Environmentalists are the Worst Energy Hogs of All

Look at this recently from CNN.com:

(CNN) — The bodies of two American climbers were discovered Saturday afternoon in the mountains of Peru, ending a days-long search for the men, friends and family said.

Shay Har-Noy, who heads the technology company Tomnod that uses satellite imagery, said his friends Ben Horne and Gil Weiss had been attempting to scale the south face of Palcaraju Oeste. That 6,110-meter (20,000-foot) tall mountain is located in a region popular with climbers in Huaraz province about 275 miles northeast of Lima.

…Weiss — founder of Beyond Adventure, a company consisting of professional guides, logistical experts and photographers — posted June 11 on his Facebook page that he was leaving Boulder, Colorado, for Peru "for another season in the High Andes."

OK, so who are these climbers?

Well, Weiss was from hyper-liberal Boulder, Colorado, a university town, and was an experienced mountain climber. So you can rest assured that he was a big-time environmentalist liberal like all of these mountaineers are. Yet he flies off to Peru “for another season in the High Andes”?

Hey, hey, wait a minute! I thought all the environmentalists were terrified of ‘global warming’ or ‘climate change’ or whatever they are calling it these days. How can they be burning up all that jet fuel to fly to South America for their own pleasure? Why don’t they hike in the Rocky Mountains near Boulder and save all that energy?

Forget it, friends. And recognize one fact – environmentalists themselves are the biggest energy hogs on the planet. Period. End of story. Without exception. They use more energy for their own pleasure than any other Americans do. And then they complain about ‘global warming’ more than any other Americans do.

If you know any of these mountaineer/enviro types you know that they love to travel. And as they burn up millions of gallons of fuel jetting off to Europe or Alaska or Nepal to go birdwatching or backpacking they wring their hands over ‘climate change’ and tell us all that we should not drive our cars to work but should ride the bus instead.

Just look at any of these ‘outdoor’ or ‘backpacker’ magazines. They are chock full of ads and articles about travel all over the world, catering to wealthy clients. And they are read overwhelmingly by liberal environmentalist types including many who are wealthy or upper-income.

These people are all hypocrites, friends, and they are all alike. Without exception. If they aren’t jetting across the globe in a trail of vaporized fuel or driving hundreds of miles to go hiking on some special mountain, they are involved in a protest to stop oil production or gas production or nuclear power.

There was another phony one in the news recently. An American actress was in New Zealand and she boarded an oil-drilling ship in a protest to stop it from leaving port. She was arrested.

Question: How did she get to New Zealand? Did she fly? Did she use all that precious jet fuel on that long flight from the US?

Oh, no, she certainly must have sailed, using only nature’s wonderful breezes!

Yeah, right…

Here’s more about the Peru climbers:

"They were truly two of the most amazing guys I have ever had the pleasure to spend time with," Firestone wrote on Facebook. "They shared a passion for adventure that they expressed so brilliantly in their blog … and in all of their cutting edge ascents around the world."

“Around the world”? Gee, more and more and more jet fuel to fly all over, not just to Peru! More pollution! More carbon dioxide! Boy, these guys sure don’t care much about the environment!! They easily have the biggest ‘carbon footprint’ of any American.

These people are the worst energy wasters of all.

But here is how they think: They imply in their public eco-personas and say to themselves, “I am an environmentalist. I care about the planet and about ‘climate change’. Therefore I can use all the energy I want. Because I am a good person. After all, it’s just me using all the fuel!”

Don’t doubt it. This is exactly how they think. They are pure, unadulterated narcissists. And rather than live by example and deeds – as liberals never, ever do – they live only by words. They are classic left-wing socialists. All talk, no action. Except to fly around the world climbing mountains… an action that is completely contrary to their words of warning about ‘warming’ and ‘the environment’.

And if you ever have read about hundreds of these people climbing Mount Everest every Spring you know that they have turned the world’s highest peak into a garbage dump. There is trash everywhere from decades of climbers. There are even frozen bodies up there from dozens of deaths over the years.

Do they care?

Of course not.


Because many of them like Weiss are the guides who take these hikers to Nepal and South America and they make money on it. And that is the dirty little secret of these “environmentalist” energy hogs – many of them are making lots of money running around the world, escorting other hikers, while decrying ‘global warming’. And desecrating Mount Everest with garbage.

Here’s proof. CNN.com said:

Weiss — founder of Beyond Adventure, a company consisting of professional guides, logistical experts and photographers

See… ‘professional guides, logistical experts and photographers’. These are small companies that escort people on mountaineering expeditions. So Weiss not only was burning up jet fuel for himself but he was making money bringing along other people. Then when they get to their destination country they have to take planes, buses, trains or cars hundreds of miles further into the mountains. And then they call it “Eco Tourism” as if to imply what wonderful people they are.

Again, narcissism and falsehoods.

Meanwhile us rednecks use zero energy by staying home and watching the NASCAR race on TV. We are infinitely better environmentalists than they are. Maybe these people should do the environment a favor and stay home. And work like the rest of us.

No, then they would not be able to indulge themselves of every leisure opportunity on earth burning millions of gallons of jet fuel on their fantasy travels. While lecturing us about driving our cars to work.

These people are such phonies. And you know what? They don’t even believe this ‘warming’ nonsense that they are putting out.

Here’s proof: Much of environmentalism is funded by rich liberals who live in man-made cities like New York – because that’s where the money is that they adore. So why are they not building walls around their sea-level cities like New York and San Francisco if they are so sure that ‘warming’ is going to cause the seas to rise as Al Gore claims? Why is Robert F. Kennedy Jr. not insisting on building a wall around Manhattan before it is too late?

Answer: Because they know that ‘warming’ is a crock of baloney. And because they all love their luxuriant energy-guzzling lives. Kennedy flies all over the country to visit his girlfriend in Hollywood, to take his family skiing in Idaho etc., probably all of it on energy-guzzling private jets.

Here’s another aspect of the enviro debate that is typical subterfuge: Last Winter the once-famous actress Darryl Hannah was talking in a radio interview about how she wanted to stop the Keystone oil pipeline.

Now you can rest assured that Hannah flies all over like the rest of the wealthy Follywood elite burning up tons of jet fuel, probably on private jets.

And during the interview, she said something like this: “A thousand times more solar energy falls on the earth every day than all the energy that man uses in a day.” You know, the usual stuff you can read in any enviro pamphlet. The figures are always changing depending on what pamphlet you read. (“A hundred times… A million times…”)

And it may well be true. But who cares? Because it is impossible to harness that diffuse solar energy because it is so weak. Even small rooftop solar collectors are a big economic flop. They don’t work even for a regular house which uses about $600 worth of electricity per year but which would need a solar system that costs… drum roll, please…. $31,000!

So, Ms. Hannah, did you fly on a solar-powered plane to get to one of your Keystone protests?

Of course not. It is all a lie. Nothing these people say ever works. Never. Solar panels, windmills… it’s all fake.

It is time for Americans to look rationally at ensuring our energy supplies. Please click here to learn about America’s abundant energy resources.

And let’s let the environmentalists sail off with the wind to their next adventure or protest and see how they like the slow boat that they want for the rest of us.

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