Defamation of Conservatives is the 1960s All Over Again

The persistent Democrat party/media defamation of conservatives and the Tea Parties has its roots in the 1960s. After all the Tea Parties are a true middle-class movement. And if you recall, the socialist left and the ‘hippies’ of the 1960s despised the middle class, calling it every name in the book.

They said that the decent, hard-working and productive middle class was old-fashioned, stupid, materialistic and greedy and that the nuclear family was lorded over by ignorant white men.

One of the most famous television shows of the 1970s was All in the Family in which the lead character Archie Bunker was portrayed as an ignoramus white middle-class worker with laughable values.

Meanwhile Archie’s liberal college-kid son-in-law was portrayed as a genius with all the “correct” attitudes about race, sex, feminism etc.

The Tea Parties are part of a movement that works hard and sees the government as a hindrance to its prosperity. And Democrats get their power by undermining the independent middle class – as it is shrinking significantly under Obama – and then making it dependent on and obedient to the government, like with ObamaCare.

Just look at any socialist nation, as in Europe, where the middle class is withered; or where it is wiped out as it was in the communist Soviet Union with staples like bread in short supply. Even its centers of faith, the Christian churches, were destroyed.

Socialism then replaces the wealth-creating and self-reliant middle class with a much smaller and lazier middle class that works directly for the government or relies increasingly on the government and that hews to a leftist agenda.

And since the wealth-producing middle class is marginalized or destroyed, socialist/communist societies are always poorer than capitalist societies. Sometimes much, much poorer.

Today free, capitalist South Korea has 15 to 18 times the average per capita income of “caring” communist next-door North Korea. The situation in the North would be like the average American living on $3,500 a year. Because that is how most North Koreans live except for those who are closely allied with the government. Many North Koreans live on the brink of starvation.

The socialist/communist middle class is made up of three groups – military, police and others who are utterly and blindly loyal to those in power; government workers including public school teachers; and workers in state-run industries. In more open socialist nations like France, there is a small capitalist middle class.

And then the rest of the society is made up of extremes – masses of poorer or poor people without jobs or hope of advancement; and the super-rich oligarchs like Obama lover George Soros. Leftist dictator Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, who died recently, had accumulated a fortune of $2 billion in a relatively poor nation.

Soros accumulates his fortune ($20+ billion) through currency speculation, not by making something useful like cars or computers or steel and creating jobs for others as Henry Ford did.

Meanwhile we conservatives, Tea Partiers and capitalists genuinely oppose this type of blatant speculation because it is the lowest and most selfish type of economic activity with no benefit for the overall society.

So if the ‘hippies’ of the 1960s largely came out of the middle class, how did they come to hate the middle class?

Answer: They were taught self hatred. They were turned against their good parents and ultimately against themselves and their own upbringing and their own values. The ‘hippies’ were taught to be totally arrogant and demanding.

Like Michelle Obama who said she was never proud of a nation that had handed everything to both her and her husband on a silver platter (preferred college admissions and free scholarships, plum jobs, endless positive press, an unobstructed path to power including the White House etc.).

This is also how tens of millions of poor people in America today live better and better off of the taxpayer; because they have been taught to have no conscience, to think only about themselves, that “the government” has endless amounts of money, that “somebody else” has everything.

Now look at America today. Who in the middle class is getting by far the best pay, benefits and pensions of all workers?

It is people who work for the government, who are often unionized. For instance, public school teachers make almost twice as much in hourly pay (about $40 an hour) than the average private-sector worker. The annual salary for the average teacher in the Chicago public schools is $71,000 a year. And much of the Chicago system is an abject failure

But wait. There’s much more. These teachers get five other huge advantages that are never discussed in the media – they get the best benefits and pensions of anyone in their income class, and they get easy schedules (working only about two-thirds of the number of hours of most Americans) early retirement (often retiring in their early 50s) and lifetime job security (except for the most egregious violations).

Oh, wait, there’s one more. And it’s a biggie: Public school teachers in Illinois and in 13 other states do not pay into Social Security. This is another big fringe benefit, another “gift” from the Democrat party to public workers because everyone knows that SS is a raw deal for the middle class. This gives these teachers much more money at retirement.

This is Obama’s middle class. Then they always cry poverty which is typical socialism.

This situation has evolved over many decades as the Democrats have empowered the government class and undermined the private-sector middle class.

Meanwhile the shrinking private-sector middle class is paying more and more in taxes and becoming poorer and poorer to support an ever-higher standard of living for government workers and for more and more dependent poor.

That is why liberal states like New York have sky-high taxes and zero reforms of the increasingly wealthy government unions and of the welfare state. And why the middle class is shrinking rapidly in New York state, or packing up and leaving.

That is why the government-worker unions in Wisconsin went crazy when the Republicans reformed the system to curb their power. Because the unions know that their wealth comes directly from the middle class, through higher taxes.

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