Conservatism Wins Debates Every Time

Between Spring 2009 and January 2011 the Democrat party had more power than any one party has ever had in America. We had a Democrat president, a Democrat majority in the US House of Representatives and 60 Democrat US senators, all of them very much on the left of the party.

That 60 senators is called a “supermajority” that allowed the Democrats to do virtually whatever they wished.

And lo and behold just a few years later America is in the worst condition it has been since the depression of the 1930s. The food stamps rolls have increased by 50% since Obama was elected.

That is no coincidence, friends, that total Democrat power has segued into total economic destruction. It is a natural progression. Any conservative or capitalist could have told you that it was going to happen.

Feel free to mention this to liberals next time they blame Everyone But Themselves for our economic crisis.

Have you heard about what is happening in Venezuela?

A leftist/marxist strongman named Hugo Chavez has been president since 1999. The economy has been ruined by his policies as we conservatives always warn will happen. But what is supposed to happen under such a regime?

Well, everyone is supposed to be happy because the wealth is supposed to be “equally distributed”. And of course “the poor” are supposed to be happy too because they get bigger and bigger handouts.

But not only has the hard-working middle class been dramatically shrunk under Chavez and the prosperous oil industry destroyed, but crime among the poor has spiraled out of control. Crime was a major issue in the recent election there.

Woah, woah! Aren’t “the poor” supposed to be happy under socialism with all of their needs taken care of? Shouldn’t there be less crime?

In theory yes. In reality no. Because socialism always works in theory but never in reality. That is why socialism is so popular on college campuses – because it is flawless in theory.

Just look at how increasingly miserable the poor are in Obama’s America. They have no jobs and no hope. They are worse off than ever under socialism. They wander the streets day after day, month after month, year after year. What a waste…

So just a few years after total Democrat power things are worse than ever for most people including the poor. As predicted.

For centuries poor people from all over the world have immigrated to America and prospered because the United States was a capitalist nation with opportunity for all. Because poor people generally want hope and jobs, not handouts, and can improve themselves if they want to and if they are good human beings with a desire to better their lot in life.

Now just imagine that all of those Swedish and Irish and Greek and Polish and Vietnamese immigrants had come to a socialist America and that, instead of economic opportunity and jobs and the possibility for advancement, that they had been given handouts like the welfare state gives away money today to many millions of people who remain idle.

Do you think that those immigrants would have prospered and progressed the way they have? That their children and grandchildren would have become as successful as we have?

Of course not. They would have stayed poor and on the government dole and their descendants would too, just like millions of blacks today live generation after generation on the government dole, doing nothing and achieving nothing, wasting their lives away. This is by Democrat design in order to keep blacks controlled. Blacks in fact are victims of the socialist ideology.

Just look at where Americans are moving today by their own free will. They are leaving liberal states like Massachusetts, Vermont, California, New York and Illinois and moving into conservative states like Texas, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina and Alabama.


It is because the conservative states have the jobs and the better jobs while liberalism destroys economic opportunity in favor of the Welfare State.  

And don’t think that liberals are not moving to these conservative states too. They want jobs just like everyone else. Except when they get to those conservative states they continue to advocate liberalism.

Already they are turning once-conservative states like North Carolina and Virginia liberal. And this will eventually cause Virginia and North Carolina to become poorer. Soon there will be nowhere for Americans to go, as designed by socialism.

Friends, just point out these contradictions to Democrats and you will win a debate every time as long as you don’t allow the libs to sidetrack the debate with their usual smokescreens or to change the subject, one of their standard tactics.

Here are some ways to debate liberals and win every time:

*Ask liberals why they themselves moved out of liberal states and into conservative states, which is a major American trend. That makes no sense at all if you listen to socialist rhetoric.

*Since liberals are gloating over Obama’s re-election victory, ask them when gasoline prices and heating oil prices are going to come down. After all, if Obama “cares” about Americans then he will give us affordable energy.

Obama talks constantly about the terrible economy he “inherited”. But he also inherited $1.85 a gallon gasoline. Today it is twice as much. Yet now the Obama-lover media are refusing to pin any blame at all on Obama and the Democrats for permanently higher gasoline prices which in fact are directly attributable to the fact that Obama is the most anti-petroleum president ever.

By the tone of his presidency – blocking the Keystone pipeline, subsidizing ineffective wind energy, taking more and more federal lands out of petroleum production – Obama is sending a strong signal to world energy markets that America will do nothing to increase supply and bring down prices.

Thus global oil prices, and US energy prices, will continue to remain high as a result. Because global energy markets are strongly affected by American policy because the United States is the biggest single energy consumer.

*Ask the liberals when unemployment will come down. We have not seen long-term unemployment like this since the 1930s. Unemployment is not 8%; it is really 12% to 20% depending on how you measure it. Democrats cannot continue to blame it on Bush.

*Ask Democrats when union-controlled General Motors and Chrysler will pay back the $50+ billion that they have borrowed from the taxpayer or are getting in tax breaks.

*Ask liberals when Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, two government agencies, will pay back their $350 billion bailout cost.

*Ask the liberals if they know that the private banks have repaid most of their 2009 TARP loans and are on track to pay them all back. The taxpayers even might make a profit on TARP.

*Ask liberals when the 47 million people on food stamps will decrease in number. It was 32 million when Obama took office.

*Ask the liberals when we will see the jobs made up that were terminated the very day after Obama was re-elected. Because employers know that they are headed for massive taxes and ObamaCare regulations and cannot afford to keep people on their payrolls.

*Ask the liberals when the “strong women” whom they have been touting for decades will become financially independent. You know, the “strong women” who, by the millions, are raising children on their own without a father but who are on the government dole because they cannot raise their children without taxpayer support.

All this bad news is a result of Democrat policies that have evolved over decades but which were rapidly accelerated when the Democrats had total power between 2009 and 2011.

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