Washington Post has ‘Faith’ in Atheism

An article called Atheism on the upswing in America in the washingtonpost.com ‘Faith’ section should be seen in light of another incident in which a Tennessee woman murdered two newborn sons whom she did not want to care for.

Because killing your own children is part of the growing culture of atheism in America where abortion is rampant, third-trimester abortion – killing the baby at the point of birth – is routine and one Princeton university professor even received an international award after suggesting that disabled babies can be killed up to 28 days after birth.

This is the atheistic society that we arrived at decades ago in which life is considered potentially worthless. Or more appropriately where people live or die at the whim of a secular elite. Indeed the writer of the washingtonpost.com story Greg Paul seems to gloat over the rise of atheism writing:

As the survey results come in, as the irreligious best-sellers sell, and as the scientific analysis gets published, it is increasingly clear that Western atheism has evolved into a forward-looking movement that has the wind at its back, is behind the success of the best run societies yet seen in human history, and is challenging religion as the better basis of morality.

Look at that quote: ‘atheism…. is behind the success of the best run societies yet seen in human history…’  And this is in a major American newspaper? In the ‘Faith’ section?

Amazing… but you must understand that when a liberal addresses the question of ‘faith’ that he really thinks about it in terms of blind faith in the preeminence of atheism, socialism and communism. And then ‘faith’ in selective killing on behalf of a better world, like killing fetuses and then disabled babies. And then this selective genocide becomes more widespread. Soon it targets the guy down the street. And then his family.

Consider the militantly atheist societies of Hitler, Stalin and Mao Tse-Tung which together murdered or caused the deaths of more than 150 million citizens, more death that at any other time in any other system in history. Do those count among the ‘best run societies yet seen in human history’?

Actually to a leftist anti-Christian figure like Paul that is precisely what he means… without actually saying it, of course. Because Paul and the Princeton professor are on the same atheist page as the Tennessee mother and the multi-billion dollar abortion industry in America – that death is good.

On the other hand the focus of Western Christianity is life, always has been, always will be. This is why genuinely Christian churches celebrate marriage and childbirth and oppose abortion. And that is why secular elites and leftists wish to expunge Christianity, so that they can have the power of life and death. Which they already do over much of the world and have had over much of history, particularly in the 20th century.

Writes Paul, who is described by the Post as ‘an independent researcher in sociology and evolution’:

The science-based evidence leaves no doubt that, although very human in its flaws, democratic atheism is proving superior to faith-based mythical doctrines in practical societal and moral terms.

‘Science-based evidence’?  Gee, I always thought that faith in God was a matter of not science but of faith. And that this faith is a spiritual state and that such a state always uplifts mankind personally one by one. And that science is another matter entirely, something that is supposed to be based in empirical fact.

‘Practical societal and moral terms’? So let’s look ‘practically’ into the atheistic anything-goes pleasure cult of homosexuals and you see disease and death abounding. Or into the demented atheism of Hollywood with its depression, drug abuse, alcoholism, insanity and suicide among “successful” people. Or into the inner cities of black America where the churches are empty but the morgues are full with murder victims.

Now look at the mighty Washington Post writer scrambling for a fact:

The still-common claim that nine out of ten Americans still believe in God is an outright falsehood. When asked if they believe in God or not, about 90 percent say yes, but…

But what sir? Your mighty journalism degree is a little ragged around the edge…

‘… when asked about whether or not they believe in God or a higher power or universal spirit, the actual God-believing theists drop to eight in ten.’

Can you believe that people actually believe this irrational stuff, where one thought contradicts another? And that the editors at the hallowed Washington Post don’t see how flawed this writing is? And that Paul implies that 80% belief in God is really just a hop, skip and a jump from atheist zero?

This all is a testament to the collapse of journalism in America but more importantly to the collapse of personal integrity and honesty on the atheist left. Because that is part and parcel of the atheist creed, that not only is life irrelevant but so is truth.

In the Tennessee infanticide case Sumner County district attorney Ray Whitley said, “A person could drop off or leave an infant that is 72 hours of age or younger at a hospital or a fire department, police department. It’s one of the saddest cases I’ve ever seen in my long career. You’ve got two infants that are dead.”

So now our atheist society has a convenient drop-off policy for unwanted children. Child abandonment is much more common in increasingly God-less Europe. Because after all a child might interrupt your afternoon siesta or your days full of nothing but Euro unemployment and sloth.

And rest assured that the Tennessee mother will be defended in atheist circles for killing her sons. After all she failed in her atheist duty to get an abortion.

Of course you will always notice that these proud atheists are really cowards who love to destroy defenseless people like fetuses and babies. Don’t think that it does not give them pleasure. Just as the Russian people were defenseless against Stalin’s God-less murder state.

Paul writes gleefully:

The future of American faith is grim as the nation undergoes the secularization process that has already pretty much wrecked the churches in the rest of the West.

Notice that he conveniently ignores the fact that Obama’s faithless, materialist socialism is wrecking our economy, particularly in the Democrat black inner cities of America which should be human utopias, shouldn’t they? But that is something that Paul will have to explain in another of his nonsensical columns.

Perhaps the Princeton professor would concur that Greg Paul should have been killed 28 days after birth. After all Paul’s thinking shows that he indeed is mentally disabled with his writing so easily discredited by the most cursory inspection.

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