Environmentalists are Out of Control

Environmentalists are completely out of control. As usual. What else could you expect from America’s worst demagogues.

These people never rest. Their fabrications grow and grow and grow. And forget about the ecology. That is just a front. These enviros get money and jobs and grants and political power in exchange for their radical beliefs. That is what “environmentalism” is really about.

Every minute they push the most extreme agenda. Because the more extreme the agenda the more money and power and jobs and grants they get. That is why they promote ‘global warming’ – because it is the ultimate catch-all, end-of-the-world fairy tale that gives them maximum power and wealth.

Why do you think Al Gore has promoted ‘warming’ so relentlessly?

Well, it has given him a $100 million fortune, that’s why. That sounds like a pretty good reason.

These environmentalists throw millions of people out of work without batting an eye. Then they promise that we will all go back to work making windmills and solar panels.

Actually windmills and solar panels produce virtually no energy at all. Because you need to use a lot of energy to manufacture a solar panel and to transport it. Then that solar panel produces very small amounts of electricity in return. Thus for most of its lifetime the panel is still working to produces as much energy as it took to manufacture and transport it in the first place. Ditto windmills.

But don’t tell that to the environmentalists. They are profiting from solar panels. They don’t care how inefficient and costly they are.

Then after 25 years the solar panel wears out and must be disposed of like toxic waste because it contains hazardous elements like cadmium and chromium.

Gee, what will the ecologists do then? Block shipments of “solar waste” to landfills?

Look at this from sfgate.com to better understand solar panels:

Booming rooftop solar installations in California are bringing an unwelcome surprise to the homes and businesses that don't have the devices: an extra $1.3 billion added to their annual bills, more than half of that for Pacific Gas & Electric customers.

Power companies in the state, the nation's biggest for solar power, are required to buy electricity from home solar generators at the same price they resell it to other customers, meaning utilities earn nothing to cover their fixed costs. The rules are shortsighted because eventually rates must be raised to make up the difference, according to Southern California Edison, which has joined with competitors to estimate potential losses.

So there you go. Solar energy is another socialist scam. One group (non-solar homeowners) is subsidizing the solar homes. And remember that this comes only after government subsidies make solar panels affordable in the first place, i.e., people who do not have solar panels are subsidizing those who do through tax breaks.

This is just another way that ‘green energy’ shifts wealth, power and jobs to the environmentalists and their friends.

Here is an added thing to think about: A good roof is your house’s most valuable asset to keep the weather out. Thus if you go poking dozens of holes in your roof to mount solar panels you are weakening your home’s most valuable structural element.

Don’t do it! Solar panels are negative in every way.

Now the environmentalists are complaining about Hurricane Sandy. Yes, because the Northeast had a hurricane they are screaming ‘global warming’. They are classic socialists. Never let a crisis go to waste. Exploit it relentlessly.

So there was a hurricane. They happen all over the world. Always have, always will. It is unfortunate when people and property suffer, but there is nothing you can do to control nature.

In fact the enviro kooks are talking frantically about all the hurricanes we have been having in the last decade like Katrina and Rita in the Gulf of Mexico.

But they conveniently fail to mention that hurricanes have always occurred in the Gulf, sometimes in bunches, sometimes with longer periods in between. Because you can never predict the weather or the climate. It is completely random.

Still they are claiming that ‘global warming’ is causing more and more weather catastrophes.

But to be genuinely scientific you have to compare things. You cannot say that “it sure has been warm recently” without comparing it to other periods or comparing it to the long-term weather. Everything is relative; the weather and climate change all the time.

In fact there is bad weather and good weather all over the globe every day. Always has been, always will be. It is called ‘nature’.

And ‘nature’ is in essence a brutal killer. It is not the eternally benign force that environmentalists portray it as. So right there they are lying at the outset, presenting a false picture of nature itself.

Man has always sought to do one thing – to distance himself from nature. To have warm houses in winter, cool homes in summer, to fight off droughts and disease, to have bountiful food.

It is our modern energy supply that allows us to fend off nature and to become prosperous. And the modern energy sources that we use – oil, nuclear, coal and natural gas – have done magnificently in helping us to have better lives.

Environmentalists, on the other hand, are set on making us live without enough energy to have good lives. They block every traditional energy source and promote fake energy sources like solar and wind that actually produce virtually no energy at all while costing taxpayers increasing billions every year.

