Turks Protest/ “Obama’s Vietnam” in Syria?

There are widespread political protests in Turkey. Here is an excerpt from CNN.com:

Istanbul (CNN) — A central square in Istanbul erupted Tuesday night in an unsettling, chaotic chorus, with tear gas canisters and water cannons from police met by fireworks, metal banging and defiant chanting from protesters.

…The protests were a continuation of demonstrations that first focused on the environment — opposition to a plan to build a mall at the park — but soon grew into a crusade against Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's democratically elected government. They have been going on for days in Istanbul and other cities around the country that bridges Europe and Asia, with the dramatics Tuesday signifying there's no clear end in sight. (end of CNN.com excerpt)

Is this a new ‘Arab Spring’ uprising against a heavy-handed government?

Yes, but in the opposite way. Because these protesters are opposing not a pro-American government as they were in Egypt but the rise of Islamic extremism in the Erdogan government.  

And this is why Obama and his State Department are not cheering on the Turkish protesters like they cheered for the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ uprisings in Spring 2011.

Because Obama, Muslims and leftists worldwide favor radical Islam over nations with a strong alliance to the United States like Egypt had before the ‘Arab Spring’. This is part of a leftist/Islamic plan to weaken American power globally.

That is why Obama mostly ignored the 2009 protests against the extremist Muslim government of Iran, which were quickly snuffed out by the Islamic mullahs.

For decades we Americans have considered Turkey to be an ally. Turkey is a member of NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. It long has been a model of a stable “secular Islamic” nation.

But no more. Erdogan has been pushing Turkey into Muslim fundamentalism by becoming more authoritarian and offering more power to extremists, as the whole Middle East has been moving that way.

And now the people who started out protesting the destruction of trees in a park in Turkey’s largest city of Istanbul have been joined by those who fear Turkey’s political turn.

This latter group saw what happened when it went the other way – when protests against Mubarak led to a Muslim takeover of Egypt. Since then Egypt has spiraled very quickly down into increasingly strict Islamic rule and increasing poverty including widespread energy shortages.

Meanwhile the civil war in Syria seemed to have been turning toward the existing secular Assad government after two years in which the rebels were making steady progress. But that could soon end.

Because Obama is going to send military trainers and arms to the Syrian rebels – who include many elements of al Qaeda. Other Democrats are demanding even more American military action, like the creation of a no-fly zone over Syria to restrict the Syrian air force.

This all will potentially aid and subsidize an Islamic takeover of Syria. This is just more terrible policy from the Democrat party in America. This also is a huge mistake that could draw America into a wider war as Russia and Iran back the Assad government.

This could be Obama’s Vietnam.

Oh, sure, we are just going to help the Syrian rebels on the side of truth and justice… like in Vietnam and Iraq.

Repeat: This could be Obama’s Vietnam.

This is the same type of policy disaster that US president Jimmy Carter employed in abandoning the pro-American Shah of Iran in the late 1970s. It will lead to an even bigger crisis in that region if Assad falls.

Bashar Assad is typical of what we have seen over the last 50 years in the Middle East. He has been an authoritarian ruler in a very dangerous part of the world.

Under the Assad family, however, Syria had been stable. Christians, Muslims and Jews worshipped side-by-side. The economy was not rich, but it was calm. Christians even held many high government posts.

The Assads maintained a secular government. But the radicals in the Middle East want Syria in the Islamic camp and so they joined up with internal opponents of Assad and stepped up the civil war. More than 90,000 people have been killed in that war, and many towns and cities have been damaged or destroyed.

This war is leading to an exodus of Christians from Syria, following the trend all over the Middle East. For centuries many places in the Middle East like Lebanon and even Iraq had sizeable and stable Christian populations. In fact Christianity was born in the region, as we all know.

We American conservatives have been warning for decades about the Islamization of the Middle East. It started with the intentional abandonment by Carter of the Shah in Iran. The Shah was guiding Iran gradually toward a secular, modern, pro-Western, democratic state.

Iran in 1979 then fell under the rule of radical Islamists and has not had a moment of freedom since. Today Iran is the main global source of anti-Western Islamic extremism and is anti-Christian.

We American conservatives warned that the fall of Mubarak in Egypt in 2011 would lead to crisis and it has. We warned that Mubarak’s pro-American strongman rule was vastly superior to the alternative. Egypt’s 8 million Coptic Christians, who worshipped openly under Mubarak, now are living in fear.

And we conservatives have been warning about Syria since the start of the uprising there. We said that destabilizing Assad would be a very bad thing.

Millions in Egypt ignored us including leftists and some Christians who stupidly joined the Islamic protests that brought down Mubarak. Now the new Muslim president of Egypt is presiding over a nation that not only is spiraling rapidly down economically, but which is imposing strict Islamic law. Many of these protesters now deeply regret what has happened.

Tourists from all around the world used to bring billions annually into the Egyptian economy under Mubarak, but they are largely avoiding the country now out of fear. This is part of the “closing off” that Muslims are doing all over the Middle East, to make it an Islam-only region of the world.

And now we conservatives know that the protesters in Turkey may have their only chance to stop their nation’s drift into radicalism and we support them. Let us pray that they are successful in their uprising to awaken enough people by the next election cycle in seven months.

Let us pray that Assad holds on too, although it already is too late for many of Syria’s Christians who have been injured, killed, kidnapped, internally displaced or driven out of the country. The same thing happened in Iraq where as many as 1 million Christians are estimated to have been displaced or have fled since the fall of Saddam Hussein.

Hussein was a brutal dictator, but he was keeping Iraq stable. Christians worshipped openly for decades under Hussein, but the deposing of Hussein opened the door for attacks on Christians by extremist Muslim forces. It also ruined the whole Iraqi economy.

The rise of radical Islam is part of the plan to empty the Middle East of Christians. Here is a 2011 report from pewforum.org about Christians in the Middle East:

The Middle East-North Africa region is home to less than 1% of the world’s Christians. Only about 4% of the region’s residents are Christian. Although Christianity began in this region, it now has the lowest overall number of Christians and the smallest share of its population that is Christian. Christians are a minority in every country in the region. About half (47%) of all Christians in the region live in either Egypt or Sudan. Lebanon has by far the highest percentage of Christians (38%) in the region. The only other countries in the region where more than 10% of the population is Christian are the Gulf states of Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

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