‘Environmentalists’ Trash Mount Everest

According to a mountaineering documentary there are 200 dead bodies on Mt. Everest, the world’s highest peak. These are the bodies of people who have perished trying to climb to the top.

The dead are all dressed in non-biodegradable winter gear made of nylon and other synthetic fibers. Most of the bodies have steel oxygen bottles strapped to them, and plastic face masks and goggles. These hikers also carried various non-degradable things like sunglasses, backpacks, space-age food packets, water containers, cell phones etc.

The bodies cannot be gathered up because it is very difficult even to get near the top of Mt. Everest where they lie. Helicopters cannot fly that high because the air is too thin.

And rest assured that there are tons of other trash up there – discarded oxygen tanks, tents and sleeping bags that have blown away, climbing gear like stainless steel crampons, ice axes, ropes and ladders, cooking pots, gloves and hats etc.

In short, once-pristine Mt. Everest today is a garbage dump.

Yet who are the people who climb this legendary peak every year?

New Zealander Sir Edmund Hillary first ascended Everest in 1953 in a pioneering effort with primitive equipment. But since then climbing it has become a commercial endeavor. For prices averaging around $60,000 in 2013 dollars a person from Tokyo or Denver or Australia can hire a guide and attempt to climb the peak in a special group.

These climbers certainly have to be in good physical shape to even be considered. But once they get near the top many people cannot stand the rigors of the climb. They don’t make it all the way and they go back down, or they die trying and are still up there. Even a few of the experienced guides have died.

In May 1996 a very famous incident occurred where 11 people died in one single day on Everest. In 2008 eleven people died on another nearby peak called K2.

And when we see the documentaries about these people we are supposed to feel sad?

Baloney. What do they expect? They are doing something extremely dangerous.

Now who precisely are these climbers who have despoiled Everest?

Rest assured that virtually all of the climbers, and particularly their expedition leaders, are environmentalists, some of them radical. Indeed the world is full of nature-worshipping mountaineers who spend a lifetime trotting around the globe climbing this peak and that and worshipping mother nature endlessly.

And as these mountaineers/ecologists burn up gobs of energy in their international travels and despoil beautiful peaks like Everest they vocally proclaim environmental extremism – that man is evil, that our lifestyle is destroying the planet, that ‘global warming’ is leading us to doom. You know, the usual alarmist template.

Yet they fly, fly, fly, climb, climb, climb, despoil, despoil, despoil. They are typical enviro hypocrites. They themselves are ruining more of pristine nature than any other people by ruining Mt. Everest and other peaks with all of their trash. They have invaded other unspoiled places too, like Antarctica, to do endless “research” and exploration. 

Why don’t these people just stay home and leave nature alone?

Good question…

Meanwhile the expedition leaders are making money. So there is another element thrown in – the cash.

Then the leaders become big celebrities and the ruin of Everest is nothing to them compared to getting their picture plastered all over the internet.

This is a glamorous, moneyed world. Yet over and over we are told that environmentalists are impoverished backpackers throwing themselves in front of bulldozers to save the planet, that they are part of a tiny, powerless ecological vanguard protecting the world from the Evil Capitalist System

If only it were true. In fact the truth is quite the opposite.

Environmentalists today, including these mountaineers, are part of an ultra-wealthy and very privileged Global Environmentalist Elite (GEE) that includes many billionaire contributors and other wealthy donors; total government cooperation in most nations in the world; millions of schools and universities acting as incubators for eco-radicalism; and a slavish global media.

And while we are told that the private capitalist forces in the world like oil companies, mining companies and logging companies are very powerful and must be slowed or stopped, they are not powerful at all. In fact they are small potatoes against the GEE.

Little happens anywhere on earth anymore without the approval of the GEE. Its opinions are echoed in most major newspapers in the world. It is written about obsessively in magazines and on the internet, and it is reported on compulsively by the world’s radio and TV networks, including the BBC and other government-owned outfits. Everything it says is reported as indisputable truth.

In fact modern-day environmentalists have much more power than any other single group on the planet or any other group in history. It is a global network; they are all interlinked. It is a cohesive international movement, the first of its kind in world history.

Then when these eco-elitists consume huge amounts of energy in their travels and trash Everest in the name of fame and profit, there is no outcry. Because when the elites pollute the world media ignore it. Because the elites always get away with anything they wish, and always have.

For instance they put windmills all over, ruining the landscape and giving us virtually no energy in return. But they are never seen as the polluters that they are.

So how about this proposal: The GEE should contribute its own private money to a fund to clean up Everest and other peaks, to pay for special teams to climb up and bring down all of the dead bodies and all the other trash.

But don’t hold your breath. Because these elites never live by their own rules. Remember the first rule: That environmentalists make laws for the rest of us that they themselves ignore.

Rule #1 says that environmentalists themselves can make whatever mess they want, use as much energy as they want and have as big a ‘carbon footprint’ as they want and that they never will be held to account.

Because they are too busy running their mouths about ‘global warming’ and all of their other lies and obfuscations.

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