‘Green Energy’ Does Not Work

Environmentalists talk constantly about creating a “sustainable” energy supply.

Whenever you see the word “sustainable”, however, watch out. It really means “government control” and “planning” by a left-wing university/political/enviro elite.

In fact the most “unsustainable” thing of all is ‘green energy’ which has cost many tens of billions of dollars and which is collapsing before our eyes. It is producing virtually no energy because it is so inefficient while only government subsidies make it look like it is even working.

With windmills and solar panels, the environmental movement has moved into a new phase. Enviros started by cleaning up air and rivers. Then they expanded into wilderness protection and expansion, and obstruction of economic growth by legal means. Now they are seeking their big economic payoff through control of ‘green energy’ production.

This is the ‘green profiteering’ phase where they draw huge amounts of cash out of state and federal governments to fund solar energy companies and windmill companies in schemes whose scope only now is being exposed in the scandals around Solyndra and other such firms.

Indeed we finally are seeing who environmentalists really are. Oh, sure there are the little old ladies and college kids and do-gooders who pick up trash along rivers and campaign against every particle of pollution. But these ‘little people’ are just tools of an oligarchy that is using the rubric of ecology to enrich and empower itself under the guise of Saving Planet Earth and “sustainability”.

In fact ‘green energy’ companies today are very good investments and certain people are making a lot of money on them.

Yet ‘green energy’ is massively inefficient. So how are people making money on it?

It is because these companies have a guaranteed cash flow…. from the taxpayer. It is as simple as that. They cannot fail. That is just one of the many reasons that Obama will never cut federal spending; because it is enriching his enviro supporters and investors, among others. It truly is “crony socialism”.

So who are the ‘green’ entrepreneurs?

Many of them are aging ‘hippies’ from the 1960s. Now they are card-carrying adult Democrats… living on the taxpayer dime, of course because they failed at everything else in the private sector after telling everyone for decades how smart they are.

Democrats now give them tens of billions of taxpayer dollars for solar and wind technologies that were applicable only in primitive economies back when there were no alternatives.

Meanwhile huge amounts of cash disappear Solyndra-style while some is always kicked back to Obama and the Democrats as the Liberal Media completely ignore the whole fiasco.

These environmentalists have been taught since the 1960s that they are the smartest people in the world. So they have a rationale for everything they do through simple narcissism.

Yet ‘green energy’ is a failure that only is enriching them at the expense of taxpayers and of our reliable energy supply. It is drawing precious capital away from efficient energy sources like nuclear power. This is very bad for the future of our economy.

Simply put, ‘green energy’ shifts the costs of paying for energy from the consumer to the taxpayer. That is the only reason that it even exists. And until more Americans understand this they are going to continue to be duped into funding ‘green power’.

Here is a perfect example: I, Nikitas, owned a house that used about $700 a year worth of electricity. That included some small electric heaters in the winter. So I priced a solar system for that house in the interest of exposing fraud. And the solar system would have cost… get ready for this… $31,000!

That’s thirty-one thousand dollars!

Yet I was assured that it was a good deal for me since I could get $20,000 of that back through federal and state tax credits. Then the dealer did some fast Eco Math to show that I would end up paying almost nothing in the final analysis.

In other words my taxpaying neighbor who does not have solar panels would be subsidizing my ‘green energy’ panels and thus my electric bill.

It gets worse. Look at this from sfgate.com to better understand solar power:

Booming rooftop solar installations in California are bringing an unwelcome surprise to the homes and businesses that don't have the devices: an extra $1.3 billion added to their annual bills, more than half of that for Pacific Gas & Electric customers.

Power companies in the state, the nation's biggest for solar power, are required to buy electricity from home solar generators at the same price they resell it to other customers, meaning utilities earn nothing to cover their fixed costs. The rules are shortsighted because eventually rates must be raised to make up the difference, according to Southern California Edison, which has joined with competitors to estimate potential losses.

So there you go. Solar energy is a double scam. One group (non-solar homeowners) is subsidizing the solar homes through higher rates and this comes only after government subsidies made solar panels affordable in the first place.

And guess what? It is a triple scam. Because state governments all over the US are forcing utilities to install solar and wind power, or to buy it from customers.

Now think about who makes up the modern-day environmental movement, people like these:

*The core of the modern enviro movement is made up of wealthy urban and suburban Democrats, billionaires like New York City mayor Bloomberg. They have made their fortunes in man-made places and professions far from nature (wealth management, computers, software, Wall Street, law, business, the media, Follywood etc.).

But boy, do they care about mother nature. Because they never have had to live close to nature as 50 million Americans do in rural America, where you often have to scrape for a living. Meanwhile higher gasoline and heating oil prices produced by enviro policies do not affect these rich people while they are severely harming poorer rural Americans.

