Crises Abound in Anti-American Regimes, the website of the Daily Telegraph newspaper in Britain, recently reported:

Graca Machel, the human rights activist and wife of Nelson Mandela, has warned that South Africa is an “angry nation” teetering on the brink of “something very dangerous” if extreme levels of violence in the country are not addressed.

While Mrs Machel did not lay the blame at any particular door, her comments will be devastating for the ANC. (Note: The ANC (African National Congress) is the communist party that governs South Africa and has ruled without challenge since the 1990s.)

Mrs Machel said the anger sprung from “unaddressed” issues around the country’s apartheid past, adding: “We have to be more cautious about how we deal with a society that is bleeding and breathing pain”.

….Coming less than a year after police opened fire on miners striking over wages at the Marikana platinum mine, killing 34 people, it reignited concern among South Africans that the world-renowned brutality of their criminals is now matched only by the increasingly infamous violence of their police force.

OK, folks, what does this all mean?

Well, if you are old enough to remember, the international left waged a years-long campaign to unseat the white, European colonial government of South Africa in the 1980s, and it was successful. That government was pro-Western, and was relatively capitalistic in being open to global trade and tourism.

So is South Africa much better off now under black communist rule, which is today anti-Western?

No. All of Africa was much better off under European colonial governments. Because under white rule, and with capitalistic economies and large white presences in their populations to establish centers of economic prosperity like farms, mines and factories, Africa developed economically like never before and never since.

Of course Machel, who is herself a leftist, continues to blame the white ‘apartheid’ government for the current South Africa violence as most intellectuals will. Except that that apartheid government ended 23 years ago.

This is like Obama continuing to blame Bush for the economic crisis. It is typical of the international left. Everything is blamed on white people, conservatives, Republicans, capitalists, Americans etc. When in fact we know in America that the economic collapse of 2008 was caused by the bankruptcy of two government agencies – Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Under the African National Congress, South Africa has become a vicious, violent, crime-ridden nation with increasing social chaos and a sinking economy. As expected.

In contrast, the white government kept the nation stable and growing even though whites were only about 12% of the population. South Africa was the wealthiest nation in Africa under apartheid. Blacks from other African nations actually migrated into apartheid South Africa by the millions for the jobs and opportunity there.

The nation even was a major global tourist destination with attractions like its famous Blue Train.

But all of this had no significance to the radical left. They said that South Africa needed to get rid of the white government, that the nation needed to be ruled by blacks.

Now we have the results and they are frightening. Because the black rulers are destroying their own nation, just as most of Africa has spiraled down into violence, poverty, starvation, war, genocide and corruption since the white colonialists of the 19th and 20th centuries have been forced out.

Here is more from

Adam Habib, vice-chancellor of the University of Witwatersrand, said violence was now endemic in spiralling protests about corruption, a lack of basic services and continued inequality.

“People feel that extreme violence is the only way they can get heard – and police react in an even more violent way, which is beginning to seep into the national psyche,” he said.

… “There is a deep-rooted anger which is a legacy of apartheid but there’s also a new resentment towards former comrades who are doing so well when so many lead useless and hopeless lives,” he said.

Huh? …‘doing so well when so many lead useless and hopeless lives’? And ‘spiralling protests about … continued inequality’?

Aren’t black rule and socialism/communism supposed to solve all of those problems? Wasn’t it the apartheid government that created inequality?

No, this economic inequality is always the result of communist policies, but it also is what the communists accuse others of in order to shift the spotlight from the failures of socialism.

And you also get violence, which is the timeless handmaiden of socialism. Just look at the violence in black America today, which is virtually all Democrat.

This all sounds like another nation – Venezuela. Its murder rate today is four times as high as it was when the marxist “liberator” Hugo Chavez took power in 1998. Its economy is in a tailspin.

Yet in theory Chavez socialism was supposed to make the nation more prosperous, equitable and peaceful.

Now here are excerpts from Reuters about Egypt:

(Reuters) – Egyptian protesters torched buildings in Cairo and tried unsuccessfully to disrupt international shipping on the Suez Canal, as a court ruling on a deadly soccer riot stoked rage in a country beset by worsening security.

… Saturday's protests and violence underlined how Islamist President Mohamed Mursi is struggling – two years after (pro-American president Hosni) Mubarak's overthrow – to maintain law and order at a time of economic and political crisis.

‘Worsening security’? ‘Economic and political crisis’?

So there you go. Remember how the international left hated Mubarak because he was pro-American and because he kept the radical Islamists in check? Just like they hated the white apartheid government in South Africa, which was pro-Western and kept the communists in check?

Mubarak kept Egypt stable for 30 years, and as prosperous as it could be with a thriving open, tourist economy. But today Egypt has a radical, anti-American Muslim government practicing something called Islamic Socialism and the nation is suffering. It all has happened very quickly. Meanwhile many of those who are most vehemently opposed to the new Muslim government also opposed Mubarak.

And if you remember correctly, Obama and his secretary of state Hillary Clinton cheered the fall of Mubarak just as liberal Democrats in America all cheered the fall of Mubarak and the fall of the white government of South Africa.

We conservatives warned about all of this. But we were ignored and maligned, that somehow we were on the wrong side of history.

Nonsense… We always have been, are, and always will be on the right side of history – the side of prosperity and stability.

Here is talking about the economic crisis in Egypt where today energy shortages are spreading and food prices are spiking just two years after Mubarak was deposed:

Two years of political turmoil has scared off investors and tourists, who had been the main source of foreign currency in this country. That, coupled with an economy floundering in the face of constant political uncertainty, has seen Egypt’s foreign currency reserves dwindle to $13.4 billion, compared with $36 billion just before the 2011 ouster of President Hosni Mubarak. That’s enough to cover only three months of the country’s imports, Ashraf El Arabi, the minister of planning and international cooperation, said in a speech last month at Cairo’s International Book Fair. Many economists fear even that grim assessment is too rosy.

Look at this from Reuters:

General unrest is rife as Egypt's poor suffer badly from the economic crisis. Foreign currency reserves have slid to critically low levels and are now little more than a third of what they were in the last days of Mubarak.

The poor are suffering? Wasn’t the new Muslim government, with its Islamic Socialism, supposed to make Egypt a better place for all?

In theory, again, yes. But we conservatives have been warning about this theory for decades. Indeed most of the people in Egypt were much better off under Mubarak, just as the people in South Africa, including blacks and the black poor, were much better off under the white government. Because stability is infinitely superior to chaos and capitalist prosperity is infinitely superior to socialist decay.

Many elderly people all over Africa remember the European colonial governments longingly for the stability and prosperity that they brought. And now tens of millions in Egypt are thinking the same way about Mubarak.

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