Congratulations Michigan… State Moves Boldly Against Unions

Republican governor Rick Snyder of Michigan has signed right-to-work legislation, a huge blow to American unions in the birthplace of the United Auto Workers.

Michigan unions used strong-arm tactics to oppose the bill which restrains union power in order to strengthen the state economy.  Union activists protested en masse inside the Michigan state capitol and held rallies outside like they did in Wisconsin three years ago.

We will see if the unions do hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to the Michigan state capitol building and grounds as they did in Wisconsin.

This legislation comes just one month after Michigan unions tried and failed on election day to have total union protection written into the state constitution. Fortunately the people of Michigan soundly rejected that power grab.

“There will be blood,” said one Democrat legislator who was angry about the right-to-work legislation.

This is typical union stuff – threats of violence, intimidation, loaded language. This is why most American workers no longer want unions. They see the truth. In fact the comments sections of websites all over the internet now flourish with descriptions of labor unions as “goons” and “thugs” and “thieves”.

This is a good sign. It did not occur just 10 years ago.

One video showed a Michigan union activist assaulting a conservative at a rally outside the state capitol. Another showed union criminals tearing down the hospitality tent of a conservative group. So what else is new. This is why more and more people hate labor unions. Because they know that unions despise freedom and open debate, and embrace violence and intimidation.

The unions should be ashamed of that type of behavior.  But they never are. Because they are on the Democrat left which promotes its agenda at any cost.

Michigan now is the 24th Right To Work state. That is a good thing, and interesting wording. Because “right to work” means that you can work at a job without being forced into a union or forced into paying union dues or being threatened by union activists.

In other words, freedom for the worker, which labor unions oppose. They want all workers under the union thumb.

Michigan is a sterling example of how unions have destroyed the American economy. Michigan is a shell of its former prosperous self because the greedy auto workers union wrecked the car companies. That is why General Motors and Chrysler needed to be bailed out by the government – because their unions had pushed labor costs through the roof.

Then when Toyota proposed in 2006 to build a state-of-the-art, non-union engine plant in Michigan to help the state with thousands of good jobs, the unions made such a stink that Toyota opted out.

Look at what Associated Press reported about the right-to-work vote:

Valerie Constance, a Wayne County (Mich.) Community College District developmental reading instructor and member or the American Federation of Teachers, sat on the Capitol steps with a sign shaped like a tombstone. It read: ‘Here lies democracy.’

No, democracy dies when unions take over workplaces and force the workers to do what the union bosses want. This is why most American workers today vote freely and willingly against unionization. They truly want freedom and democracy.

Typically the Michigan protest came just a few short weeks after union intransigence killed yet another major American business, Hostess bakeries, maker of Wonder Bread and Twinkies.

Hostess had been in financial straits. And rather than make concessions to keep the company afloat and 18,500 workers on the job, one union representing 5,600 bakers went completely in the other direction – they went on strike, an action that shut down Hostess for good.

This is how unions have been poisoning the American economy for decades.  It is time to put these unions out to pasture.

Look at what the Associated Press article said:

"It's disgraceful," said Sue Brown, who said she's not a union member but fears right-to-work laws would lower wages for all. "The unions and the UAW have created the middle class."

Uh, sorry ma’am. Capitalist prosperity created the middle class. The socialist unions have done the opposite; they have destroyed the middle class. They have destroyed many millions of jobs in the last 50 years and driven thousands of companies and even entire industries out of business with their outrageous wage demands, stupid work rules, strikes, violence and intimidation. Hostess is a perfect example.

Congratulations to the Republicans in the Michigan legislature who are giving the people of that state a chance at prosperity again. Michigan joins another liberal state, Wisconsin, in seeking to revitalize its economy by limiting union power. These are good signs for America.

Look at what AP reported:

"Very little is actually known about the impact of right-to-work laws," Gary Chaison, a professor of labor relations at Clark University in Massachusetts, said. "There's a lot of assumptions that they create or destroy jobs, but the correlation is not definite."

This is baloney. Right-to-work laws always increase employment and prosperity over the long run. Because they give employers and employees the freedom to act without the unions intervening and controlling every decision for their own interests. That’s why Americans are freely moving by the millions out of pro-union states and into right-to-work states.

Look at the American freight railroads. Ridiculous union work rules and outrageous wage demands sucked the life out of the railroads in the 1960s at a time of maximum US prosperity. The same with the steel industry. Because Democrats always manage to take a positive thing like prosperity and turn it negative.

Look at what Obama said, according to AP:

"These so-called right-to-work laws, they don't have anything to do with economics, they have everything to do with politics," Obama told cheering workers Monday during a visit to an engine plant in Redford, Mich. "What they're really talking about is giving you the right to work for less money."

No, sir, what the unions are really talking about is denying workers the chance of working at all, like the 18,500 Hostess workers.

Friends, labor unions are not the positive force that cares about “the working man”. Unions serve the interests of labor bosses, the Democrat party and national and international socialism.

And how do unions get their “higher wages”?

These higher wages do not come out of thin air. They come directly out of the pockets of consumers in the form of higher prices for the products made by union-controlled companies. That is why so many of those companies have gone under; because those higher prices could not compete in the free market and the “higher union wages” were not sustainable.

Thus under union socialism one group – consumers – pays more while the other group – unions – benefits. It is just wealth redistribution. Period. End of story.

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