US Population Shifts Should Help Republicans… but don’t

Massachusetts Democrat US senator John Kerry has become secretary of state in the Obama administration. This leaves Kerry’s Senate seat open.

Yet there is hardly a prominent Republican in the entire state of Massachusetts, with 6.4 million people, who wants to seek the seat.

Isn’t that amazing?

Actually, no. And if you understand the dynamic you see a distressing pattern.

Whole states like California, Massachusetts, New York and Vermont can hardly field any good Republican candidates for either governor or US senator.

The reason is simple: These states have “tipped” into the Democrat column. This means first that there are fewer and fewer Republicans even living in them. And that means that there are fewer viable GOP candidates who might run for office.

Why has this happened?

It is because of economics. Americans are migrating out of economically declining liberal states and into the more thriving conservative states.

And if you look at a map of America today there are 30 Republican governors and 20 Democrat governors. And Republicans are governors in the states that are thriving economically like Georgia, Texas and Arizona.

Meanwhile Democrats hold the governorships and much of the political power in the liberal states that are declining economically… like New York, California, Vermont and Illinois. This trend also extends to other offices like US senator and US congressman.

Take California: Every single statewide office from governor on down is Democrat. Both US senators are very liberal Democrats. And California has massive budget problems and sky-high taxes to go along with Democrat control of the state because wild overspending on the welfare state and on the public employee unions is sucking the Golden State dry.

This is causing a mass out-migration from California of an estimated 225,000 people per year, mostly younger, productive, skilled and educated people. The state is in economic free fall and taxes are going through the roof.

This is a tragedy because California had a great Republican party for more than 100 years. Ronald Reagan came from California. People flocked to California for many decades.

But this new out-migration from California is part of a pattern. It is this:

Productive people thrive in states with strong economies and they want to live in those states. And it is in the nature of Republicans and conservatives to want to establish businesses, be self-sufficient, contribute to the private sector and to be involved in dynamic growth.

This is why the thriving states have healthy Republican parties and GOP governors – because they are historically the more conservative states that have Republican, pro-business policies to start with. In addition Republicans are migrating into them from liberal states.

Democrats, on the other hand, love government. And the more control they have the more the states decline economically. Because the more power that liberals have the more they spend money wildly and then tax business, regulate business, impose outlandish ‘green energy’ rules and empower Democrat trial lawyers to sue everyone in sight. They also undermine the states with social inventions like gay marriage.

That is why a once-thriving state like Massachusetts has been losing skilled and educated citizens for decades; because the Democrats are ruining the state economy, pushing people out. The physical decay of Massachusetts is startling.

The first people to depart such states usually are Republicans and conservatives who see the economies deteriorating and who seek greener pastures. This is why you find weaker and weaker Republican parties in these declining states. This out-migration among conservatives eventually becomes a stampede.

A state that today is very liberal like New York, which was an economic colossus for 200 years, has lost almost 10% of its population in the last decade through out-migration. Its Republican party can hardly even field a viable statewide candidate for governor or US senator. Out of 17 million people!

OK, so Republicans leave first. But guess what else. Younger, skilled and educated Democrats leave these declining states because they want jobs too. Tens of thousands of very liberal Democrats have departed Massachusetts and moved… guess where?

Many have moved to next-door New Hampshire which has a strong economy and which, since the founding of America up until about 20 years ago, was a known conservative state, the only one in New England.

Oh, the liberals in New England for decades mocked New Hampshire. They said it was just a bunch of Republican rednecks with a crazy state motto like ‘Live Free or Die’. But now tens of thousands of liberals have moved there. Because the “right wing” nature of the state made it hospitable to business. It has no state income tax or sales tax and many pro-business policies.

What does this migration of younger, educated and skilled people do?

It bolsters the economies of states that are receiving them but it leaves a poorer, sicker, older and less educated population behind in places like Massachusetts and New York state, i.e., people who cannot leave, cannot afford to leave or who are not inclined to leave.

These poorer, sicker and older people are ripe for Democrat power. Democrats love helpless people whom they then can rule over with their big-government, nanny-state agendas; that is why the poorest congressional districts in America live under unchallenged Democrat power. The more nursing homes, homeless shelters, jobless people and soup kitchens there are, the more powerful the Democrats become.

Those states then also have fewer younger, productive people and Republicans to promote growth and to oppose the statist Democrat welfare state agenda. It becomes a downward spiral.

This is why it must be embarrassing to be a Democrat. Because they always think that they are so ‘cool’.  But Democrats ultimately get their power from the least productive people in America. Poor people on the government dole kept Obama in the White House with millions of votes.