Oh, sure, these elites go on their little hikes and they own thousand-dollar canoes and million-dollar vacation homes in rural areas and they ski at Aspen and go on energy-guzzling trips to Alaska and Tibet as eco-tourists. The rural world is like a playground for them. They love to take pictures to show their friends back in The Big City.

*Many of today’s environmentalists are highly-paid and fully-granted college professors, activists, consultants and researchers who make their livelihoods high on the eco-hog at the expense of parents and taxpayers who are forced to fund their activities.

*The enviro ranks also include thousands of manufacturers of outdoor equipment (backpacks, canoes, climbing gear etc.) and the retail stores that sell it; mountaineering trip organizers; whitewater rafting companies; bird watchers and hundreds of thousands of others who make their living off of “the outdoors”.

This includes elite magazines chock full of ads for expensive globe-trotting adventures… while millions are impoverished as the enviro movement throttles the economy.

*Then come the enviro masses, tens of millions of followers, donors and unpaid activists from high-school students and college kids to secretaries to doctors to teachers to carpenters who read the elite magazines, give money to the Sierra Club and to other more radical groups and who have Audubon stickers on their cars to signify how superior they think they are to the rest of us.

In the end, however, all environmentalists have one common trait – they are convinced that only they are saving the planet. Just listen to their arrogant, know-it-all tone and you understand it.

Sound familiar?

It is the arrogant 1960s all over again. These are the ‘hippies’ and their children and grandchildren who never stop thinking about themselves in their culture of me, me, me. But it always is couched in some bigger agenda like “saving the planet” or “ending poverty” for which they claim to have every answer.

Ultimately, however, they are harming society as all of the ideas of the 1960s have. Environmentalists are strangling economic growth all over the world with regulations and eco-restrictions; they are ruining the land with ugly solar panels and windmills; they are halting the most efficient energy production like nuclear power; and they are intentionally thwarting rural economies under a United Nations plan called Agenda 21. This plan is seeking to push people out of rural areas and force them into cities, to create permanent ‘green zones’ out of rural areas.

Indeed as these elites attend their save-the-rainforest dinner parties and Obama fundraisers, Americans lose their jobs and incomes as a result of their actions.

Meanwhile we conservatives are much better environmentalists than they are. In fact the first environmentalists were hunters and fishermen and we conservatives today support environmentally-friendly ideas like efficient nuclear power. We don’t want to see our industries and power plants shut down over every particle of pollution like these eco-radicals do. And we want people to have jobs!

But the biggest enviro frauds of all are the “sustainable energy” entrepreneurs who are taking the taxpayer for the ride of a lifetime with ‘green energy’.  

You just watch what is going to happen. This whole house of cards is coming down before our eyes. The failed Solyndra is the poster child of ‘green’ disaster. In 10 years you will be able to drive around and see all the abandoned windmills and solar panels that have stopped functioning because they only existed on government subsidies.

And they don’t work anyway. For instance windmills have a vastly higher failure rate than other energy sources because they are subjected to natural stresses like extreme wind, snow, ice etc. They also make people sick and kill birds, including eagles.

Meanwhile the subsidies are running out as governments go broke. This happened big-time in Spain. The whole ‘green energy’ sector there collapsed after years of lavish taxpayer funding.

In fact you can drive around America today and still see millions of defunct home solar systems that were installed on roofs with government tax credits in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Many more have been dismantled so that you would never even know that they existed.

Why did they fall into disrepair?

It is simple logic – they were producing so little energy that they were not worth fixing once they stopped working. After all, the oil burner or the electric utility supplies the same amount of energy perfectly well and reliably at much lower cost.

Then of course the solar profiteers love to make money on the initial sale, but once something goes wrong, you won’t see them again. This is what happened with most of those older installations; the companies are long gone, just as many of today’s companies won’t last without massive infusions of increasingly scarce government money.

So how about the enviro elite here in America? How about all the super-expensive backpacking gear, the $300 rain jackets and the $200 hiking boots and the $100 hats made with free-range yak fur. Who buys most of this stuff?

It is largely rich people and upper-income people at whom it is targeted by the tree-hugger outfitters like Eddie Bauer. It surely is not the working people of America; they cannot afford it.

Indeed these elites are just another arm of the economic royalty that today controls the enviro movement and pushes it to its more and more extremist ends. Even the founder of Greenpeace, Patrick Moore, quit his own organization when radicals took it over. Moore is now a pro-nuclear activist like any rational person is.

Because Moore is a realist, like we conservatives are, and he understands what mankind really needs. And he knows that the fantasy of modern-day environmentalism does not work and that we need to rely on our ample carbon energy sources like gas, coal and oil along with nuclear energy. So that we all can have an economic future, not just the environmental elites.  

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