Who are These ‘Environmentalists’?

Have you heard about ‘fracking’? It is a system of ‘hydraulic fracturing’ which is a process that has been around for decades. In fracking, chemicals, mud and water are pumped into wells drilled deep into the ground to fracture the rock and release natural gas. It is unlocking a massive treasure trove of new gas deposits worldwide.

Environmentalists have been telling us for decades now to use more and more natural gas because it is a ‘clean’ fuel. But now they are trying to stop its production by opposing fracking.

Irish filmmaker Phelim McAleer has made a video debunking all of the myths and lies about fracking here and in Europe where environmentalists are trying to outlaw the practice.

One of the main deceptions about fracking is found in videos of people who say that their water wells have been polluted by fracking, and that natural gas now is mixed in with their water. Videos on YouTube show people lighting their tap water on fire. It is very theatrical.

Except that the anti-frackers never mention that natural gas has been found in some water wells for many decades, even when there is no fracking anywhere nearby. Because natural gas is found underground all around the world and sometimes in areas where people drill water wells. The gas then occasionally shows up in tap water.

The anti-frackers also are certainly producing fake videos, a standard environmentalist tactic of deception. This is like their bogus claims about ‘global warming’ and their use of manipulated images and facts that are taken completely out of context or outright forged.

McAleer recently released a film called FrackNation. And one of the things that he did was to seek to challenge a Pennsylvania couple, Craig and Julie Sautner, who were claiming that their water was contaminated by fracking.

McAleer wanted to visit their house to substantiate their claims. Yet the Sautners refused. And then when McAleer was near their house and tried to call them to try to arrange a visit, Julie Sautner came along in her car and stopped to talk to him. The video of the encounter is on YouTube.

So why did she stop if she was so opposed to him?

Good question. And her tone and demeanor revealed much.

When she stopped she immediately called McAleer names (she called him “anti-American” and a “turncoat”) and threatened to sue him. She told him that she had a loaded gun in the car, an indirect threat. She then threatened to send a major environmental organization after him legally.

For months Sautner repeatedly used threats, foul language and insults against people in her area who are in favor of natural gas development.

But Sautner did not offer McAleer an opportunity to take her water to have it analyzed. This comes after Sautner and her husband have repeatedly shown a big jug of brown water in public, claiming it is from their tap. Yet another video shows the Sautner water being perfectly clear.

Julie Sautner then lied to the police, saying that McAleer had threatened to trespass onto her property to get water for testing.

The Sautners, of Dimock, Pa., even rejected the federal EPA’s own results finding that there was no contamination, and the results of Pennsylvania enviro officials saying that the water was OK.

Another anti-fracking activist called McAleer “a fucking alien” and told him to “go get drunk and be a drunken Irish freak” and a string of other racial epithets. This is becoming more and more the norm in modern-day environmentalism.

Why? Well, we need to expose The Big Truth:

Many of these people are not “environmentalists” at all. They are radical, angry, anti-American, anti-capitalist activists, many of them outright communists, who attach themselves to enviro issues like the anti-fracking movement to give themselves legitimacy. Remember that even one of Obama’s White House enviro officials, Van Jones, had been linked to a communist group. And they have one goal – to halt American economic prosperity and to use any tactic to do so. This IS a conspiracy by the extremist left.

Many of these activists are getting money from wealthy environmental organizations and other far-left activist groups and universities. These people actually make a living conducting these eco-crusades. It would be interesting to know who is funding the Sautners, or who is behind them.

Because these eco organizations are the richest activist groups in America. They have a steady flow of cash from many billionaire supporters like New York mayor Michael Bloomberg (estimated fortune is $11 billion) and George Soros ($20 billion) and hundreds of thousands or millions of other donors, many of them very wealthy or quite well off.

Meanwhile they have a huge team of allies embedded deep in the government at the federal, state and local level, in the universities and schools, and in the media, who constantly write editorials, speak in the schools, pass legislation and hold countless public forums all over the nation.

But then environmentalists act like they are just impoverished backpackers struggling to rub two nickels together to save the birds and the trees. It is a complete façade.

So where is the open debate about fracking? Why were the Sautners being so secretive? After all, if they had the truth on their side, it would come out, would it not? They would not need to curse out their opponents or hide their water from McAleer. In fact it would have helped their cause to give their water to McAleer to prove their point.

