The Truth about the GOP Election Loss

After the November 2012 election loss Republicans are looking introspectively and trying to figure out what went wrong. The Liberal Media are having a field day reporting on the dispirited GOP.

Republican governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana even said bluntly that the GOP needs to stop being “the stupid party” referring to two US Senate candidates who made controversial statements during the 2012 campaign, sinking their candidacies.

But friends, you must understand why the Republicans lost and it is nothing at all like it is being reported. Republican candidates in 2012 were principled, decent people, while those two candidates misspoke and were taken out of context.

And Democrats won because they have full media complicity to hide their corruption and failures and to attack Republicans; and Democrats are giving away boatloads of the taxpayer money to selected groups who then vote Democrat in return. Period. End of story. It is nothing more and nothing less.

Here are the reasons given for the Democrat victory:

Democrats used a sophisticated computer program to identify voters. Hispanics voted for Democrats in large numbers. White women voted for Democrats in big numbers. Single mothers voted largely Democrat. Government workers on the federal, state and local level voted overwhelmingly Democrat.

Poor people voted overwhelmingly Democrat. College students who voted overwhelmingly for Obama were bused in organized caravans to the polls all across America. Blacks voted for Obama more than 95%. Uninformed citizens voted Democrat by default because they said that Obama “cares about them”.

And on and on. You get the picture. Yet even with all of these advantages Obama won only a modest victory over Romney of about 5 million votes nationally or 4 percentage points. In contrast, Ronald Reagan won re-election over Walter Mondale in 1984 by 19 points.

OK, let’s look at what really happened. And it is this:

The people who quietly “build” America largely voted Republican. Self-reliant people largely voted Republican. Middle class people who go to work every day, who don’t complain, who raise their children without government assistance, who pay their taxes and who pay their own way largely voted for Romney. People who care about the Constitution, who go to church on Sundays, who serve selflessly in the military, who build up our economy and who abide by the law largely voted for the GOP.  

These patriotic, hard-working GOP voters fell short by 5 million votes. Yet despite all of their good work and traditional American diligence these people are constantly impugned by the Liberal Media.

Then you can rest assured that those 5 million winning Obama votes – and it probably was 10 million or more – were cast by dependent people who have “taken” much more than they have ever “given, who have worked little or who never have worked a day in their lives like the ‘free-cell-phone lady’ in Cleveland. These voters are built into the Democrat party. They get money from the government and vote Democrat in return.

And this is why Democrats won. Without these voters the Democrat party would go out of business overnight.

This cannot continue. It is a statistical dead end. The reason that we have huge federal debts and so much economic woe is because we have tens of millions of people who are “taking” and often producing absolutely nothing in return. And virtually all of them vote Democrat.

That is why our Republican/conservative ethos is the only one that can save America while the Liberal Media portray us as cold-hearted, bumbling fools who can’t win an election.

So even as the Democrats appear to be on a roll, their victory is a hollow one that is ruining America slowly but surely. This is classic socialism. It is the reason that big-government ‘utopian’ nations like Greece and Spain have collapsed and why the Soviet Union collapsed right at the start and never recovered.

Republicans are not blameless for all of this handout spending and debt, however. For decades during the flush years many liberals in the GOP went along with Democrat spending because the spending was popular while Goldwater/Reagan conservatism was ostracized.

After all George W. Bush and a Republican Congress gave us the most recent entitlement – the Medicare prescription drug program. And remember that Bush ran in 2000 on “compassionate conservatism”.

But all of this Republican/Democrat spending in the good times, with big built-in increases every year, never accounted for the day that we might have an economic crisis. And now we see the results and they are catastrophic while the crisis itself was caused by government giveaways like trillions in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans, which were the root cause for the 2008 collapse.

Here is another example of the difference between conservatives and Democrat liberals, this on the subject of morality and law:

In the 2012 US Senate elections those two conservative Republicans were savaged in the media and defeated for election over comments that they made about rape.

One said there is “legitimate rape” when in fact he was not saying that there is a legitimate form of rape but was stating an anti-abortion concept. The other said that pregnancy caused by rape is “something God intended to happen”, which is a Christian concept, that we must accept certain things even when they are bad, in order not to become overwhelmed by anger.

Both candidates are good men but they were brutalized in the media and defeated over these misinterpreted comments.

Now consider Democrat US senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey who was re-elected in 2012. Reports now are surfacing, conveniently after the election, that Menendez is being investigated for having sex with underage Dominican prostitutes.

