Casual Sex Destroyed Monica Lewinsky… and Millions More

Here’s are some interesting excerpts from the from an article about Monica Lewinsky, the young White House intern who got into a sexual relationship with president Bill Clinton in the 1990s that blew up into a national scandal:

‘She was the White House intern who found fame for all the wrong reasons. Now, 17 years later, Monica Lewinsky is still trying to play down her scandalous affair with then-President Bill Clinton. She is single, her line of handbags failed to catch on and, according to the National Enquirer, is living the life of a near recluse.’

We can certainly go into the details but these few lines say it all. And the significant thing to remember is that the casual sex that Lewinsky and Clinton engaged in – the casual sex that Democrats like Bill Clinton have been promoting since the 1960s as “harmless fun” and a needed “release” for people – has had a devastating effect on tens of millions of people including Lewinsky.

Because sex is serious business. And when young, unmarried people – or even older people – have casual sex with pleasure the only goal, it very often harms them deep inside and it harms their lives. Often they do not even know it until it is too late. And females are always victimized much worse than men, who almost always are the exploiters, like Clinton.

The socialist/communist puppet-masters of the 1960s knew this and knew exactly what they were doing when they told the ‘hippies’ to forget about their parent’s old-fashioned morals and to get all the sex they wanted. Because after all, they said sex is “fun” and it is “free”.

These left-wingers were intentionally undermining a whole generation of young Americans. The social breakdown that America is experiencing today is the result.

Millions of baby boomers now in their 50s and 60s, after swingin’ from the chandeliers back in the Woodstock days, live lonely, separate, divorced or unmarried lives after they threw away their personal integrity through casual sex. Because in the ensuing years they failed to connect with the opposite sex in meaningful relationships since the whole premise for a relationship had been debased.

Meanwhile millions of children have grown up not knowing who their fathers are because, once impregnated, the leftist agenda told the ‘hippie’ males that their responsibility to the woman and the child was over. And to go find another target for their unleashed sexual appetites. This is now routine and vastly worse in black America.

This lack of an identity – not knowing the father – is a major cause of mental instability and social breakdown as well.

This hyper-sexualization is an agenda of narcissism and selfishness as the entire 1960s agenda was. And that is why promiscuous sex ends up destroying so many people; because it is a selfish act in the pursuit of pleasure.

Oh, they said that the sex of the 1960s was all a joke. And that anyone who suggested restraint must be a dismal, unhappy old Christian. Because the mantra of the 1960s was offered with a big smile on the face…  “Sex, drugs and rock n’ roll, man!”

But the smile was a devilish one. Because sex and drugs and demonic rock music are destructive preoccupations to people who use them as crutches to fill an empty life. And that life is often emptied out by increasing reliance on sex, drugs and rock music as substitutes for a meaningful life that must always include a faith in God. It is all a vicious cycle perpetrated by the international left to undermine and control millions of people under atheist socialism.

Look at what the Daily Mail said about Lewinsky:

“Monica, apparently, is desperately trying to live down her past”. The insider told the Enquirer: “She's alone most of the time and is pretty much a social pariah.” The source claims Monica has more or less given up on finding love. “Monica still feels like she's the punchline to a dirty joke,” the source said. “The publicity over her affair with Clinton ruined her chances of ever finding a decent guy.”’

Yes, indeed. And that type of stigma attaches to certain girls on any level, from a small town to a big city. Dirty girls have big problems. And so do dirty guys like Bill Clinton. After all he ruined his whole presidency over that affair and many others like it. Clinton too is the butt of many, many jokes that will live on forever.

Reported the Brit newspaper:

In March, told how Monica is reportedly still in love with (Clinton) and “always will be. Monica still hasn’t got over Bill and would take him back in a second,” a friend told the Enquirer. “She told me: ‘There will never be another man in my life that could make me as happy as he did’.'

Which shows exactly how damaging sexual promiscuity is, particularly for women who are exploited by men under the rubric of “sexual freedom”. Because the guys will say anything for sex including “I love you”.

Yet despite all the damage that promiscuity has done to millions of women it is supported wholeheartedly by the feminist movement as a “woman’s right to sexual pleasure” as is easy access to abortion which is supposed to repair the result of promiscuity. And abortion triples the pain that millions of women now feel.

This all puts to the lie the notion that the political left and the “feminist movement” actually care about “women”. They don’t. They care only about an agenda that it is destroying lives by the millions, every day, in every way.

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