Democrats are Executing Immigration ‘Ambush’

Barack Obama and the Democrats are carrying out an ‘immigration ambush’ strategy. This means that they are seeking to ram through an immigration bill at the same time that they are trying to rush though other significant legislation on guns, the debt, the economy, energy etc.

Their goal is to try and overwhelm Congress so that legislators will pass these bills hurriedly without adequate discussion.

It will not work. But this is a typical socialist strategy, to pass more and more and more laws with less and less debate, which the Founding Fathers warned about.

James Madison, ‘father’ of the US Constitution and the 4th US president said:

"It will be of little avail to the people that the laws are made by men of their choice if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood; if they be repealed or revised before they are promulgated, or undergo such incessant changes that no man, who knows what the law is today, can guess what it will be tomorrow. Law is defined to be a rule of action; but how can that be a rule, which is little known and less fixed?"

Said Founder John Adams, the second US president:

"Society can be governed only by general rules. Government cannot accommodate itself to every particular case, as it happens, nor to the circumstances of particular persons. It must establish general, comprehensive regulations for cases and persons. The only question is, which general rule, will accommodate most cases and most persons."

Democrat-controlled American states like California routinely pass huge numbers of laws every year – 750 new laws in 2012 alone. Because the political classes think that they can fix everything with laws, so they pass laws about everything. It is done in order to micro-manage and control the people right down to their homes and everyday activities. It grows and grows.

Now consider illegal immigration. Here are some things to think about:

*Illegal immigrants are not all people from Mexico who enter the US by sneaking over the border. Many have come in by air from Africa, Asia and other places. They just overstay their official visas. Barack Obama’s uncle, who lives near Boston, is a good example. They save enough money to fly to the US and then stay.

*Mexico is the main source for illegals and it is controlled politically by socialists of Spanish/European origin, with all of the power and much of the money centered in the capitol of Mexico City. Their party, the PRI, is like the Democrat party in the US and is a very left-wing party that controlled Mexico absolutely from 1929 until 2000.

*The period from 2000 to 2012 was a time of progress for the Mexican economy because the two presidents, Vicente Fox and Felipe Calderon, were not PRI and were more capitalistic and conservative.

*Mexicans have been flooding into the United States for decades for one main reason – because the PRI created a very socialist nation with a terrible economy. It is just like the trend in the US where skilled and educated people are moving out of liberal states like California and Illinois and into conservative states like Texas and Georgia.

*Many of the Mexicans who have come to the US are the very short-statured natives (Indians) whose land was overrun by the Europeans. They have little education or skills which is why many of them are not advancing economically.

*The Mexican government wants America to absorb as many Mexicans as possible to take pressure off of the Mexican economy.

*Illegal aliens have contributed much to the American economy over the last century, working in factories and fields, in restaurants and on construction projects for low wages. Many are hard workers who do the jobs without complaint. As a result many US employers prefer them over Americans who often come to a job with a bad attitude that is imprinted on them by the anti-business, anti-work-ethic American media.

*Illegals have taken away jobs from Americans and they have suppressed wages. But some of the jobs they do indeed are “jobs that Americans won’t do” like working in the agricultural fields and orchards.

*Republican business interests have favored illegal immigration as a source of cheap labor. That is why George W. Bush did not try to stop it.

*Democrats favor illegal immigration so as to have new voters and a new underclass that they can serve.

*Demands by some conservatives that illegal immigrants must “go home” or “self-deport” will never work. It should be abandoned.

*Immigrants have always suffered from discrimination throughout history and around the world and they generally fall into the socialist camp wherever they live.

*There are estimated to be 11 million illegals in America, or 3% of the population, although some say that the figure is higher.

Here is information on legal immigration from

… the majority of immigrants in the country are lawful permanent residents and US citizens. As of January 2010, an estimated 12.6 million green card holders resided in the United States, about 8.1 million of whom were eligible to naturalize as citizens.

There were 1,042,625 immigrants who were granted legal residence in 2010. Of those, 476,049 (45.7 percent) were new arrivals who entered the country in 2010, and 566,576 (54.3 percent) were status adjusters. The status adjusters arrived in the United States in any year before 2010, but their green card applications were approved during 2010.

From (probably from around 2006):

The foreign-born population in the United States tripled in the past four decades and currently totals about 37 million, or nearly 12 percent of the total population.

By 2010, the foreign-born population is expected to increase to 43 million, or 13.5 percent of the total population.

Proportionately, the United States is less a nation of immigrants now than a century ago, when nearly 15 percent of the population was foreign-born.

Many other countries have proportionately larger immigrant populations. For example, 17 percent of Canada's total population is foreign-born, as is 24 percent of Australia's.

Meanwhile in the US the Democrat plan for “comprehensive immigration reform” ultimately is based on granting citizenship to illegals with the fewest obstacles like learning English or sealing the border.

Rest assured that the Democrat approach will generally be that “the illegals have been here for so long that we should just give them citizenship.” Because once any plan is in place the Democrats will seek to water it down like ignoring border security or making the citizenship test super-easy. This is how they do everything. Just look at our public schools.

After all, many illegals in America today vote in our elections because the Democrats have been offering them a path to voter registration by giving them drivers’ licenses and Social Security numbers, both of which Obama’s uncle has.

Meanwhile the plan for immigration reform is this:

*Seal the Mexican border. No exceptions. The whole thing. Double the border patrol. Take the necessary funds out of other bloated parts of the government.

*Immediately return illegal aliens in American prisons to their nation of origin.

*Start offering citizenship to illegals by requiring that they have been here at least 10 years; that they apply and then wait 5 years; and that they take the citizenship test in English and show a knowledge of American history and the Constitution.

*Any illegals who have committed a crime are not eligible.

*Any illegals who do not become citizens under this plan can lose government benefits or be deported at any time, automatically if they commit a crime.

So what is so “conservative” about this plan?

First, it seals the border. Second it deports illegals who are filling our prisons. Third, those who do not apply have no argument against deportation because we gave them a chance at citizenship. Fourth it requires discipline and a track record of good behavior to attain citizenship.

But believes that most illegals would not even apply. Because they will remain comfortably illegal like they are now. believes that many of today’s illegals do not want to take the time to learn English and American history, or cannot do so. After all many do not speak English even after being here for decades.

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