And as we are now suffering economically with less energy and consequently higher prices under Obama, environmentalists themselves live better and better and use more and more energy and get more money and jobs for themselves. Because that is what environmentalism is really all about – money and privilege for those on the enviro left. That is why the ecologists promote government-subsidized environmentalism – to get what they could never get in the competitive private economy.

Then look at all of their extravagant eco-trips all around the world, climbing up Mount Everest or bird-watching in Peru or backpacking in Colorado or even driving 100 miles to go kayaking on a certain river. These all require large amounts of discretionary energy. Meanwhile they do not want us to drive to work every day using vital, necessary energy.

Unbelievable. They are such typical elitists – one set of rules for them and one set for the rest of us.

Now look at how the schools propagandize kids about the radical ‘green’ agenda. Here are excerpts from a press release from the Boulder, Colorado school district with a Nikitas3.com comment after each:

School district says: BVSD’s Office of Sustainability and the Student Accountability Advisory Committee (SAAC) proudly announced a new voluntary Challenge in October, which was open to all BVSD schools. The Challenge will encourage students and staff to find new ways to reduce energy, create leadership opportunities for our students, and educate our communities about opportunities for greening our schools. Comment: Notice that a school district has an environmental ‘sustainability’ office. Imagine how much that costs and how many useless bureaucrats work there. Always be on the alert for the word “sustainability”. It actually means “government control” and “central planning” in ways that are subsidized by the taxpayers. It just means more deadwood government jobs for environmentalists.

School district says: As part of the Challenge, the schools agreed to the following measures. Form a green team at the school. This team must consist of at least one student and one adult mentor or “Energy Champion”. This group may be an existing group, part of an existing group, or entirely new. Conduct an energy audit of the school. Staff members from the Office of Sustainability will provide auditing materials, Take follow up action on at least one of the recommendations from the audit. Comment: Oh, sure. More and more and more school hours for this fake “environmental science” and less for math, history, English and real science. So the kids become ‘green zombies’ who cannot get jobs in the real world because they don’t know anything.

School district says: Educate the school community. Examples include posting energy data and tips or partnering with local sustainability organizations to provide presentations or trainings. The Office of Sustainability will provide regular energy data showing performance, and can provide recommendations and assistance for connecting your school with the multitude of educational resources and partners in our community. Reduce energy use (electricity) during the timeframe of the Challenge as compared to the school’s baseline year. Comment: Right. Endless nitpicking after decades in which this stuff has been shoved down our throats every minute of every day. How much energy can the schools be wasting after all this time? Answer: None.

School district says: An impressive 1,595 presentations and field trips on a wide variety of environmental topics were given by Eco-Cycle in Boulder County and Broomfield County schools to 48,142 students and staff. This equates to 8.5 presentations or field trips per day for the entire school year. Comment: Unbelievable. No wonder kids don’t know anything anymore. They are on these ‘green’ rampages every single day.

Now here is an excerpt about a public meeting from the Longmont (Colorado) Times-Call about “fracking” (hydraulic fracturing to retrieve natural gas). This is typical of the increasingly extremist tactics that environmentalists are using, and how they are exploiting children and students:

BOULDER — Anti-fracking activists delayed the start of the Boulder County commissioners' Tuesday afternoon meeting on oil and gas regulations for nearly half an hour, chanting their opposition to that drilling technique and demanding the commissioners resign if they won't ban hydraulic fracturing in unincorporated Boulder County.

Among those reading loudly from prepared scripts was a pair of school children, one of whom said, "We are standing up for our future … Protect us from the dangers of fracking."

"We deserve a fighting chance," said Zapporah Abraham Paiss, a 13-year-old Centennial Middle School student. "With vibrant water, soil and plants," said Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, a 12-year-old Centennial School student. They said afterward that they're members of Earth Guardians.

Commissoners Will Toor, Cindy Domenico and Deb Gardner left their seats and the packed hearing room when the demonstration began and returned only after it had ended.

As the commissioners departed from the hearing room, one person in the audience shouted: "You can run but cannot hide!"

When the meeting resumed, Domenico, chairwoman of the county board, asked the standing-room-only crowd to "behave in a manner that is respectful" so the commissioners would have a chance to hear everyone wanting to make comments at the formal public hearing.

(Thanks to Marcus Martin for some of the information included in this commentary.)

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