Atomic Fusion Boondoggle is Growing in France, the website of the Independent newspaper in Britain, recently reported:

An idyllic hilltop setting in the Cadarache forest of Provence in the south of France has become the site of an ambitious attempt to harness the nuclear power of the sun and stars.

It is the place where 34 nations representing more than half the world’s population have joined forces in the biggest scientific collaboration on the planet… The international nuclear fusion project – known as Iter, meaning “the way” in Latin – is designed to demonstrate a new kind of nuclear reactor capable of producing unlimited supplies of cheap, clean, safe and sustainable electricity from atomic fusion. (end of excerpt)

OK, folks, here we go again. Another fraudulent plan to save the world. Now they are saying that the “solution” to our world energy ‘crisis’ is just around the corner and it is nuclear “fusion” (not to be confused with nuclear “fission” which we already use in power plants).

Friends, there is no energy crisis. This crisis is all created by the environmentalists. For decades now we have been told by these enviro lunatics that solar power and windmills are “cheap, safe and sustainable” sources that will provide us with limitless electricity.

So then why are these scientists still working on nuclear fusion, which is inexplicably complex like nothing ever before?

It is because solar power and windmills don’t work and everyone knows it. ‘Green energy’ produces no usable energy at all. That is why ‘green energy’ needs to be subsidized by the taxpayers. In short, you as a taxpayer are paying to subsidize the electric bill of your neighbor who has solar panels. It is utterly unsustainable, as all of socialism is.

Oh, sure, you can get a solar-powered car weighing 200 lbs. to carry one teenager at 9 miles an hour at high noon on a cloudless sunny day. But in the real world this solar car produces, in effect, zero usable energy. This is solar energy in a nutshell; it produces no usable energy. The smallest car on American highways today weighs 2,000 lbs. and most cars weigh up to 3,500 lbs. or more.


If (the fusion project) Iter demonstrates that it is possible to build commercially-viable fusion reactors then it could become the experiment that saved the world in a century threatened by climate change and an expected three-fold increase in global energy demand.

This week the project gained final approval for the design of the most technically challenging component – the fusion reactor’s “blanket” that will handle the super-heated nuclear fuel.

The building site in Cadarache has also passed the crucial stage where some 493 seismic bearings – giant concrete and rubber plinths – have been set into the reactor’s deep foundations to protect against possible earthquakes.

Over the next few years about a million individual components of the highly complex fusion reactor will arrive at the Cadarache site from around the world. They will be assembled like a giant Lego model in a nearby building which has a volume equal to 81 Olympic-sized swimming pools. (end of excerpt)

What does this sound like?

Well, first of all it says ‘If (the fusion project) Iter demonstrates that it is possible to build commercially-viable fusion reactors…’

That’s a big if to start. There is absolutely no indication that this project is going to succeed in any way.

Second this project has BOONDOGGLE written all over it in capital letters. So why are they doing it?

Because the same environmentalists who are promoting ineffective windmills and solar panels are blocking the most efficient energy source in the history of mankind – nuclear ‘fission’ power like the nuclear plants that we already have. Today 435 reactors are operating worldwide, 220 in the US alone.

So-called ‘breeder reactors’ are the best option going forward for nuclear fission energy. They actually ‘breed’ more nuclear fuel than they consume through something called ‘neutron conversion’. There currently are breeder reactors operating in several countries. They could easily provide all of our global electricity demand for centuries to come.

What about nuclear waste?

First, breeder reactors keep using their existing fuel. There is little waste to begin with.

Second, the fear of nuclear radiation and nuclear waste is all completely fake disinformation being trumped up by radical environmentalists. Consider these facts:

*The Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were hit directly by American nuclear bomb blasts in 1945. Yet people live in those cities today and have lived there since right after the blasts. But the hysterical environmentalists of 1945 warned us over and over that the radiation would make those cities unlivable for thousands of years.

