people out of work by canceling the Keystone pipeline and the Mexican border wall. He is going to crush the economy with taxes as soon as he can. He is throttling the economy with regulations that Trump lifted, including radical ‘green’ regulations.

*Biden is seeking to destroy our oil, coal and natural gas industries, which environmentalists have been trying to do for decades. By incrementally demonizing these industries Biden and his ‘green’ friends are replacing reliable carbon energy with unreliable, intermittent and expensive ‘green’ energy. And the failure of ‘green’ energy was recently on display in Texas where thousands of windmills froze up and left the state without power.

Biden’s energy policies may seek to seek to shut down other pipelines that already are operating and they have cut off development of the massive ANWR oil deposit in Northern Alaska. This is very bad for the the economy and for the oil industry with these on-again, off-again policies.

The prices of gasoline and heating oil have spiked since Biden took office. This is just the beginning. predicts $3.50 a gallon or more by Summer 2022 if not earlier. As gasoline prices rise, it sucks money out of the economy and leads to further economic slowdown.

*Biden and the Democrats are going to sink the economy further with more and more deficits. These deficits could be easily avoided by simply opening up the economy, which would cost nothing.

*Biden and his Democrats friends all over the country are pummeling the economy with China virus fears. These shutdowns of businesses and schools are doing irreparable damage, which is what Democrats want. That way an impoverished and fearful populace can be controlled by Democrats and their media cronies. Interestingly the state of Florida, which has been open since last May, has better virus numbers than New York state which has had some of the most stringent lockdown measures of all.

*Biden is going back to severe pro-abortion policies. These policies have been eroding our social cohesion for decades. If we cannot even defend the most innocent among us, then we are lost.

*Biden is throwing the Mexican border open to illegal immigration. This is happening when more than 10 million Americans are out of work because of the China virus. This is going to flood the country with million of dependent people. This is going to hurt poor blacks and hispanics most.

An open border also is going to spread China virus variants from poor countries into the US.

*Biden and his ultra-rich Big Tech donors and political allies are seeking to deny free speech rights to us conservatives. This is very dangerous.

*Biden is letting down our guard against communist Chinese infiltration into our government, corporations and universities.

*Biden is going to back to the bad old days when China screwed us in trade deals.

*Biden is going to slash military funding and leave our forces without the power to do their jobs.

*Biden already has sent some US troops into Syria. Like the globalist warmonger that he is, we can expect him to start another disastrous war in the Middle East like his globalist friend Bush did. On the other hand, president Trump destroyed the ISIS terrorists in Syria without losing any American lives, by targeting them with precision air strikes.

*Biden, along with Democrats all over America, are going to reap tens of billions of dollars in corrupt business dealings with communist China. Hunter Biden’s ties to China have already been revealed.

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