Colorado is the New California

In November 2012 Colorado voters approved a measure to legalize marijuana. Even California has not done this.

Is Colorado the new California, an increasingly liberal place where radical legislation is passed and then transfers itself onto the rest of the nation?

Answer: Yes indeed, Colorado is the new California.

And Colorado is following the template of California. Because Colorado is a naturally spectacular state with awesome mountains, stunning deserts, resplendent canyons and world-class skiing in the Winter.

In short it is a playland like California. So you can expect it to attract pleasure-seeking liberals as its wealth increases, like California’s wealth did for decades.

Colorado boasts a somewhat mild climate since its latitude is about the same as Virginia, which is considered a “Southern” American state. But Colorado is high in elevation. Most of the state’s population lives at 5,000 feet above sea level and higher (Denver is ‘the Mile High City’) while San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles are all at sea level. Most of Colorado has a ‘Western’ climate with many sunny days.

Most of Colorado’s expanding population lives in an urban/suburban area called the Front Range, a north-south corridor that lies east of the Rocky Mountains along I-25 with cities like Denver, Golden, Boulder, Colorado Springs and Pueblo.

For a century after it became a state in 1876 Colorado was a quiet and distant ‘Wild West’ place. It didn’t attract much attention. Most people skipped past it on their way to California.

During that time large numbers of Americans, and most American prosperity, were concentrated in California, on the East Coast, and in the industrial belt of the Upper Midwest.

After World War II Colorado’s evolving ski industry started to attract outsiders. And since the 1960s Colorado has attracted more and more immigrants from all over America. Today, with a national economy shifting away from manufacturing to information, computers, media, technology, ‘paper wealth’, tourism and other “soft” endeavors, Colorado has become a new locus for Americans seeking the prosperous life without the grit of heavy industrialism.

Of course, “soft” always includes a big crowd of Democrats and liberals with their soft-headed ways of thinking and their pursuit of pleasure and an easy life.

Indeed Colorado today is trending away from its conservative roots like other Western states are too.

So why were these states conservative to start?

It is because the settling of the American West demanded tough, risk-taking, self-motivated, hard-working and individualistic people. This is why the Colorado economy is doing well today – because it has been a relatively conservative place for many decades.

You will never find liberals doing any of the hard work of the pioneers. No, sir. But after comfortable cities and suburbs have been established with interstate highways, internet connections, shopping malls and commercial ties and air links to the rest of America and the world, millions of “soft” Americans have moved into states like Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Montana. After all, you now are just a few hours from New York and Los Angeles.

In short it no longer is the Wild West but is more like the Mild West that is no different than the suburbs of Boston, where newcomers pursue the easy life of the middle class, the upper middle class, the rich and the super-rich.

In fact Colorado now has a Democrat governor and two Democrat US senators, as does Montana. This would have been unheard of just 20 years ago.

To boot, many of the New Coloradans have arrived in the Centennial State with credentials from East Coast, Midwestern and West Coast colleges and universities. Thus they were indoctrinated into liberalism before they arrived.

They have arrived expecting that this new state is going to be ideologically pristine for them in their “soft” lives and ideology. Like all liberals they routinely malign conservatism, industrial activity, hard work, military service, the oil industry, gun owners and the accumulation of personal wealth… while accumulating wealth themselves in the New Colorado

Then there is the environmental angle. To protect their natural utopia a rabid cabal of loudmouth eco-elites has implanted itself all over Colorado, concentrating in places like the ultra-liberal university town of Boulder.

They swoon over the outdoors, travel widely to hike and ski in the mountains, tout themselves as the only guardians of the planet, and then inject themselves into the media every minute speaking vociferously for causes like ‘global warming’ and solar power.

This is classic Democrat hypocrisy. Many of these eco-elites have very high standards of living and they gobble up vast amounts of energy in their lifestyles and in their national and global travels while they decry wealth-creating economic activities like mining, logging and oil drilling as they promote low-yield, wilderness-destroying windmills and solar panels.

Yet the elite Colorado mountain resorts like Aspen, Vail and Telluride, along with the entire Colorado tourist industry, depend on a constant flow of well-to-do and wealthy visitors from all over America and the world who use large amounts of energy to reach remote Colorado.

So the hypocrites have taken root in Colorado. In short, the Democrats have arrived.

Meanwhile a newly-evolving elite class in Colorado includes increasing numbers of rich people – including more and more rich Democrats – attracted by Colorado’s natural beauty and its expanding economy. Aspen and Vail are magnets for both vacationing and permanent super-rich socialists from Follywood, San Francisco, Chicago, New York etc.

These are people who wouldn’t have dreamed of moving to Colorado 40 years ago because the cocktail parties and arts events and the country clubs and the easy life just didn’t exist there. Today the “country clubs” for rich liberals are called “ski resorts” and “wilderness areas” while their suburban New York City mansions have been replaced by super-sized log homes in the Western style, complete with jacuzzis and wine cellars.

And those leftist elites who have permanently relocated to Colorado can flit from the wealthy suburbs of Denver or Colorado Springs to their ski chalets at Vail and Aspen in a matter of a few short hours, just in time for their friends to arrive for a weekend of skiing and partying and to discuss ways to manipulate all human activities through their radical ideas.

Many of these people are classic Democrats in the Al Gore mode. Their wealth has increased greatly as the rest of America gets poorer under Obama and under the increasingly rabid environmental and economic restrictions dreamed up by themselves and imposed by their beloved Democrat party.

Meanwhile the Aspen Institute, a summertime conclave of world business, university and political elites, tilts distinctly toward the most liberal solutions for everything.

Gee, this sure sounds like California with all of the Democrats falling into line, lashing out at the world that does not think like them, proposing utopian solutions for every perceived crisis and restricting everyone else’s freedom to prosper while they themselves enjoy their more and more extravagant lifestyles.

Yes indeed, the template is clear. Nice climate, beautiful scenery, elite environmentalism, Democrat arrogance and more and more rich liberals arriving and giving more money to liberal Colorado candidates as Democrats nationwide increasingly become the new moneyed class.

In fact, many of the new Coloradans are fleeing places like New York and California, two states where Democrat control has ruined the economies. Yet many of the new arrivals are liberals, some of them very wealthy. And they have brought their politics with them, making Colorado liberal too, the latest ploy being the legalization of marijuana.

And soon you are going to see rational people fleeing Colorado because the marijuana smokers are taking full control of the state just like the wackos took over California.

In short, if you do not want yourself or your kids exposed to marijuana or to the rest of the radical liberal agenda, you will have to move somewhere else.

Thus it is plain to see how the Democrats have taken over yet another US state and ruined it, just like we conservatives have warned would happen over and over and over.

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