Did You Know that Hitler was a Communist?

Over and over we hear certain things about history, “facts” that have become accepted.

One is that Adolph Hitler and his nazi regime were ‘fascists’ and that they despised communists like Stalin in the Soviet Union because fascism is somehow the opposite of communism.

This is nonsense. Hitler was a communist. His regime wanted complete government control over all of the German people and the economy. It even was called National Socialism.

So how has the myth evolved that Hitler was something other than a communist?

It is easily explained: Violent communist mass murderers are always overlooked or excused in the left-wing world media and by the American university elites. Thus Hitler, the personification of evil whose genocide was well known to Americans, would be called something other than a communist.

This is why Soviet communist dictator Joseph Stalin frequently was and is even portrayed today by many as “a friend of America”. Ostensibly the reason is because America and the Soviet Union fought a common enemy in World War II – Hitler’s nazi regime. But this is a media feint.

Stalin was no friend of America or anyone else. Stalin was a mass murderer of the worst kind who executed or starved to death 30 million or more Russians and Ukrainians for political expediency. Meanwhile communism destroyed the economic lives of hundreds of millions of people in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe during the 20th century.

But people on the American left do not want you to know that. They wanted and they want you to think of Stalin as “Uncle Joe” who helped us to win World War II.

In one of the most blatant examples of media treachery of the entire 20th century British-born Walter Duranty served as the Moscow bureau chief of the New York Times in Moscow from 1922 to 1936, long before World War II. He issued glowing reports about the Soviet Union despite widespread genocide and starvation under Lenin and Stalin. He even won a Pulitzer Prize in 1932.

Then throughout the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and up until today millions of leftists in the West, and most prominently in the European/American media and universities, have said that the Soviet system really wasn’t so bad. The examples are endless.

This media manipulation continues. During the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China NBC host Brian Williams appeared on several occasions in Tienanmen Square in front of a huge public portrait of Mao Tse-Tung (1893-1976), the atheist communist dictator who was the most vicious genocidal murderer in world history.

Up to 60 million Chinese were either executed for political reasons or died of starvation during the Mao Tse-Tung regime, which seized power in 1949. Hundreds of millions Chinese were reduced to destitution in a nation that throughout much of history was the wealthiest in the world.

Williams and NBC were essentially seeking to subliminally excuse, exonerate and elevate Mao Tse-Tung by repeatedly showing his portrait as if he were a legitimate leader, thus obliterating the horrible truth just as the real nature of Hitler’s communism is always manipulated by the American media and the university elites.

Even Obama’s former White House communications director Anita Dunn once said that Mao Tse-Tung was one of her role models. Obama’s Department of Education even had a Mao Tse-Tung quote on its website. It is unbelievable how brazen these people are in their reverence for these genocidal maniacs.

This sick fixation extends even to the arts. One of the most famous “paintings” by Pop artist Andy Warhol is a portrait of Mao Tse-Tung. And you can rest assured that today it is in a museum or private collection somewhere and is very valuable. It also is available as a widely circulated silkscreen print.

Now here are some of the ways that we can tell that Hitler’s regime was truly a communist entity:

*Hitler’s government wanted total control over the German economy, i.e., communism. But it had a different way to achieve it than Soviet-style nationalization. It wanted business to remain private but to be controlled by the government. 

We see this in a milder form with Obama in the way that he wants to control General Motors and Chrysler, and through the alliances that Obama has built with business leaders like Eric Schmidt of Google and other billionaires. They do what Obama wants. But in the end it really is government control of business without the government actually taking over business.

*So why did Hitler wage war against Stalin if both regimes were communist?

That happened because Hitler did not trust Stalin, and for obvious reasons. These dictators all were brutal rats. In the same vein communist China and the Soviet Union were enemies for decades. And if his reich had lasted Hitler would have been terrified of communist China.

Such enmity is driven by cultural differences between/among nations. No nation wants to be conquered by another even if the ideology is the same. And since these countries were highly militarized they had great fear of each other.

And of course dictatorships are always paranoid and fear everyone, including their own people. That is why they kill so many of their own people.   

Here are the many other ways that nazi Germany’s social structure suspiciously resembles the Democrat left in America today:

*The nazi regime was based on anti-Christian atheism and occultism. This is a standard hallmark of communism, which is a secular, materialist ideology based on war, totalitarian control of the populace, and genocide of millions or tens of millions of people.

Meanwhile the Democrat/ACLU left and the Liberal Media in America today relentlessly impugn Christianity and seek to banish it from every aspect of American life.

American liberals also embrace various forms of occultism from witchcraft to satanism to paganism to New Age regimes like crystals, nature worship, numerology, magic and other forms of mysticism.

*Nazis hated the Jews. And the contemporary American politician who is the most blatantly anti-Semitic figure of all is former Democrat president Jimmy Carter. Meanwhile Obama and his secretary of state Hillary Clinton cheered on the anti-Israel extremists who have taken over Egypt while the Democrat left in America has reflexively and consistently sided for decades with Palestinian factions against Israel.

*Nazis used a public education system to propagandize young people to their way of thinking. Those schools are like American public schools today which promote a radical government-sanctioned agenda of environmentalism, homosexuality, multiculturalism and anti-Christianity.

In fact there is a case today in which a German Christian family has sought asylum in America because they don’t want their children in the German public schools. But home schooling is illegal in Germany.

This German law requiring mandatory public education is from the Hitler era. And the parents will have their children taken away if they go back to Germany. And like a good Democrat, Obama is trying to have them deported.

*Citizens in nazi Germany were not allowed to own guns just like American Democrats want the public disarmed. And the result in Germany and the Soviet Union was the slaughter of tens of millions of defenseless citizens.

*Hitler portrayed himself publicly as a vegetarian. In fact nazi society embraced vegetarianism like millions of health-food fanatics in America do, people who are overwhelmingly on the liberal left.

*Nazi society was famous for loving nature. They revered the forest and the streams and the mountains. They were, at heart, nature-loving pagans.

In America, it is primarily liberal people on the Democrat left who give huge amounts of money to the Sierra Club and other nature organizations and who blindly worship nature.

If you look at the radical and controlling behavior of environmentalists in America today you see that they are increasingly authoritarian and use tactics of lies, propaganda and deception like the nazis did. They smear people who disagree with them, like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. once calling people who disagree with ‘global warming’ to be “traitors”.

*Nazi society was extremely health-conscious and fitness-conscious. Sound familiar? Yes, indeed, like the American health nuts – bike riders, backpackers, runners, hikers, kayakers and mountaineers, most of them on the political left. They often exploit these mass activities like marathons for liberal causes like AIDS, women’s issues, breast cancer, ‘global warming’ etc.

*Nazi society despised cigarette smoking, with the government campaigning against it. Sound familiar? Liberals in America today are the ones who are vehemently opposed to cigarettes. Because smoking contravenes their health fanaticism. And the tactics they use against cigarette smokers are very dictatorial i.e., you lose your job if you smoke, you cannot be hired if you smoke. (Note: Obama is a cigarette smoker but the media cover it up.)

*Nazi society was full of animal lovers and animal rights activists. And who in America today are the obsessive animal lovers and radical animal-rights activists?

It is generally people on the Democrat left like PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

What does all of this remind you of?

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