Thus you would think that this population shift to conservative states would be good for Republicans, that Republicans now can show statistically that their ideas are the successful ones.

If only it were true. But just look at what actually happens.

Take a state like North Carolina, which was very conservative for most of its history. Today it has a rising liberal population and more and more liberal politics. Why?

Because when liberals leave places like Massachusetts and move to more conservative states for the job opportunities they bring their liberal politics with them.

They do not move to North Carolina and say, “Boy, I sure am glad to be in a conservative state. I am thankful for its conservative policies, and I am now rejecting the liberalism that ruined Massachusetts.”

No, they start agitating to make North Carolina liberal. And this is the great achilles heel of all economic success. It not only attracts productive people but it also it attracts deadbeats and con artists who want to take advantage of the wealth and jobs, including liberals.

Consider Montana. Once a rough n’ ready, conservative Western state, it now has a Democrat governor and two Democrat US senators.


Because advances in transportation and communications have made it accessible. Many Hollywood actors have estates there. Meanwhile thousands of liberal Californians have moved to Montana… after ruining California with their politics.

And thus you might assume that the Republicans who move to these conservative states would make the Republican party stronger too.

Which is true. But remember that Republicans are more likely to become involved in business, their churches, the military etc. while Democrats are much more likely to become strong political activists involved in the government. For many liberals, political power is all they care about.

So why are Americans not seeing the basic truth, that Republican states are thriving? Heck, even communist China is using capitalism to save itself.

It is because of the left-wing American media. They keep shouting at us every minute of every day that all of the nation’s economic problems are Bush’s fault and that capitalism is evil. They never do statistical analyses showing how individual states with conservative/Republican policies are flourishing and that liberal states are collapsing.

When was the last time you saw NBC News doing a special report like ‘Successful States Have Conservative Policies’

Never. But they run endless stories about how successful Republican states need more government programs and liberal ideas like homosexual marriage.

In fact if you look at today’s statistics you find that most of the strong job growth, and the best jobs, are found in the Republican states. Most of the new factories are located in non-union, low-tax states, even including factories from other nations. Europe’s Airbus is a building a new plant in… Alabama.

So it generally is the conservative states that are keeping the US economy from going down the drain, and which saved Obama’s reputation in the 2012 election. Without their growth, unemployment numbers would be much higher.

But the American media will never tell you that. No, every minute they foment hatred of Republicans, hatred of business, hatred of the Tea Parties, hatred of corporations, hatred of wealthy people etc.

Even in the conservative states their left-wing urban newspapers like the
Atlanta Journal-Constitution in Georgia put out the usual propaganda deriding capitalism and profit-making businesses and promoting Democrats, homosexuality, ‘green energy’, taxes, regulations, amnesty for illegals etc.

So as these Republican states prosper, transplanted liberals join up with existing liberals and their liberal newspapers and their liberal universities to slowly seek to tilt these conservative states liberal. That already is happening in places like New Hampshire, Virginia and North Carolina.

On the other hand, you will no longer see any major migration from conservative states into liberal states. Because the Democrats have ruined the liberal states; those states will never recover although there is some spotty economic growth in liberal states.

In the long run, this is how socialism consumes entire nations. It is a relentless push by the left to implement their policies. And those policies always look good at the time, i.e., “gee Texas is doing great economically. Why don’t we just add another government program. We can afford it.” And then another and another. And then ‘green energy’. And on and on.

Eventually Texas could look like Massachusetts. It creeps in inch by inch, law by law, tax by tax.

In fact this is how we got these massive federal programs. They were added relentlessly during the prosperous years.

This all is going to result in the whole nation going left like Europe. Because we have more and more people today getting more and more money and benefits and jobs from the government. Meanwhile we all are being inundated with anti-Republican propaganda every day in the more extremist media. We are passing the tipping point.

Thus now we conservatives must work harder than ever to educate Americans about the truth behind Obama and the Democrats.

Is there hope? Well, a little. Even very socialistic nations like Japan, Spain and Greece have elected conservative presidents. But this has come only after socialist policies caused their total collapse.

Unfortunately a president cannot undo the embedded socialistic ethos in these nations just like an occasional Republican governor in a liberal American state cannot undo the state’s underlying liberalism.

That would require a thorough electoral revolution from the ground up. And socialists worldwide will fight this every inch of the way because that is all that many of them do – fight for political power. It is their whole life and universe.

And that is why we conservatives must redouble our efforts to expose the truth.

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