17 Awesome GOP Candidates for the White House in 2016

Texas governor Rick Perry ran for the Republican nomination for president in 2012. Although he dropped out of the race and Mitt Romney became the nominee, you can expect Perry to run again in 2016. And the Democrats are scared to death.

Because Perry speaks the truth in a blunt Texas style, and is not intimidated by Democrats or their media friends. He is a real man unlike Romney who was too demure. And Texas is thriving under Perry’s governorship.

Now a controversy has arisen over the massive explosion at a fertilizer production plant in a Texas town on April 17. It caused $100 million in damage.

In response, a California newspaper printed a 2-part cartoon of Rick Perry. The first panel showed Perry saying that business in Texas is “booming”; the second panel of the cartoon showed the fertilizer plant “booming” (exploding).

This is the kind of crass, heartless narrative that the Liberal Media use over and over against conservatives after they tell us that liberals are “compassionate” and “tolerant”.

So what is this cartoon all about?

This is yet another attack on Rick Perry and his state that is being perpetrated for four principal reasons:

*because conservative Texas is thriving economically while ultra-liberal California, and all other liberal states, are floundering and shrinking. It is driven by the most powerful emotion of all – envy;

*because millions of productive Americans are willingly and freely fleeing California and other liberal states and moving to Texas and other conservative states;

*because Texas is courting California businesses to relocate to business-friendly Texas;

*and because Perry is going to be a strong contender for president on the Republican side in 2016, threatening the media darling Hillary Clinton.

This cartoon is yet another pre-emptive attack on Perry, just like a fake book about George W. Bush’s alleged cocaine use was published before Bush even entered the 2000 race for president.

Perry is going to be a commanding figure in 2016, perhaps the leader. But he is not the only commanding figure. There are many significant members of a deep GOP field who are much better qualified than Obama ever was, and who could easily change our nation for the better by getting elected president in 2016. And while the Democrats seem to have only one single option – Hillary Clinton – here are 16 sterling Republican examples:

*Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, who promoted and then signed Republican legislation restraining the public-employee unions, saving his state’s budget from disaster. Even after mob protests, threats and intimidation from the unions, the bill passed. Walker stood strong and could easily fix the federal budget by being that tough.

*Governor Rick Scott of Florida, who is a good conservative who has promoted his state as a magnet for the nation’s productive citizens. Florida has no income tax and is attracting wealthy Americans from all over. Scott is a cheerleader for economic growth and free markets.

*Governor John Kasich of Ohio, who inherited an $8 billion budget deficit from his Democrat predecessor, eliminated it without tax increases and has rapidly turned around his state’s economy with solid Republican policies. He could do the same for America.

*Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan, who has used tough budget measures to revive a state ruined by Democrat policies and auto worker union demands. Snyder has declared a sort of ‘economic martial law’ to have the state take over corrupt, dying, Democrat-controlled Michigan cities. He even advocated and signed legislation to make Michigan a ‘right to work’ state, dealing a huge and needed defeat to the unions who have controlled – and undermined – the state for decades.

*Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina, who helped to open a new Boeing aircraft plant in her state after the National Labor Relations Board and the unions sought to prevent the plant from opening. South Carolina is a ‘right to work’ state that is attracting productive people from liberal states. She is a child of Sikh Indian immigrants.

*Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, who was Mitt Romney’s running mate in 2012. Ryan is a common-sense budgetary watchdog who could whip the federal budget into shape quickly.

*Jeb Bush, former Florida governor and brother of president George W. Bush. He was a popular governor and, with public opinion of George W. rising, he could find 2016 a good time to run.

*Governor Bob McDonnell of Virginia. Another great Republican. He is currently under political assault from Democrats over alleged corruption. But like most of these cases brought by liberal slanderers, it is almost certainly unfounded.

*Congresswoman Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, who ran for president in 2012. She has more common sense before breakfast than liberals have in a year.

*US senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, an outspoken conservative. Senator Paul is a real political firecracker.

*US senator Ted Cruz of Texas, a well-spoken, unapologetic conservative who was elected in 2012. He is an impressive hispanic candidate who could draw millions of hispanics into the Republican party. The Democrats fear this so they will trash Cruz. They already have. Yet long-time liberal commentator James Carville called Cruz one of the most tenacious politicians he has ever seen. Watch for Cruz to emerge further into the national spotlight.

*Sarah Palin, former governor of Alaska and 2008 US vice presidential candidate, who was a very good governor during her brief tenure which was cut short by legal harassment by her political enemies.

*Governor Sam Brownback of Kansas, who is making major conservative reforms in his state and improving its economic climate substantially.

*Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey, a Republican in a generally liberal state. He has made broad reforms by confronting the unions, leading to an improved economic climate in his state. His no-nonsense attitude and tough-guy persona have made him very popular in New Jersey.

*Governor Susana Martinez of New Mexico, a rising hispanic star in the Republican party and another good, common-sense conservative.

*Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, a ‘good government’ Republican who is also the child of Indian immigrants.

There are others. This is what is called a “deep bench”, i.e., a large number of well qualified people. These are political leaders who will make the real reforms necessary to revitalize America, whereas the Democrats, most particularly Hillary Clinton, will simply maintain the status-quo, leading to more economic decay in classic socialist style.

And if the Republican nominee in 2016 is unafraid to directly and unapologetically attack the dismal record of Obama, then he/she will win the White House. Because productive Americans are looking for answers.

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