Conservatives Answer Radical Obama Eco-Agenda (Part 2) recently reported:

Foes of President Obama's alleged "war on coal" climate plan are hoping to use the combustible issue to tarnish Democrats in the next round of elections. 

The political backlash (against Obama enviro proposals) started almost immediately after the president announced last week he's ordering the EPA to draft new rules to limit emissions at coal-fired power plants. 

In Virginia, it didn't take long for Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli to label the plan the "Obama-Biden-McAuliffe war on coal," in his race for governor against former Democratic Party chairman Terry McAuliffe. 

…On the national level, the risk for Democrats is inherent in the fact that the road to the White House in 2016 goes through several swing states that are also top 10 coal-producing states — namely, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Republicans, and groups representing the coal industry, could make life difficult for any candidate who gets too close to regulations deemed harmful to the coal industry. (end of excerpt)

To which says: It’s about time that the Republicans struck back hard at the radical, bullying eco-agenda of the Democrats and their Ivy League cronies.

These liberals are crazy. One Harvard professor and an Obama eco-adviser said recently: "The one thing the president really needs to do now is to begin the process of shutting down the conventional coal plants. Politically, the White House is hesitant to say they're having a war on coal. On the other hand, a war on coal is exactly what's needed.”

A “war on coal” and we need to “begin the process of shutting down the conventional coal plants”?!

Friends, we rely on coal for 52% of our electricity generation nationally. Obama and his cronies want to shut down our dependable coal energy and replace it with unreliable, inefficient, taxpayer-subsidized, labor-intensive and expensive ‘green energy’.

‘Green power’ is a myth. California, with the most ‘green energy’ of any state, is facing skyrocketing energy costs because of these enviro mandates. Businesses and productive citizens are packing up and leaving California as a result including microchip pioneer Intel. Ditto Massachusetts, another liberal ‘green’ state.

And here’s something that you can try next time that one of your eco-elite friends praises wind energy: Suggest to him/her that if wind power is so great that he/she should take a sailing ship on their next trip overseas instead of a jetliner. Because that is a perfect analogy – wind over oil.

Even Democrats from coal-producing states are getting off the radical enviro bus. West Virginia Democratic US senator Joe Manchin called the Obama plan a "war on America."  He added, "It's just ridiculous. … I should not have to be sitting here as a U.S. senator, fighting my own president and fighting my own government. I will continue to reach out, but I need a partner here. I don't need an adversary." 

The fake “climate change” agenda including its ‘war on coal’ is driving America into economic chaos. First it is costing thousands of jobs in the coal industry. This is happening in rural areas where the environmental movement already is strangling economies in myriad other ways.

Meanwhile, according to the American Coalition for Clean Coal, EPA regulations already have played or will play a role in the closure of hundreds of coal-fired power plants.

At the same time ‘green energy’ is pushing up electricity rates dramatically because windmills, for instance, are only about one-third as efficient as a coal plant or a nuclear plant. After all, if the wind does not blow and at just the right speed, there is little or no electricity. Wind generators also have high rates of failure and require hundreds or thousands of times the labor of a nuclear plant for basic maintenance, costing much more money.

In Ohio Republican US senator Rob Portman called the ‘global warming’ alarmism an "effort to raise electricity prices in Ohio." 

Portman said that at least eight coal-fired power plants in Ohio are set to close due largely to the new EPA regulations. Portman added that Ohio gets more than 80% of its electricity from coal-fired generating plants.

Amazing. And this all comes after the hoax of ‘global warming’ has been debunked over and over, like three feet of snow on Whiteface Mountain in Upstate New York on Memorial Day weekend.

This is why Al Gore will never debate ‘warming’ in a public forum; because he knows he will lose.

And then remember that the fakers at TIME magazine and many other major media outlets in the 1970s, along with hordes of intellectuals, openly proclaimed that the earth was entering a cooling period. Here’s a famous TIME magazine cover from 1977 warning about “the coming ice age”.

Yet the exact same people now are declaring that there is ‘warming’ or ‘climate change’ or whatever they are calling it these days. Who knows what they will be calling it in the future. It really depends on what the weather is. Because they simply take whatever the weather is and call it a crisis, just as a series of cold, snowy winters in the 1960s led to the charge in the 1970s that ‘global cooling’ was upon us.

As if this demagoguery is not all bad enough, also reported that:

The EPA's influence has grown dramatically since the start of the Obama administration, with the agency imposing costly regulations on the states at a record pace, according to a newly released study. 

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) released its annual report on the EPA hours after President Obama announced a new climate change strategy which includes additional EPA regulations. 

The ALEC report showed that in President Obama's first term, the number of times the agency has rejected state proposals or taken over state programs has skyrocketed. 

…The report looked first at the EPA's efforts to ensure states comply with the Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act. During the second term of the George W. Bush administration, the EPA rejected state proposals a total of just 12 times. During the last four years, the Obama EPA rejected those proposals 95 times. 

The EPA also initiated a total of 19 state-level takeovers in that time, something the EPA rarely did in the years preceding the Obama administration. (end of excerpt)

This is part of the political takeover of our economy by extremists in the environmental movement which is an urban-based and university-based movement funded by, among others, left-wing billionaires like George Soros and Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York City.

This movement is not about “the environment” at all. This is about shifting money and power to the government and to people on the Democrat left under the guise of “saving the planet” under “emergency” conditions.

This is fraud. Because the ‘solutions’ that environmentalists are proposing are vastly worse than the crises that they have fabricated. They want to blanket our wilderness areas and mountaintops and our rural areas with windmills and solar panels that not only are horribly inefficient but that shift our limited investment capital away from reliable energy producers to ‘green profiteers’ on the Democrat left. recently spotted three special highway vehicles each transporting a massive windmill blade. These blades each were about three times as long as a standard trailer truck; they looked like they may have been as much as 150 feet long. They are going to be mounted on a windmill that is taller than a 40-storey building, usually in a rural area. This is a gross affront to our scenic beauty that will produce virtually no energy.

Folks, wind power is a primitive energy source that man abandoned as soon as alternatives came along. What would make us think that wind energy is any more efficient today than it was 1,000 years ago?

Nothing. Because it is not.

This is all just more proof that these people are not “environmentalists” at all. They are out to make money as they ruin the natural beauty of America and undermine our energy supply.

Meanwhile reported that:

(The American Legislative Exchange Council) looked at what it described as the "sue-and-settle" strategy — a scenario in which environmental groups sue the EPA, which then settles with those groups instead of challenging them. 

"Sue and settle allows the EPA to replace input from the states with that from professional environmentalists," the report said. It found the number of sue-and-settle cases has risen from 15 during the second term of the Clinton administration to 48 in Obama's first term, producing $13 billion in annual regulatory costs. (end of excerpt)

See how they work? Always through the courts. Always. Sue, sue, sue. This is how liberals always operate.

Alas even the Europeans are ditching their ‘green energy’ plans. The Dutch are dismantling arrays of windmills that were set out in the ocean, which had become extremely expensive to operate and maintain. Spain’s economy was bankrupted partly as a result of its huge government expenditures on ‘green power’.

The pretense for all of this is completely false. There is absolutely no proof – not even a preponderance of evidence required in a simple court case – to support ‘global warming’. For every piece of evidence that ‘warming’ alarmists present we doubters can provide and have provided two or three pieces that debunk their outlandish theory.

We include the crucial and indisputable facts that the climate has fluctuated for thousands of years from hot to cold to everything in between, and that much of the world today is experiencing record cold precisely as the alarmists proclaim ‘warming’.

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