SPECIAL: Scandals at NSA, IRS, TSA = Obama Tyranny

As July 4 approaches we should take stock of what our Founding Fathers wanted for our nation.

The Constitution of the United States was not a document about “rights”. The Bill of Rights in fact was added as an afterthought.

The original Constitution, a mere 4,501 words, describes a three-part government with various power ascribed to each branch – executive, legislative and judicial. The genius of the Constitution is that it limits what each branch can do while assuring the balance that the branches should bring to each other.

The balance, stability and decency of a genuine republican government includes two crucial duties – to defend the national sovereignty from foreign enemies; and to defend the people from an intrusive government within.

But today under Obama we have a government that is encroaching dangerously on our liberties in the name of keeping us “safe” from foreign enemies – in this case terrorists. And as Benjamin Franklin once said: “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Consider the most egregious violation – the National Security Agency PRISM data-collection scandal. This federal agency has been surveilling vast amounts of our private communications and data; the scope is reported bigger and bigger every day. This is unheard of in American history, with the internet concentrating data in such a way as to make it easily observable.

Then consider another federal agency, the Internal Revenue Service, under which small groups of people – conservatives – have been singled out for scrutiny and harassment. This is as serious as the NSA scandal. It is a massive abuse of power.

This whole cesspool has exposed a totally corrupt Obama-led government that is completely out of control, precisely what our Founders warned about.

Now think about our airport security system and the federal agency that administers it, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

First, it is significant to note that homeland security officials have suspended a program in which they were sending secret agents into extremist Islamic mosques here in the US to eavesdrop on radical imams (preachers).  That suspension came under pressure from Islamic groups.

Yet wouldn’t this seem like the most likely place to identify terrorists and their plots, when they were still in the incubation stage?

Of course. But now we are being denied this direct link to terrorism for political reasons at the same time that our government is doing something that is infinitely worse – collecting data on every single American.

What does this have to do with TSA airport security?

It is this: Under the politically-correct regime of Obama TSA officials give equal scrutiny to all, in order to be “democratic” and not target any one group. Thus they give as much scrutiny to elderly white ladies in wheelchairs as they do to young Middle Eastern males wearing bulky sweaters and praying loudly in the departure lounge.

And actually, under multicultural liberalism this system now has flipped. It has become blatantly UNdemocratic by intentionally targeting the wrong people like elderly white ladies in wheelchairs, just like the IRS has targeted conservatives. Meanwhile Muslim preachers who create suspicion in airports and on flights and who are called out then go to court and sue the airline for “profiling”.

The practice of treating all air passengers equally is like collecting data on every American – it take the focus off of the small group of people who fit a template to commit terrorism.

Does all this make sense?

No. Unless you are a Democrat and you side with Muslims and despise the Tea Parties and patriotic American conservatives.

In fact these immoral, illegal and unconstitutional actions by our government are making our nation drastically less secure.

How? Well, imagine a murder in which the suspect is known to be black but in which the police treat white people as suspects as well out of “fairness”. Would this not squander valuable law-enforcement time and resources chasing the wrong people? Would this not allow crime to fester and to increase?

Yes. And in the NSA PRISM data-gathering scheme every American is being surveilled equally. This wastes vast amounts of time, energy, labor and resources by watching the whole nation instead of focusing on potential terrorists. The same with airport security watching every passenger equally.

Then again under the Obama and Democrat regimes multiculturalism and political correctness disguised as “fairness” ignore common sense, put every American unconstitutionally under scrutiny and, in the end, put the entire nation at risk.

Meanwhile NSA claims that the PRISM data grab has interrupted 50 terrorist plots and they have given some vague examples that are supposed to buy our acquiescence.

Yet here are 5 terrorist plots that succeeded or almost succeeded even when federal officials knew about the people involved or should have known; no extraordinary surveillance or data-gathering was required.

These plots show how incompetent and downright dangerous our security apparatus has become under the Democrats as they sic the IRS on law-abiding Tea Parties and send NSA out to surveille hundreds of millions of innocent Americans in the PRISM data heist.

The 5 terrorist plots are:

*The April 15, 2013 bombing of the Boston Marathon. One of the bombers, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, even had been interviewed in 2011 by the FBI as a potential terrorist. FBI even had received a direct warning from Russian intelligence officials that Tsarnaev could be dangerous and had visited suspicious terror-dominated areas in Russia.

*The attempted May 1, 2010 Times Square car bomb in New York City which failed to detonate only by luck. The perpetrator, Faisal Shahzad, a Pakistan-born Muslim, was able to build this massive car bomb in Connecticut, to hide from security officials for two days afterward and then to board a flight to the Middle East, where he was captured just before takeoff.

This bombing attempt and Shahzad’s boarding of the airplane came after this young Middle Eastern Muslim male (security red flag) had made many trips to Pakistan (red flag), was on a terror watch list for a currency violation (red flag) and who purchased his airline ticket at the last minute (red flag) with cash (red flag) just two days after he tried to blow up Times Square.