Meanwhile Menendez is in the US Senate in the first place because he was appointed to fill the seat of Democrat US senator Jon Corzine when he became governor of New Jersey. Yet in 2011 Corzine’s financial firm, MF Global, lost every penny of its wealth, $1.2 billion, under very suspicious circumstances.

So we have two decent, law-abiding Republicans whose words were taken out of context and who were defeated, while two thoroughly corrupt Democrats have skated by and will be defended and covered for at every turn, although Menendez probably will be forced out.

Here again you see why Democrats win. It is because they and their media allies have no conscience.

Look at these groups that voted Obama/Democrat in 2012 and you understand that our problems come from the Democrats and the solution lies with conservatism:

Blacks: They voted 95% for Obama. Yet blacks have high rates of dependency, illegitimacy, academic failure, criminality and dissolution. They are classic Democrat voters. Most black children today are being raised by the taxpayers. Meanwhile the tax-paying middle class, like the white Tea Parties, are trashed by the Democrats and the media for voting Republican and urging budget restraint. It is shameful. 

Hispanics: They voted 70% Democrat for two reasons: The Democrats give them unlimited amounts of money even if they are illegal; and the Democrats want open borders and amnesty for illegals. Meanwhile illegal immigration has suppressed wages and created millions of new aid recipients. Yet most Hispanics are hard workers, are pro-family and Christian. They should be voting for Republicans and conservatives. But they are propagandized by the media and by the Spanish-speaking media.

Welfare recipients: They voted overwhelmingly for Obama in exchange for handouts. And if you think that these are valid votes that are in the best interest of America, you are wrong. If you understand the disaster of this paradigm you are a conservative.

Single mothers: This exploding class has been nurtured by liberalism for decades. Now it dominates much of our social structure and it is highly dependent on taxpayer handouts just as we conservatives have warned that it would be. And the Democrats are happy to give them handouts in exchange for votes and power. Meanwhile we conservatives who support traditional marriage and the nuclear family are defamed in the media.

Young college students/graduates: They voted overwhelmingly for Obama because A) young people don’t know anything about real life and B) they are propagandized by the hard left in the universities and by the media. Yet when they cannot find jobs they point to Anyone But Obama and ignore ruinous liberal economic policies.

Labor unions: These are some of the biggest beneficiaries of Obama/Democrat rule. The unions at GM and Chrysler got a straight taxpayer bailout. Meanwhile public-employee unions in states like California, Illinois and New York state are bankrupting those states, causing an outflow of skilled and educated people. At the same time the conservative agenda restrains unions, as happened in Wisconsin. The unions get angry over situations like Wisconsin because their hands are removed from the taxpayer wallet.

Colleges and universities: These institutions have been gouging American parents for decades. But they are run with an iron grip by liberals and leftists so there is no outcry. The administrators and professors live like kings while many graduates have no jobs and families are bankrupted by tuitions. We conservatives have been warning about these university elites for decades. Their dirty work now has come home to roost. Sensible people would heed the conservative points of view, but it is suppressed by the media.

A vicious Liberal Media: These people are completely off the charts. They say nothing bad about Obama, for instance about energy prices or the real facts about unemployment. They savage every Republican for any reason. They treat ‘global warming’ like it is science when it is not. They elevate demagogues like Al Gore and Harry Reid and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. while they smear decent people like Mitt Romney.

Hollywood, the entertainment industry, artists, novelists etc.: These are the people who put out the lowest “entertainment” and “art” in the history of mankind. They are 95% Democrat. They put out endless violence but are never called to account. And they promote socialism relentlessly. We conservatives have warned Americans over and over about these people. But millions are swayed because America increasingly is a dumbed-down nation.

Voter fraud: Don’t ever forget this major factor in favor of Democrats – voters casting ballots multiple times, illegal aliens voting, people voting under multiple identities, military ballots excluded, Democrats voting in two places. This also includes the destruction of millions of Republican campaign signs, which is an epidemic across America at every election.

Barack Obama: He is portrayed as the smartest person in the world. Yet America is in the worst shape ever under his presidency. This is a direct result of Obama’s ignorance and his radical leftist agenda. By the way, how did Obama get into Columbia and Harvard after he “spent the last two years of high school in a (drug-induced) daze” as he himself admits? Answer: He got into Harvard on affirmative action. And into the White House too. That is the affirmative action that we conservatives oppose.

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