Marijuana Legalization is a Terrible Idea

If you want to know why drug legalization is folly just look at what is happening in Colorado which legalized marijuana in November 2012.

Here are excerpts from an Associated Press article called Pot tourism in Colo.? Marijuana regulators OK idea with a comment after each:

AP reports: DENVER (AP) — Marijuana tourism is on the way to Colorado, under a recommendation made Tuesday by a state task force to regulate the drug made legal by voters last year. Comment: Marijuana tourism is a terrible idea. The last thing Americans need to be thinking about in these bad economic times is traveling to Colorado to get stoned. But this is liberalism – pleasure before business. Always.

AP reports: Colorado's marijuana task force was assembled to suggest regulations for pot after voters chose to flout federal drug law and allow its use without a doctor's recommendation. Made up of lawmakers, law enforcement authorities and marijuana activists, the task force agreed Tuesday that the constitutional amendment on marijuana simply says that adults over 21 can use the drug, not just Colorado residents. If lawmakers agree with the recommendation, tourists would be free to buy and smoke marijuana. Comment: These activists are nothing more than hard-core leftists. They want you to say, Oh, heck, who cares! Let everyone smoke pot! This is how the culture of license and permissiveness degrades our whole society law by law.

This will creep out of Colorado slowly but surely just as social permissiveness crept out of California for decades. Colorado is the incubator for marijuana legalization nationwide and for open marijuana use all over America. If this continues you won’t be able to walk down the streets of your town without smelling pot smoke and it will draw millions of people into drug use.

And don’t think that marijuana is “harmless”. It destroys minds by the millions because pot smoke has dangerous properties and chemicals. Just look at the ‘hippies’ from the 1960s. Many have gone insane or are going insane. But the direct link has not been exposed between marijuana and brain destruction because the American Liberal Media do not want you to know about it. Because marijuana legalization is a brainchild of and a goal of the Democrat left.

And rest assured that these marijuana activists are not just happy-go-lucky ‘hippies’. Behind the scenes they are part of a radical network of hardened activists that includes ‘occupy Wall Street’ types and other anti-American extremists. They are working on many fronts to undermine us.

AP reports: Tourists could see purchasing caps (limits on the amount of marijuana that could be bought) though, possibly as low as an eighth of an ounce per transaction. Comment: Oh, sure. The ‘tourists’ are going to abide by the letter of the law? I don’t think so. Actually they don’t even need to go to Colorado to get pot. You can buy it almost anywhere today.

AP reports: Afraid that marijuana tourism could open the door for traffickers to load up and take it across state borders for illegal sale, task force members agreed that non-residents should be able to buy only limited amounts, though a specific amount wasn't set. Comment: Repeat…marijuana tourism could open the door for traffickers to load up and take it across state borders for illegal sale’.

AP reports: "Marijuana purchased in Colorado must stay in Colorado," Pabon warned. Comment: Yeah, right…

AP reports: Task force members were less successful agreeing to recommendations on marijuana growing and public use. Colorado's marijuana law allows home growing but requires plants to be in a locked, secure location out of public view. The task force couldn't agree whether a "locked" and "secure" location would mean a backyard surrounded by a fence, or whether an enclosure such as a shed or greenhouse should be mandatory. Comment: Rest assured that within a few years the potheads will be ignoring this law, growing it everywhere. And then people will say… “why not”… “let them grow it in the back yard. After all, it’s legal” etc.

AP reports: Public use also prompted a dispute that wasn't resolved Tuesday. Jackson and others wanted to ban marijuana use on publicly visible patios, porches and backyards. Marijuana activists chafed. Comment: Of course they “chafed”. The activists are on a roll. They will simply continue to demand that pot can be smoked anywhere. Their strategy is to get more and more people using marijuana by being exposed to it everywhere. This will create an increasingly stoned-out electorate, which is what Democrats want in order to get more votes.

AP reports: "So I can drink a beer on my porch? But I can't smoke a joint?" asked marijuana advocate Christian Sederberg. Comment: This is how these activists incrementally want to make marijuana as common as drinking a beer – by always comparing the two. But remember that millions of people drink beer every day but only some get drunk. Yet every single marijuana puff makes you stoned (the equivalent of drunk) with the super-strong marijuana today. And pot-heads are puffing away on this stuff to dangerous levels every single day.

Now just imagine this scenario: You are raising your young children peacefully, not bothering anyone, and you have a bunch of marijuana addicts next door smoking pot outside on the porch or deck. And you complain that you don’t want your children seeing them or smelling marijuana, maybe even feeling the effects from the smoke.

But if the marijuana activists impose their full agenda you will be told that you are out of luck. YOU will be told to keep your children inside if you don’t like the smell. This is another way for the Democrat left to destroy the American family and American property rights.

Friends, marijuana legalization is just another proposal from the radicals to undermine America. Because remember how liberalism works – it tells you that “freedom” means that you can do anything you want.

That is false. Our Constitutional liberties mean that you have your most precious freedoms like speech, assembly and the right to bear arms but that you cannot do just anything, that there are rules and boundaries for behavior.

In short freedom is for disciplined and moral people, not marijuana addicts and other irresponsible narcissists.

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