*The worst nuclear accident in the world, at Chernobyl in Ukraine in 1986, was predicted to kill millions of people. But in fact it killed just 31 people who were up close to the plant fighting the reactor fire. Meanwhile the area around the plant, which enviros said would be sterile for thousands of years, today is home to a lush variety of flora and fauna.

*The US government detonated atomic bombs in open-air tests just over the horizon from Las Vegas, Nevada in the 1940s. Yet Las Vegas never has been deemed radioactive and off limits to humans. Are there large swaths of Nevada that are radiation danger zones? No.

*Today a common medical practice shoots radiation at cancer cells to kill them. People who have had radiation treatments even set off radiation detector alarms after their treatments. Yet the radiation does not kill the nearby cells or harm the patient.

*Today almost every American home has a radiation device in its kitchen – a microwave oven. Yet environmentalists warned about this “dangerous device” when it first was introduced.

Reported about the Iter fusion project:

“It is the largest scientific collaboration in the world. In fact, the project is so complex we even had to invent our own currency – known as the Iter Unit of Account – to decide how each country pays its share,” says Carlos Alejaldre, Iter’s deputy director responsible for safety. (end of excerpt)

So there you go… That is why they are pursuing this ‘fusion’ boondoggle. Because it is just another government program, this one drawing taxpayer money from all over the world. It is employing thousands of “scientists” at huge salaries, people who would otherwise be washing dishes, where many of them belong. It is pure socialism.

Yet we already have nuclear ‘fission’ power and have had it for decades. Today we Americans get 21% of our electricity from ‘fission’ power plants. Meanwhile many US Navy aircraft carriers and submarines are quietly and efficiently powered by ‘fission’ reactors and have been for decades.

In short, we do not need this Iter project. It is just more pie in the sky, and a government scam to boot.

Now look at this built-in bias in the report:

Many energy experts believe that nuclear fusion is the only serious, environmentally-friendly way of reliably producing “base-load” electricity 24/7. It is, they argue, the only way of generating industrial-scale quantities of electricity night and day without relying on carbon-intensive fossil fuels or dangerous and dirty conventional nuclear power.

‘Dangerous and dirty’? Who says? Name one single person who has died of nuclear power in America.

You can’t. Because not one single person has ever died. US president Jimmy Carter even went right inside the Three Mile Island plant right after the nuclear accident there in 1979. He is still alive today 34 years later. Yet environmentalists were calling TMI the most dangerous place on earth.

We already have the solution to our global power needs. It is called nuclear ‘fission’ power. It has been around since the 1940s and can provide all of our global electricity demands without destroying the environment with millions of skyscraper-sized windmills scarring the landscape or billions of acres of ineffective solar panels blackening the earth.

And if you ever have seen birds killed by windmills, it is sickening. And it is happening by the millions but is being covered up by the media and the environmentalists. Here is one sad video

Meanwhile many people have reported being sickened by windmills and their constant rotation. The media, of course, are ignoring this.

Here is another hint about the absurd nature of the Iter fusion project:

The original date for “first plasma” (first energy production) was scheduled for November 2020 but delays with the construction and commissioning phases have pushed this back to October 2022 – although some of that lost time has since been clawed back. One of the electromagnetic coils used in the giant magnets, for instance, had to be scrapped after a worker in one of the participating countries left a towel on one of the superconducting cables which then became compressed within a coil. Costly mishaps like this put the entire project behind schedule. (end of excerpt)

Oh, sure, just 9 more years and we will see the first teeny, tiny trickle of energy after decades of experimentation, after we have rocketed to the moon and developed supercomputers.

What does this Iter project remind you of?

Well, if you remember over the last decade we were told over and over that hydrogen fuel cells would power our cars forever with no pollution. Yet we do not hear about hydrogen fuel cells anymore. Have you noticed? Why not?

It is because they were just another utopian scam from the environmentalists, a proposal that said repeatedly would never work on a commercial scale. And this fusion project is 100 times as bad.

Nuclear ‘fission’ power is the answer. We don’t need any expensive research. We already have the technology. Let’s use it.

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