Happy New Year… and Wishes for a Better 2013

Happy New Year to all. Let us pray that 2013 is better than 2012.

The re-election of Barack Obama, made possible with the votes of millions of idle and dependent people, should be a warning that America is headed in the wrong direction.

Meanwhile hard-working people voted for Mitt Romney. Rest assured that virtually no Romney voters depend on taxpayer handouts.

Here are some wishes for 2013:

*Massachusetts Democrat US senator John Kerry will probably be elevated to secretary of state. That means that his US Senate seat opens up. Republican Scott Brown won the other Massachusetts Senate seat in a special election in January 2010 after Ted Kennedy died, but lost his bid for a full term in November.

Polls say that Brown can win Kerry’s seat in a special election to be held sometime this year. Let us hope that he runs and wins.

*The American economy has been kept afloat largely by lower Bush-era tax rates and a Social Security tax ‘holiday’ that has kept an extra $100 billion in the private sector.

Let us hope that the economy does not stall again in 2013 because of more debt spending and with the Democrats’ refusal to reign in the budget. Only a thrifty government can create an atmosphere for economic revival.

Have you ever heard about a successful family or company that spends much more than it takes in?

No. Thrift is the key. And American as a nation must become thrifty again.

*In Eygpt and Libya extremist Muslims have taken power or are positioning themselves to take over. These radicals now control much of the Middle East and they are pushing for full control.

Let us hope that public pressure in Egypt in 2013 keeps them from further implementing their agenda. Already violent protests in Cairo are showing dissatisfaction with the trend of the new Islamic government there.

*Iraq has been relatively peaceful after years of war and internal conflict. Let us pray that it stays that way in 2013.

*But there is trouble brewing in next-door Syria. Many of the forces terrorizing Syria and trying to bring down the Assad government there are the same armed Islamic militants who sought to destroy Iraq for years after the Saddam Hussein dictatorship was deposed.

If they succeed in driving out the Assads they then will re-focus their efforts back on Iraq and then on Lebanon too. We should hope in 2013 that our secretary of state will see the wisdom of supporting Assad over the terrorists. Because Assad clearly is the lesser of two evils.

Obama too needs to point this out, that terrorists and extremists are not the “freedom fighters” that he and Hillary Clinton have claimed repeatedly that they are.

*Federal budget constraints may cause the delay of the implementation of ObamaCare in 2013. Let us hope that this happens. And there may be another Supreme Court challenge to ObamaCare this year. Let us pray that it succeeds and that ObamaCare is disposed of forever.

*Violence in America is a continuing crisis. The Connecticut school shootings show the trend. Nikitas3.com suggests that the federal government in 2013 adopt legislation to make the Motion Picture Code of 1930, also known as the Hays Code, a federal law.

The Code was a written policy for film makers back before the left-wing radicals took over Hollywood and the rest of the media including prime-time TV, and turned them into violent wastelands, creating the sadistic culture that we suffer with today. Here is just one part of the Hays Code:

I. Crimes Against the Law These shall never be presented in such a way as to throw sympathy with the crime as against law and justice or to inspire others with a desire for imitation.

1. Murder

a. The technique of murder must be presented in a way that will not inspire imitation.

b. Brutal killings are not to be presented in detail.

c. Revenge in modern times shall not be justified.

This code (which you can read it its entirety here ) would be laughed out of the film industry today just like any traditional morals and standards and ideals of law and order are ridiculed by the Democrat left.  While our nation sinks deeper into violence and chaos as a result.

*The liberal newspapers and other media outlets in America must start in 2013 to help to quell the violence by halting their crusade against Christianity and its ethos of peace and order. The endless attacks on Christian football player Tim Tebow are a clear example of this bias.

Much of the violence in America, including young people killing each other, has risen precisely as God has been banned from public mention, prayer has been banned from schools, our churches have emptied out while the police blotters and morgues have filled up with crime victims. The Liberal Media are playing a huge role in this terrible outcome while pointing fingers elsewhere.

*Let us hope in 2013 that America starts to see the folly of windmills and solar panels after several years in which they have been sprouting up everywhere. ‘Green energy’ simply does not work; it is grossly inefficient and costly. We must return to nuclear, coal, oil and natural gas which America has in abundant quantities.

Don’t believe the environmentalist propaganda that the world is running out of traditional energy sources. America alone is reported to have a 500-year supply of coal. That all can be easily converted into gasoline, heating oil and other products, ending our reliance on foreign oil within 10 years. Let’s begin now.

*The Obama economy has put 15 million more people on food stamps than when he took office and has caused a massive spike in unemployment and in those without hope. The only way to end this dire situation is to get the economy moving again in 2013.

That can be done simply and is explained by what is already happening today:

Americans are continuing to move willingly and voluntarily by the millions into conservative states and away from liberal states.  This trend is proving what really works economically – fiscal conservatism and fiscal responsibility. It is time for Americans to see this reality and to change their liberal ideas. 2013 is a good year to point this out more forcefully than ever before.

*We must begin in 2013 to reverse the destructive anti-family trends of the last several decades. Single mothers and broken families now dominate much of our social structure and they are causing massive societal harm and widespread economic harm too as more and more people rely on taxpayer handouts. Single mothers and their children always are statistically poorer than married women and their children.

Meanwhile other statistics show that our prisons are full of criminals who did not have an intact family structure to comfort and nurture and guide them. Many of them lacked a father.

Remember the 1950s when even one illegitimate birth was criticized, when families were strong, including black families?

Today Democrats malign the 1950s while illegitimate births have become routine. Thus 2013 should be the year that we start to publicly and vocally acknowledge the folly of this trend.

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