Worse, before the identity of the Times Square bomber was known Obama-supporting New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg conjectured that the bomber was not a Muslim radical but “someone upset with the health-care bill” which had recently been signed into law.

Thus Bloomberg did what TSA is doing at airports. He essentially “profiled” the potential suspect – without one shred of evidence – as a white middle-aged American conservative, like the elderly white lady in the wheelchair who gets extra scrutiny at the airport. This was so utterly preposterous as to be laughable… if it were not so frightening.

*On Christmas Day 2009 Nigerian Omar Farouk Abdulmutallab boarded a flight in Holland bound for Detroit. Toward the end of the flight Abdulmutallab tried to detonate a bomb in his underwear but failed only because passengers stopped him. Abdulmutallab had a string of security red flags – a long history of terrorist ties, a warning from his own father to international intel officials about his son’s radical associations, and he bought his airline ticket with cash.

Yes indeed, he had the bomb in his underwear. What a sharpie! That’s a good way to get around today’s airport security. Just hide the bomb in your clothing! Meanwhile Amsterdam security officials probably were frisking caucasian college girls from Texas and performing special intrusive interviews with World War II veterans.

*The November 2009 murders at Ford Hood in Texas in which a radical Muslim US Army major, who was well known to Army officials for his extremist views, was not called out in order not to “profile” a Muslim and went on to kill 13 US military personnel. This creep has not even been brought to trial as of June 2013.

*The May 2009 murder of Army private William Long in Little Rock, Arkansas by a radical Muslim. The killer was Carlos Bledsoe, a black American convert to Islam who was known by the name Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad. Here is some info on Bledsoe from wikipedia.org:

Muhammad was arrested at a roadside checkpoint in Yemen on November 14, 2008. He had overstayed his visa, lacked the proper government permissions to travel, and was holding a fraudulent Somali paasport. According to his 2010 letters about this period, in his car were found explosive manuals that included tips such as how to make gun silencers, literature by Anwar Al-Awlaki (the late cleric in Yemen linked to Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula), videos and literature about "Muslim soldiers in different parts of the world", and "people's numbers on my phone that were wanted in Saudi Arabia.”

…Under pressure from the United States, Yemen deported Muhammad to the U.S. on January 29, 2008. Because his original plan to travel to Somalia for bomb training had been foiled by his arrest in Yemen, Muhammad said he revised his plan "with the help of the Mujahideen", the Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). Investigators have not independently confirmed his claims.

Oh, gee, too bad he wasn’t a Tea Party member. Then the government would have had him in custody or up on charges.

This, friends, is Obama’s America. Over and over security officials with knowledge of bad people fail to protect us while we are told that we need a massive government data grab like PRISM or airport-wide security procedures that finger every flying passenger as a suspect.

Indeed under Obama we are more and more imperiled in two significant ways –  not only by terrorist acts themselves that easily could have been prevented but, infinitely worse, from the government spying on every piece of data that we are attached to.

In fact the whole September 11, 2001 terrorist attack could have been easily prevented. Because after the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993 the Democrat Clinton administration could have treated terrorism seriously. But it did not. For 8 full years terrorism was virtually ignored. During the Clinton administration FBI had ignored repeated reports about suspicious Middle Eastern males taking flying lessons in Arizona.

Thus the Bush administration, which took office in January 2001 just 8 months before 9/11, received very little information on terrorism when it should have received a library-full.

Bush began ramping up anti-terror security right after his inauguration. But still the laxity continued. Less than one month before 9/11 FBI agents in Minnesota petitioned higher FBI officials to allow the search of a computer owned by Zacharias Moussaoui, who had been apprehended on an immigration violation.  

Look at this amazing information from wikipedia.org:

On August 16, 2001, Moussaoui was arrested by Harry Samit of the FBI and INS agents in Minnesota and charged with an immigration violation. Materials itemized when he was arrested included a laptop computer, two knives, flight manuals pertaining to Boeing's 747 aircraft, a flight simulator computer program, fighting gloves and shin guards, and a computer disk with information about crop dusting.

Some agents worried that his flight training had violent intentions, so the Minnesota bureau tried to get permission (sending over 70 emails in a week) to search his laptop, but they were turned down. FBI agent Coleen Rowley made an explicit request for permission to search Moussaoui's personal rooms. This request was first denied by her superior, Deputy General Counsel Marion "Spike" Bowman, and later rejected based upon FISA regulations (amended after 9/11 by the USA Patriot Act). Several further search attempts similarly failed. (end of wikipedia.org excerpt)

Gee, it sure is too bad that Moussaoui had not once attended a Tea Party rally. Then 9/11 would have been stopped!

Indeed if the climate surrounding terrorism had been more urgent and if FBI had not been corrupted by decades of liberalism and political correctness, that computer would have been searched. And the 9/11 plot would have been uncovered and prevented because Moussaoui was one of the original hijackers who ended up not participating in the plot because he was in custody.

Meanwhile every American citizen is scrutinized by a frightening regime of data-gathering fueled by political correctness and the racial profiling of all the wrong people. It is all just shocking. 

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