Failing Public Schools Must be Challenged, Privatized

The K-12 public education system in America has a $550 billion annual budget and more than 3 million teachers. It is rife with failure and corruption. If the oil companies sold tens of millions of gallons of bad gasoline in the way that the public schools have failed to educate tens of millions of Americans, they would be run out of business.

Yet the liberals, including those who run our public schools, are engaged in a never-ending crusade against corporate America. That is done to shift the spotlight from the failure of the schools. It is typical liberalism.

Now here is a recent news item from

Atlanta (CNN) — In what has been described as one of the largest cheating scandals to hit the nation's public education system, 35 Atlanta Public Schools educators and administrators were indicted Friday on charges of racketeering and corruption.

The indictment is the bookend to a story that was once touted as a model for the nation's school districts after the district's test scores dramatically improved in some of its toughest urban schools.

Among those indicted by a Fulton County, Georgia, grand jury was Beverly Hall, the former schools superintendent who gained national recognition in 2009 for turning around Atlanta's school system.

These, friends, are the public schools that the Democrats say must be preserved, strengthened and funded because they are “for the people”. These are the schools that Democrats and teacher unions control lock, stock and barrel.

And don’t think that this cheating scandal is isolated. There are thousands of cases like it all over the nation, particularly in urban school systems involving all levels and types of cheating, malfeasance, drug use, incompetence, sexual abuse, fraud etc. by teachers and administrators. Most of it is covered up or minimized by the unions, the Democrats and their media friends.

This all comes on top of outright academic failure in public schools nationwide, which is the greatest corruption of all. Just ask employers across America about the poor quality of job seekers and you will see the truth about how badly our public schools have done in teaching the basics like writing skills, math and simple common sense.

Then when we conservatives propose reforms, school voucher programs, charter schools or any alternative to the public system, the Democrat politicians and the teacher unions work day and night to preserve the bureaucracy and blunt any opposition to their power.

There were pictures of black Atlanta parents sobbing about the betrayal of their children in the cheating scandal.

More nonsense. The blacks of Atlanta have been entrenching this stuff for decades by voting over and over for the same Democrat party that props up this system. These parents get what they vote for. Many of these schools are horrible even without the scandals.

But if one black citizen calls for school vouchers or other reforms, he/she is targeted as an Uncle Tom or a conservative who can be threatened or harassed for wandering outside the Democrat template. Thus many blacks are afraid to speak up even as they watch their children suffer. This is one of the principal reasons why so many blacks are suffering economically.

You will rarely if ever see this kind of corruption in private or parochial schools because those schools are accountable to the parents. And you will find teachers in those schools genuinely dedicated to teaching and to the kids and not to the unions, the bureaucracy, the Democrat party or to themselves like most public school teachers are today.

These public school teachers also have become highly politicized. This is another form of corruption. They are a completely different breed from teachers of the past when public schools were very good.

Today everything is radicalized to the left. Who could forget the teacher harassing a student over wearing a Romney T-shirt or another saying that Americans were not allowed to criticize Bush. These are extremist actions that are everywhere in America, even increasingly in conservative rural areas. Usually it is more subtle in the bias built into the teacher’s point of view.

Parents’ concerns are generally ignored if they do not fit the Democrat template. The bureaucracy, school committees and unions protect the existing system and the longer it is entrenched, the more money it absorbs and the poorer are the results.

As teacher union power and per-student funding has increased dramatically in the last 50 years, educational quality has plummeted.

Bloated school budgets are another form of corruption. Today public school teachers are among the best-paid people in the middle class, earning an average of $40 an hour. In cities like Atlanta, it is higher. And teachers get the best benefits and pensions of any employees in their economic class. They also get easy work schedules, early retirement (in their 50s) and lifetime job security except for the most egregious violations.

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, one of the worst systems in the nation, the average teacher makes $77 an hour in wages, benefits and pension. Many of these teachers should be fired for incompetence.

Are there good public schools and teachers?

Yes, sure, there are some. Of course.

Here is more from about Beverly Hall, who is black, as are all of the other defendants pictured so far in the Atlanta scandal:

According to the indictment, Hall placed unreasonable goals on educators and "protected and rewarded those who achieved targets by cheating. It also alleges she fired principals who failed to achieve goals and "ignored suspicious" test score gains throughout the school system.

In 2009, Hall was named the National Superintendent of the Year by the Schools Superintendents Association, which at the time said her "leadership has turned Atlanta into a model of urban school reform."

What a joke. And get this… Hall was earning four hundred thousand dollars a year.

This is not isolated. This is all over the nation in the government bureaucracy. Alameda County (California) administrator Susan Muranishi is earning $425,000. This is why taxes are going through the roof while Democrats lament “income inequality” over and over, pointing to a hard-working business owner who earns $150,000 a year as an example of greed.

Then when the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported on the cheating scandal they acted shocked and sad just like indignant liberals do at every big-city newspaper when the truth is revealed about endemic public school corruption.

What a crock. These media liberals have been covering for this public school system for decades. And now they are shedding crocodile tears over the betrayal of “the children” in Atlanta.

Then when conservatives seek to recruit disenfranchised blacks with school vouchers and charter schools we are heckled out of town by the Democrats and the media. This is part of the Democrat strategy to marginalize and isolate any thinking outside of the status quo.

For instance the Opportunity Scholarship Program in Washington, DC was a tiny federal program instituted in 2003… by Republicans. The program was very effective and had served thousands of poor black students, giving them a chance to attend private, parochial and charter schools. Students and their parents loved the program and the students flourished outside of the terrible and dangerous DC public schools.

Then guess who killed the program?

You got it… Obama and the Democrats, at the urging of the DC teacher union, so that blacks would see no alternative to the public system and Democrat power. These are the “caring” Democrats who say that they love all black people, no questions asked.

Here’s another story from February 2013 from about Tennessee:

(CBS/AP) MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Apparently students aren't the only ones getting caught cheating on tests.

Federal prosecutors in Memphis say they've uncovered a scheme to help aspiring public school teachers cheat on the tests they must pass to prove they are qualified to lead their classrooms.

Over the course of 15 years, teachers in three Southern states paid long-time educator Clarence Mumford Sr. to send someone else to take the tests in their place, authorities said. Mumford received a fee of between $1,500 and $3,000 to send one of his test ringers with fake identification to the Praxis exam. In return, his customers got a passing grade, according to federal prosecutors in Memphis.

Mumford also is black in a crime-ridden Democrat-controlled city.

And what do we hear over and over about the American South?

That it is the historical home of evil, corrupt slavery.

Yet now a new era of corruption in the South is being perpetrated by Democrats in the public schools, many of them black. They are the plantation owners, living in luxury on $400,000 a year while the children suffer.

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