Election Exposes Vicious Democrat Tactics

You can never know what Democrats are really like until you have participated in an election against them.

I have been working up in Massachusetts for the re-election of Republican US senator Scott Brown and I am appalled at what the Democrats do.

If you stand out on a street corner with Brown campaign signs the Democrats shout insults and make obscene gestures. If you methodically put out Brown campaign signs on voters’ lawns, they steal them or destroy them. If you act within the law at a political event, they break the law. I have even had Democrat operatives videotape me or photograph me campaigning for Brown as an act of intimidation.

Perhaps you heard about the young man in Wisconsin whose house had a Romney/Ryan sign on the lawn. He was not someone seeking to steal a sign or to put up a sign illegally like Democrats do every day, but he was an honest citizen willingly supporting a candidate.

Then when two Democrats tried to steal the sign the young man tried to defend his property and his sign. The Democrats beat him up, the same Wisconsin thugs who used violence, intimidation and mob tactics to try and turn back Republican governor Scott Walker and his budget-restraining agenda.

In Leesburg, Virginia, a large Romney sign was torched. In Florida a whole yard-full of Romney signs was burned, including some American flags. One of our big Scott Brown signs (4 feet X 8 feet) was defaced within days of installation. The stories are endless. There is a whole video on YouTube showing Republican signs being destroyed.

In another Wisconsin case, at a Tea Party rally, roofing nails were dumped in the parking lot by Obama supporters.

These are just more examples of how Democrats operate. And of course Democrats and their media allies always say, “Oh, that was just an isolated event! You Republicans are making a mountain out of a molehill!”

No we aren’t. Because these are not isolated; they happen every day. And if you add up all the damage and theft and stolen elections and violence by Democrats across the nation in every election it is a major scandal. Yet tens of millions of Americans continue to support this Party of Crooks and Thugs and believe that these stories of treachery indeed are isolated or not important.

Heck, on MSNBC on October 23 a liberal Florida crowd actually booed a 9-year old girl who said she supported Romney!

These liberals are shameful people. They are cold-hearted political hacks who have no feelings at all beyond their primal political desires. And this means liberals all across America, friends. The leftward drift of this party is obvious. Most Democrats are falling into this hysterical extremism.

Just look at Obama’s presidency. He has attacked Romney with class warfare tactics and lies, divided us by race and income, and even told one of his audiences to “punish your enemies”. If that is not the most inciteful language ever from an American president it is hard to know what is.

Now here is a recent story from a website called clickorlando.com:

ORLANDO, Fla. –  Officials in Florida have issued a warning about a new trick trying to prevent voters from going to the polls.

Voters are getting letters that look like they are from local elections offices, questioning their citizenship. But Local 6 has learned the letters are fake, and they are going out across Central Florida and other parts of the state.

Officials said the voters who have received the letters thus far are white, registered Republicans who consistently vote in elections.

And of course the Democrats say, Aw, that’s nothing! That’s just election season shenanigans! Both sides do it!

No, friends, we know that this happens 99% on the Democrat side and 1% on the Republican side. But Democrats and their media friends always point to the one Republican who got caught to say that both sides do it equally.

Baloney. Don’t forget that the Democrats even stole the 1960 presidential election for John F. Kennedy. If you are too young to know about it, look it up. It is an established fact. It is easily the greatest scandal in American electoral history.

But stealing elections is what Democrats do. Then they run and hide behind their fake personas, that they are for “the people”. This is nonsense. They are for themselves and for their corrupt ways. They want power in order to get more power and, of course, as much money as they can get. This nonsense that they are “tolerant” and “fair” and “caring” is all a crock.

Look at how Democrat-backed public-employee unions are holding whole states economic hostages to their demands. And then those same unions send their goons out to steal campaign signs and beat up people while telling us how much they “care about the working man”.

More baloney…

Michelle Obama even said that winning this election is as essential as ending slavery. This shows how low these people will go when they get scared that they are going to lose.

How about outright election fraud?

The examples are endless. For instance, just recently the son and campaign manager for US congressman Jim Moran of Virginia, one of the most partisan Democrats in America who has a history as a crazy person, was recorded secretly talking about making fake utility bills to use to register to vote. He resigned… after he was caught, of course.

In another case this year a Democrat US congressional candidate from Maryland was found to be registered to vote in both Maryland and Florida.

In another case in Ohio Democrats were reported to be shuttling busloads of non-English-speaking Somalis to the polls for early voting and instructing them how to vote Democrat. Instructing them is illegal. And you can rest assured that most of the Somalis are illegal aliens to boot.

Now just imagine all the cases in which Democrats do not get caught, that all this fraud is just the tip of the iceberg. It is frightening to think about all of their corruption.

And it gets worse. There have been outright election thefts in recent years by Democrats in four major races including the US Senate race in South Dakota in 2002; the gubernatorial race in Washington state in 2004; the US Senate race in Minnesota in 2008; and the governor’s race in Connecticut in 2010, all in which extra Democrat ballots magically appeared at just the right time under very suspicious circumstances. This is in addition to the state and local races that Democrats steal every year that we will never know about.

Because there are crooked Democrats all over America who are willing to go to jail in order to steal elections. Most don’t need to actually put themselves at risk because most elections aren’t that close. But when the elections are very close the fraudsters magically “find” a bunch of “lost” ballots that they had stashed away before the election, most made out for Democrats and a few for Republicans just to make it look real.

And don’t forget the 2008 US Senate race in Alaska in which the incumbent Republican Ted Stevens was indicted several months before the election by a Washington, DC grand jury, maintained his innocence, lost the election by a small margin, and then had all the charges dropped several months after the election because the original indictment was corrupt.

But the election was allowed to stand even though an honest governor named Sarah Palin sought to have it nullified.

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