San Francisco Kowtows to the Homeless, the website of the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper, reported:

…complaints from tourists about panhandlers have skyrocketed. And if something isn't done, the problem could damage (San Francisco’s) No. 1 industry – tourism.

Gee, really? Homeless panhandlers are repulsive to tourists? Aw, go on… After all San Francisco has encouraged every kind of behavior that would attract the tourists like creating a sanctuary city for illegal aliens and their vicious criminal element. So why would the city want to reign in the aggressive panhandlers? Aren’t they a colorful part of San Francisco’s Anything Goes ambiance?

These cities in effect create these homeless hordes by accommodating them and funding them under tolerant liberalism. If cities discouraged them there would be fewer homeless and panhandlers, rest assured. It is mathematically certain.

There is no need to delve into the myriad problems with the homeless. Of course some are genuinely deprived and deserve attention. But many are drug addicts and alcoholics. Many are simply crazy. Others are just creepy and manipulative. And many are rabidly self-centered who care not a whit about anything except themselves because they have been so encouraged by modern-day socialism. They won’t even eat certain types of food; they demand better.

If you recall, the word ‘homeless’ was invented during Ronald Reagan’s presidency in order to blame poverty on Reagan.

Do you remember that period, when the economy was booming with millions of new jobs?

But the reason for the spike in homelessness under Reagan was that that was the precise era when bleeding-heart Democrats succeeded in shutting down the public mental hospitals in order to “liberate” the crazy people. This created a tidal wave of new “street people” which then was blamed on Reagan.

You surely have noticed, however, that the media have not mentioned one syllable about ‘the homeless’ since Obama came into office, no, siree… And you can rest assured that they never will.

Yet many of these ‘new homeless’ are the truly needy who have been impoverished by Obama socialism. And we should do all we can to give them jobs and return them to a productive life.

If Obama policies would only let us… which they won’t.

Of course what tourist could possibly be in a bad mood on a visit to San Francisco, the lovely city by the bay. It has a long history of spicy urban permissiveness. Who could forget the Summer of Love of 1967 when ‘hippies’ from all over America invaded San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury neighborhood and brought with them drugs and sex and sloth and narcissism and drug overdoses.

But if you followed up on the story – which the Liberal Media originally glorified – you would know that just two short years after the Summer of Love that Haight-Ashbury became a boarded up dump full of drug addicts living on the sidewalks and begging for spare change.

Meanwhile today’s homeless in San Francisco are a direct descendant of that youthful culture. It now has grown into a big, old smelly adult. reported:

That's why the city needs to look seriously at implementing an education campaign for our visitors. Denver has approached the problem with a program called the Better Way to Give Campaign. Businesses hand out flyers and post ads that explain the services the city offers and asks not to give to panhandlers. Instead, they suggest services and charities that can help.

So in other words, if you are going to visit San Francisco you get an added Democrat bonus – a re-education campaign… er, uh, a flyer… telling you how to deal with the panhandlers and the homeless.

What a treat. You will be inculcated in a completely new way in how to part with your hard-earned money.

Oh, those Democrats. Always out for a quick buck. Or ten.

This ‘education campaign’ shows how much the political left has turned America upside down. Because, hey, if you work for a living and have some extra money to go on a trip to San Francisco you have to support the homeless first through your federal tax dollars and then you must kowtow to them when you go on vacation. It is appalling.

To understand homelessness you just need to watch one of these TV shows like the one called Intervention on which a drug addict or alcoholic is surrounded by his family and pleaded with: “Please go and get some help at the $20,000-a-month rehab facility?! Please!! We will pay for it!! I will empty out my retirement account! Just for you!!”

Of course it would cost nothing to lock them in a room until they cleaned up their act.

And sometimes the addict says “no” and the family freaks out. After all, the addict is such a wonderful person that he simply must be helped! Kinda like the homeless. Really great folks…

That is the media template anyway. Then again maybe the addict is not such a wonderful person at all. Maybe he is just a manipulator like many of these people are.

How about a swift kick in the butt and no more free meals? Which is what many of these homeless need in order to compel them to change and become better people. Call it “tough love” or whatever.

It used to be called “common sense”. It is what we conservatives specialize in.

But instead they get endlessly accommodated. No wonder they flourish. Look at all the money and time expended on them with the result that their numbers expectedly increase.

There is another TV show about so-called ‘hoarders’ who are people who live in junk piles in their homes. Then the $125-an-hour therapist – usually paid for in full by the taxpayer – sits with the hoarder and asks him about all the emotional attachments he/she may have to each item like a dirt-smeared record album from the 1970s and whether the album could possibly, please, pretty please be tossed out.

Then they go through the whole house, item by item, discussing each with the insaniac. “Could you possibly part with this Cabbage Patch doll, all encrusted in dried barbecue sauce and pillow stuffing and half-chewed by the dog?”

Then you wait a half hour while the lunatic mulls over the momentous decision that he is about to make. “No! NO! I am not ready to part with it!!”

And the therapist retreats and calls it a day.

This, of course, spreads psycho-insanity because viewers of these shows often start to sympathize with the nut. After all, you are supposed to think, maybe that record album really does have value! And that filthy Cabbage Patch doll, hey, who knows its sentimental worth! Did you ever think about it!? Like seriously!?

Yeah, right… What these hoarders really need is to be put into a car, driven away and have their house cleaned out and sold. Or better yet burned down to save all the aggravation of cleaning up their decades of rubbish.  

Meanwhile the San Francisco panhandlers need not a handout but a handy tip from the police: Stop bothering people. And if you harass the tourists we will arrest you and send you to Alcatraz…

…out in the middle of the beautiful San Francisco bay.  

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