If it indeed was polluted in the first place…

(The Sautners have since sold their property and moved to nearby New York state. The town of Dimock bid them a fond good riddance.)

Julie Sautner is a very angry, belligerent person. There is something very suspicious about her and about many of today’s “environmentalists”. She is the type of person whom you see more and more in the enviro movement – underhanded people, liars and vandals, libelers, secretive people who deceive, manipulate the facts, destroy property and obstruct economic growth but who never produce proof of their claims.

What does this remind you of?

It sounds like the labor unions, does it not? Today labor unions are controlled by, and have been controlled for decades by confrontational, strong-arm activists who threaten and even harm people, destroy property and tell lies every day. Many are members of organized crime, and all are Democrats.

Now it appears that many of the anti-frackers are cut from the same cloth. It would be very interesting to know more about these people, including the Sautners. You can be confident that they have ties to the hard political left and the Democrat party through labor unions, public schools, universities, government employment, radical environmental groups or other extremist political organizations.

Indeed today’s environmentalism is a shell movement that hides behind a smiling ‘green’ agenda but which employs hard-nosed, aggressive activists like the Sautners and other anti-frackers. This is just their latest crusade and it is not about “the environment”. It is about thwarting the American economy and accumulating money.

Even the founder of Greenpeace, Patrick Moore, quit his own organization because it had been taken over by radicals.

Oh, they lie, lie, lie. If you remember the 1970s there was a national panic about the chemical dioxin. It was called the most toxic substance on earth. Then in the early 1990s the hysteria over dioxin was debunked. Even the New York Times admitted in a front-page article that dioxin is not nearly as dangerous as it had been claimed.

In short we always find out the truth about these “environmentalists” and their outlandish claims, but it often takes years, and the damage done in the meantime can be substantial.

Now consider the case of wood-burning stoves to better understand these “environmentalists”. The US Fire Administration reports:

An estimated 50,100 heating fires in residential buildings occur each year in the United States. Heating was the second leading cause of all residential building fires following cooking.

Meanwhile another study says that 4,000 of those house fires every year are caused by wood-burning stoves. The damage is proportionally very high since only a small percentage of American homes are heated by wood-burning stoves.

In other words, wood-burning stoves are very dangerous. Yet over and over we hear these so-called “environmentalists” telling us that nuclear power is perilous or that fracking is dangerous.

Yet neither nuclear power nor fracking ever has burned down a single home in America. Not one single death has ever been attributed to fracking or to nuclear power in America. The number of people killed in the famous Three Mile Island nuclear accident in 1979 was zero. President Jimmy Carter even went right inside the TMI plant right after the accident and he is still alive in 2013.

So who introduced the modern era of wood-burning stoves in America?

It was the young ‘hippies’ who moved out to rural areas in the 1960s and 1970s. You know, the ‘hippies’ who are all grown up now, many of whom always have opposed and still rabidly oppose nuclear power.

Some of them are now anti-fracking “environmentalists” who are getting money to promote the radical eco-agenda. And they are living very well, often with high standards of living while ‘green energy’ laws and restrictions make the people poorer and poorer.

In Massachusetts, for instance, ‘green energy’ laws pushed up the price of electricity leading to the loss of 400 paper manufacturing laws in one small county alone, Berkshire County, in one year, 2008.

But you will never find these activists taking any responsibility for dangerous wood-burning stoves or for their lies about dioxin or nuclear power or fracking. Or the lies about the “hole in the ozone layer” (remember that?) or about “radioactive radon gas in every basement” (another lie).

Because these people never take responsibility for their failures and falsehoods even when those failures and lies are egregious and pronounced. This is how the Liberal Media proclaim without equivocation that ‘global warming’ is a fact.

These are the same “environmentalists” who urge you to install solar panels on your house. This is to funnel more money to the enviro left that is profiteering off of the manufacture, sale, distribution and/or installation of solar panels.

Yet if you actually did a statistical analysis you would discover that solar panels are so inefficient that they produce no energy at all. Because solar power undermines our energy supply by drawing precious investment capital away from efficient sources like nuclear.

Indeed ‘green energy’ is the most expensive energy of all, just as wood stoves are the most dangerous energy source of all. A windmill for the average American home costs $80,000. A solar system costs $30,000.

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